My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 729

Chapter 729 Purple Jade Flood Dragon

In the illusion of enlightenment, everyone sees different scenes.

They seem to see the deepest scenes of their souls through this world.

Everyone and the demon had intoxicated expressions on their faces, as if they were watching the Great Dao Source.

Xu Fan looked at the intoxicated expressions of Disciple and Monster Race, and nodded with satisfaction.

“No matter what kind of wood it is, it can be seen with a little care.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Just then the sound of grapes sounded.

“Master, Ziyu Flood Dragon has come to the Young Sword Immortal city area and is heading towards Yinling Island.” Grape said quickly.

“It’s unscientific, why did Ziyu Flood Dragon come here? I erased those traces perfectly.” Xu Fan said in confusion.

This suddenly dawned on him when he looked towards the sky.

“Maybe Jieyun exposed my position, but it shouldn’t be associated with me.”

Xu Fan is still a little confused, but it’s not important anymore.

Now the Purple Jade Flood Dragon is not a concern for him.

Although his current battle strength has not reached the peak of the Great Ascension Realm, it is not a problem to tie with Ziyu Flood Dragon.

“Let me get to know him well, not to mention beheading, at least tear off a few scales.” Xu Fan said with narrowed eyes.

A sword box flew out from the treasure house of Yinling Island and fell into Xu Fan’s space ring.

The Void Transmission Gate opened, Xu Fan stepped out and appeared not far from Ziyu Flood Dragon.

This Void Transmission Gate is a space teleportation Divine Ability created by Xu Fan.

Because he feels like going straight away or going through Transmission Formation, there’s nothing compelling about this approach.

“Human Race’s Venerable?” Ziyu Flood Dragon suddenly stopped and looked at Xu Fan in the distance.

However, after he felt Xu Fan’s breath for a moment, he reacted.

“You are the Great Grandmaster of Human Race!!!”

“Hahaha, really travel far and wide looking for something.” Ziyu Flood Dragon began to get excited.

It’s like finally catching the mosquitoes that nailed themselves four or five packs overnight.

“I figured it out, I want to take refuge in our Monster Race, but I tell you, it’s too late!!!”

“Even if you really want to take refuge in Monster Race, I will skin you. Flesh to the bone, use your True Spirit to order Soul Lamp for 10,000 years.” Ziyu Flood Dragon roared, the grievances and anger in his heart were vented.

There is a giant Great Dragon Claw that grabs Xu Fan, and Ziyu Flood Dragon can’t wait to provide Xu Fan with one-stop service of skin, flesh, bone and soul burning.

“Little Mud Fish, I never thought about why I appeared in front of you.”

“Before, you couldn’t even touch one of my moves.” Xu Fan smiled Said, his eyes looked at the purple jade Flood Dragon, thinking about which piece of meat to cut back for a while.

“It doesn’t matter, you can’t escape today anyway.” Ziyu Flood Dragon used all the power of his body to block off this area, preventing Xu Fan from escaping or someone outside to save him.

Purple jade Flood Dragon transforms ten thousand zhang dharma and devours it towards Xu Fan.

This time he tried his best to get this Human Race Great Grandmaster into his hands, in order to avenge the humiliation of his previous fooling.

A sword of heaven is floating behind Xu Fan, and countless Spirit Swords are floating around Xu Fan.

After a while, a ten thousand zhang Sword Dragon took shape and fought with the phantom body of the Ziyu Flood Dragon.

As soon as the two sides came into contact, the purple jade Flood Dragon was torn off a piece of purple dragon scale by the dragon claw condensed by the Sword Dragon.

“ao wu ~” Ziyu Flood Dragon directly flicked the Sword Dragon under the pain.

Sword Dragon collapsed, then took shape again, becoming more solid than before.

“The Great Grandmaster of Human Race, didn’t expect you to be the invincible Venerable of Human Race!” Ziyu Flood Dragon’s expression slowly became solemn.

I feel like I have hallucinations, and the contact just now made him evenly matched.

But that piece of dragon scale has appeared in Xu Fan’s hands, proving that everything just happened.

“It didn’t take long for me to get promoted. When I saw you coming, I wanted to fight you and test my battle strength?” Xu Fan, who was hiding behind the Sword Dragon body, said leisurely.

Finally, Xu Fan looked at the purple scales in his hands that were the size of his body.

“Little Mud Fish, I tell you that your purple scales are of high quality. Just give me ten pieces, and I can make a high-grade defensive Dao Item.” Xu Fan said with a smile .

“Human Race, it’s been so many years since no one can humiliate me like this. If you have anything to say, hurry up and say it.”

“The more you talk, the more I will arrest you. After you live, the more excited you will be abused.”

A series of punishments for the Human Race cultivator have appeared in Ziyu Flood Dragon’s mind, each of which is extremely cruel and inhumane.

“Oh, yes, then see if you have the ability to take me away.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

With a wave of his hand, 5 Spirit Beads were attached to the sword array Azure Dragon.

In an instant, witness the Azure Dragon transform into a multi-colored color with the power of Five Elements Heaven.

“Come on, let me see how long it can last.” Ziyu Flood Dragon said cruelly.

The ten thousand zhang Golden Body Dharma Idol across the sky rushed towards Xu Fan.

The Divine Sense of Ziyu Flood Dragon locks Xu Fan, ready to seal Xu Fan through space at any time.

Xu Fan’s hand-knotted dharma seal directly blocks the surrounding space with the Supreme Divine Ability.

A giant cauldron condensed by Divine Ability pressed in the sky, blocking all space.

The Space Rubik’s Cube was embedded in the front mouth of giant cauldron by Xu Yifan.

“Human Race Great Grandmaster, I understand, it turns out that you are that Human Race monster. You have just advanced to the Great Ascension Realm, you have such battle strength, it seems that you cannot be kept.” The sound resounded through the area.

The Golden Body Dharma Idol from the summon of Ziyu Flood Dragon has increased by 20%, and the Azure Dragon has been defeated by the colorful sword.

whoosh sound.

Another dragon scale was torn off by the sword array Azure Dragon, and Ziyu Flood Dragon also took the opportunity to defeat the sword array Azure Dragon.

The Spirit Sword floats in the sky.

“Yes, let’s come again!”

Knowing that Xu Fan’s voice sounded, the sword array Azure Dragon regrouped again and fought with the purple jade Flood Dragon Golden Body Dharma Idol.

sword array Azure Dragon is like a persevering player who challenges the level, defeated again and again, resurrected again and again and continues to hit the level.

The only change is that there are more and more purple jade Flood Dragon scales in Xu Fan’s hands.

And Ziyu Flood Dragon’s eyes became more and more shocked, and he kept mumbling impossible and the like.

Even his Golden Body Dharma Idol started to tire.

“It’s already 20 pieces, and there are still 80 pieces left. Did you get Little Mud Fish for I am still me yourself?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, Ziyu Flood Dragon was furious.

“Purple flames shine in the sky!”

In an instant, the Golden Body Dharma Idol of Purple Jade Flood Dragon exploded.

Countless purple flames burn every inch of space.

Xu Fan hid in the space mezzanine earlier and watched this scene leisurely.

As for the sword array Azure Dragon, it was broken into pieces by Xu Fan and returned to the space ring.

The result didn’t expect, the purple flame burned into the Space Crack along with Xu Fan’s breath.

(End of this chapter)

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