My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 734

Chapter 734 old friend

“What a beautiful little spark, but unfortunately it’s not big enough.” said Dark Snake Monster Venerable.

Xu Fan didn’t do much preparation for this before coming here. He only developed a few pieces of ‘art’ with relatively small formidable power. Originally it was just a spare. Didn’t expect really came in handy.

At this time, the magic weapon of communication of the dark snake Monster Venerable rang, all of which were messages asking about his safety.

Some inform him that Dark Serpent City has been razed to the ground.

Dark snake Monster Venerable pretended to be sad one after another reply.

“Lord Snake, our main city is gone!” said a dark snake clansman in a sad and angry tone.

You must know that the Dark Snake City has gathered nearly half of the high-end battle strength of their Dark Snake family. This explosion is equivalent to returning to before liberation.

“Don’t worry, with me, the sky of our dark snake family will not fall.” There was a trace of sadness in the dark snake Monster Venerable’s eyes.

This is what Xu Fan wanted to perform, and didn’t expect performed it naturally and without pretense.

Then the Dark Snake Monster Venerable True Spirit and Mind z were suppressed.

“Yes, our Dark Snake Clan has Snake Commander.” Dark Snake turned from sadness to joy.

The dark snake family is just an ordinary big family, and there are six Monster Venerable Barabalas in the family.

In the entire Snake Clan, it is barely considered a High Level Snake Clan.

“Now, let’s go to the Territory of Extreme Sky to find those things. When I come back, I will resign from Sixiang City and go back to revive the Dark Snake group.” Dark Snake Monster Venerable Ambition said.

According to Xu Fan’s memory, there are only two dark snakes in the Monster Realm dark snake family that have just been promoted to Monster Venerable.

Now the whole clan can be in charge of only the Dark Snake Monster Venerable.

“I believe that the snake leader will definitely lead our family to become Monster Realm Peak.” The dark snake said excitedly.

“You still call me the snake commander?” Dark snake Monster Venerable raised his brows.

“Lord Patriarch!”

The Dark Serpent Monster Venerable nodded with satisfaction.

At this moment, the dark snake Monster Venerable suddenly looked towards the direction of the Serpent star, showing a strange smile.

At this time, the Serpent Star, the Temple of the Snake Tribe.

Here is a blood-spitting seven-star demon snake. He is one of the few Monster Venerables in the snake tribe who majored in divination.

In the Temple of the Snake Clan, a seven-star giant snake was rolling around on the ground.

Spit a mouthful of blood from time to time, eyes full of fear.

“This matter cannot be traced, otherwise it will bring disaster to our snake clan.” Said the seven-star snake, who finally stabilized.

“The existence of that level is not something we can mix. The dark snake clan will be destroyed when it is destroyed.” The seven-star snake Monster Venerable said and spits out mouthful of blood.

“Then this matter can only be stopped here.” The snake tribe’s patriarch helplessly said.

Whether in the cultivation world or the Monster Realm, there has always been a consensus that after vomiting blood, the fortune-teller must listen.

The harder you vomit, the more truthful you speak.

The snake clan patriarch regards the seven-star snake as the hero to save the snake clan according to the current blood volume.

3 months later, the giant beast battleship where the dark snake Monster Venerable is located, successfully arrived at the surrounding area of the cross-border Transmission Formation given by Mingkong.

There was no turbulence along the way, and even made a small fortune to collect a Dao Item-level spirit ore star, making the subordinates of the Dark Snake Monster Venerable happy.

“You wait here, I’ll come when I go.” Monster Venerable said to his men.

Then turned into its original form and appeared outside the giant beast battleship, like a really giant dragon-like, and flew towards the Foreign Domain of the extreme sky.

“Strange, why is the patriarch’s flying posture different from before?”

“Is it faster?”

Speaking skills, dark snake Monster Venerable has appeared thousands of miles away.

“This position is almost the same, whether it is true or false will know when you see it.”

With a wave of the dark snake Monster Venerable, a huge array appeared, and then unfolded to form A large detection array was established.

In the periphery of the big array, the dark snake Monster Venerable has added a layer of hidden array.

The array aura lights up, an invisible wave, with the array as the center, spreading out all around.

The dark snake Monster Venerable looked at the reaction in the detection Formation and said with a smile: “The Transboundary Transmission Formation should be there, or else the space energy fluctuations here are impossible.”

At this moment, the array suddenly flashed a purple light, and the dark snake Monster Venerable stepped forward to check.

“The information is quite accurate.”

Assassination Monster Venerable said, taking a space energy from the legal system.

When the Dark Serpent Monster Venerable intends to analyze the cross-border Transmission Formation code with this energy.

A silhouette appeared not far from Monster Venerable.

Dark snake Monster Venerable at first glance, isn’t this an old friend?

“As expected by Tianshi Great Grandmaster, Human Race will definitely come to this area to detect the cross-border Transmission Formation q breath.”

“But Monster Venerable who is good at body possession parasitic control , there are not many Human Races.”

β€œWhich one are you from the Elder Council?” Ziyu Flood Dragon looked at the dark snake Monster Venerable and said, with a very arrogant expression, as if all the tricks of the Human Race were taken away See through.

Looking at Ziyu Flood Dragon, the dark snake Monster Venerable suddenly became interested.

Withdrawing the energy in his hand, the dark snake Monster Venerable looked at Ziyu Flood Dragon so quietly.

“I thought it was just Monster Race, the ordinary invincible Monster Venerable.”

“But I didn’t expect it to be you.” The dark snake Monster Venerable said calmly.

“You said it’s not your turn to do this kind of chores, right?”

Before the dark snake Monster Venerable finished speaking, there was a Heavenly Dragon Claw facing the dark snake Monster. Venerable caught.

Purple jade Flood Dragon is in a bad mood now, and has no time to fight with the dark snake Monster Venerable.

A dark flame appeared, directly blocking the dragon claw from Ziyu Flood Dragon.

Then the dark flames guarding around the dark snake Monster Venerable exploded instantly, covering the area.

β€œLittle tricks~”

Ziyu Flood Dragon directly grabbed all the dark flames in your palm and pinched it with one claws.

“It’s the hardware that doesn’t work.” The dark snake Monster Venerable complained in his heart.

“In this case, we can only use some special means.”

The dark snake Monster Venerable thought in his heart, and fire gradually flashed in his eyes.

The true body of the dark snake also began to crack one after another, and the snake blood flowing in the crack was like lava.

At this time, a super huge dark flame snake appeared behind the dark snake Monster Venerable.

Seeing this scene, Ziyu Flood Dragon is not in a hurry.

“The real body of Dark Flame was actually controlled by your Human Race and the dark snake summon came out. It’s really ridiculous.” Ziyu Flood Dragon said with a smile, as if watching the wild beast in the cage struggling hard look.

“Things that make you happier are in the back.” Monster Venerable said with a smile.

All control Monster Race’s body, and you must play a little bigger to play.

At this time, the dark snake Monster Venerable put on a strange sacrificial posture, looked at the depths of the extreme sky, and said the ancient snake language in his mouth.

The surrounding space energy began to converge towards the dark snake Monster Venerable, taking away all the space energy originally belonging to the cross-border Transmission Formation.

The dark snake Monster Venerable’s tail waving gently, changing to portray an array, began to connect with the transboundary Transmission Formation.

Until this time, Ziyu Flood Dragon felt that something was wrong, and he didn’t care about the interest in his heart, and began to attack the dark snake Monster Venerable with all his strength.

But it’s too late, the dark snake Monster Venerable has already hid in a special space with the power of the cross-border Transmission Formation.

“With the damage of your body, please come on the snake!”

The ancient snake language sounded, and the dark flame snake behind the dark snake Monster Venerable began to stare slowly.

The dark snake Monster Venerable also turned into a paralyzed flesh and blood, merging towards the illusory shadow.

The pork has been out of shape recently, please let the pork slow down~~~

(end of this chapter)

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