My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 728

Chapter 728 Great Ascension

“I knew you Uncle Xu was very difficult to deal with.” Wang Yulun laughed and said.

At this moment, a virtual Space Gate suddenly appeared on top of the hidden spirit sect master peak.

Xu Fan stepped out of the door and landed on the main peak.

“3 months later, the main peak dojo preaches.” After Xu Fan finished speaking, he began to retreat.

As soon as Xu Fan returned to his cultivation room, countless meteor showers appeared in the sky.

The number of immortal jade is as large as strong wind and swift rain, flying towards the hidden Spirit Sect.

“Is the immortal jade meteor because of the master’s breakthrough to the Great Ascension Venerable?”

“Why is there more than the last time?” Xu Gang asked suspiciously when he saw the sky.

“This is the message immortal jade sent by the Great Immortal gates wanting to recruit their masters. This scale, in the data records, has only been enjoyed by Shang Zun.” Grape’s voice sounded with a very strong tone. pride.

“This time it looks so much more than last time. I don’t know if there are any powerful sectors in it.” Xu Yuexian said.

Just when the wave of immortal jade was about to reach Yinling Island, a big hand appeared and took all the immortal jade away.

“Master is more powerful than before, I wonder if I can learn new Divine Ability.” Xu Gang said expectantly.

“We’ll know when the master comes out.” Li Xingci was looking forward to his sermon in three months.

At this moment, in the Four Phase City guarding the cross-border Transmission Formation, Ziyu Flood Dragon was lying on a high platform, looking towards the starry sky in the distance somewhat lonely.

“Lord Ziyu!”

A woman with nine tails behind her stood not far from Ziyu Flood Dragon.

“Just tell me something, I don’t like the way you look like Human Race.” Ziyu Flood Dragon coldly said without turning his head.

“I know that adults are very upset, so I have to tell you some news that can be relieved.” The nine-tailed woman said softly.

“Speak.” Ziyu Flood Dragon took some interest.

“In the small remote state of Human Race, there is a transcending Tribulation Realm cultivator that defies the sky, and the scope of the Tribulation Cloud is as huge as hundreds of thousands of li.”

“This must be Human Race Heaven’s Chosen, if adults are bored, you can go out and relax.”

The words of the nine-tailed woman obviously made Ziyu Flood Dragon interested.

In Monster Race, the best way to decompress is to torture and kill Human Race, among which, killing Human Race Heaven’s Chosen is the decompression in decompression.

“Tell me the location.”

“Human World, Tianxi Province, Young Sword Immortal City.” The nine-tailed woman said.

As soon as she received such news, she began to attach great importance to it. In order to be safe, she found Ziyu Flood Dragon to take action.

One is to complete the task, and the other is to let this Monster Race’s ceiling battle strength relax.

“This is possible.” Ziyu Flood Dragon was nodded with satisfaction, and then Jiao jumped and plunged into the space turbulence.

In Yinling Island, Xu Fan, who is in retreat, also received news from the Elder Council.

Let Xu Fan quickly take the sect to the Elder Council headquarters, or face the pursuit of Monster Race.

Xu Fan returned a casually okay, and began to retreat to digest the increased battle strength of the Great Ascension Realm.

Since Xu Fan became the Great Ascension Venerable, in his eyes, the cultivation world has become less difficult. As long as several decades and a hundred years pass, he will dare to be invincible in this world.

For Monster Race to come looking for something, it’s really going to the toilet with a lantern.

In the cultivation room, there are countless Taoist scriptures floating around Xu Fan.

The Great Dao scriptures are like fish, swimming freely around Xu Fan.

At this moment, Xu Fan opened his eyes well, and there was a trace of strangeness in those eyes that contained all things.

He looked towards the sky, and vaguely saw several pairs of eyes watching him.

The owners of these eyes are all from outside the cultivation world.

“Sorry, I’m not used to so many people staring at me.” Xu Fan popped up a great scripture and merged into the protective great formation of Yinling Island, instantly blocking those gazes from the outside world.

At this time, outside the cultivation world, several immortals wearing Taoist uniforms with fairy lights flowing all over their faces showed looks of shock.

“You can block us just after you have been promoted to Great Ascension. This junior is really not simple!” said a chubby Taoist laughtered.

“Not simple, or we’ll meet here,” says a brawny man.

“Have you noticed that this kind of genius is not the man of destiny in this world, is it possible that it is the reincarnation of the big shot?” A Taoist raised his doubts.

“It doesn’t matter whether the big shot is reincarnated or born to know it, as long as you join us, these are not problems.” Because the beautiful red-clothed woman said with a smile.

A few others rolled the eyes.

“Why are you here at Tianxiang Palace to join in the fun? Are you making an exception to recruit male Disciples?” said the chubby Taoist.

“Our rules can’t be broken. You want to recruit them into your fairy gate, and I want to recruit a husband for my Disciple. The two don’t interfere.” The red clothed woman glanced at the starry sky with a pair of beautiful eyes. said the immortals.

“Does this make any difference? You Tianxiang Palace have gone a little too far these years. I thought you guys would open up and not restrict Direct Disciple’s erotic things, but absolutely didn’t expect your Tianxiang Palace to actually I want to dig up our ancestral graves.”

“You have dug up many of our young supreme talent enchanting Disciples.” The brawny man coldly snorted and said, he had already looked at the messenger of Heavenly Immortal Palace unhappy.

“You are wronging the slave family by saying that. Didn’t your Heaven’s Chosen Disciple also go back? We didn’t restrict their freedom.” The woman said full of smiles.

The True Immortals around the woman all rolled their eyes.

“Let’s not talk about this, the little monster we are going to recruit seems to be a little troublesome, do you want to remind me?” There was a mysterious light in the woman’s eyes, and she swept over the area where the Hidden Spirit Island was located.

β€œDon’t meddle with your own business, Heavenly Dao Will is a time of chaos between these two worlds, and you’re rushing into this kind of thing,” cautioned one True Immortal.

At this moment, a breath suddenly swept across the immortals.

The True Immortal complexion slightly changed, then looked at each other before disappearing into the void.

In a short time, a Golden-Winged Great Peng with thousands of miles of wings flew past the cultivation world.

Originally, the Golden-Winged Great Peng didn’t care much about the Intermediate Thousand Worlds, but he felt a familiar aura from the Intermediate Thousand Worlds.

A pair of giant wings swung and shot a fairy light into the Intermediate Thousand Worlds, and then spread their wings and flew away.

Unconsciously three months have passed.

On this day, Xu Fan walked out of the cultivation room.

Everyone on Hidden Spirit Island and Monster Race came to the largest dojo on the main peak.

β€œCongratulations to the Great Elder for qualifying for the Great Ascension Realm.”

Congratulations to everyone and Monster Race.

Xu Fan also laughed, secretly sighed not easy.

After so many years, for his aptitude, reaching the big city should have been smooth sailing.

It turns out that this limitation makes it so difficult.

But luckily it turned out well.

“The sermon begins.”

A golden lotus blooms from the sky above the dojo, and one after another avenue of scriptures floats above the dojo.

Xu Fan used Supreme to pull everyone into the illusion of enlightenment.

(End of this chapter)

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