My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 735

Chapter 735 Confident Xu Fan

The flesh and blood of the Dark Serpent Monster Venerable merges with the illusory shadow of the Dark Serpent.

The illusory shadow slowly becomes solid, just like Nirvana Rebirth, from illusory shadow to reality.

The area where the illusory shadow is located is enveloped by that monstrous dark flame, and an amazing imposing manner emanates from it.

at first Ziyu Flood Dragon also looked at this scene with some sarcasm, as if no matter who you are, you can’t beat me anyway.

But as the imposing manner of the Dark Flame True Serpent became stronger and stronger, Ziyu Flood Dragon’s complexion became solemn.

Xu Fan’s consciousness saw this scene in the distance, nodded with satisfaction.

“It’s not worth the three months I spent on the Divine Ability tailored for your dark snake family.”

“Look, with your average Monster Venerable strength, You can fight your Monster Race ceiling battle strength for a while, although the price paid is a little high, but the formidable power is really strong.”

“It’s enough to prove that the bloodline of your dark snake family is still very good. ”

When Xu Fan’s consciousness was separated from the dark snake Monster Venerable, he also brought out the original dark snake Monster Venerable True Spirit.

At this time, the dark flame real snake shrouded in dark flames has taken shape.

Long ten thousand zhang, like a giant beast in the extreme sky, with dark flames to the sky, accompanied by the dark flame true snake.

Like the Ancient Divine Beast.

The pair of furious snake pupils with killing intent to destroy everything in the world stared at the purple jade Flood Dragon in the distance.

It’s like a big dish.

After Xu Fan controlled the Dark Snake Monster Venerable, his actions might be hindered, so he specially deduced the Divine Ability suitable for Dark Snake Monster Venerable to enhance his strength.

It happens that the real body of the dark snake Monster Venerable contains a trace of the ancient bloodline of the dark flame snake, and this is the radiation area of the cross-border Transmission Formation energy.

Xu Fan can use this huge space energy to communicate with the immortal world summon dark flame true snake consciousness.

That ten thousand zhang Dark Flame Serpent is Xu Fan’s ultimate masterpiece. Although it is no match for the Purple Jade Flood Dragon, it’s okay to be disgusted.

“Do you think the bigger the body, the stronger the strength?”


Ziyu Flood Dragon has always maintained the Monster Realm Peak powerhouse style.

However, after a while of Divine Ability fighting, the originally serious Purple Jade Flood Dragon’s face became even more ugly.

What happened recently, is my strength regressing or not keeping up with the times?

How can you fight against him a few times.

Dark snake Monster Venerable In the eyes of Ziyu Flood Dragon, it is just a little demon that can be suppressed by lifting the dragon claw.

The life-threatening Divine Ability that I am using now can even match him.

From encountering the Human Race Great Grandmaster to this little monster controlled by Human Race, Ziyu Flood Dragon always feels that its strength has regressed.

The True Spirit of Monster Venerable, a dark snake under the control of Xu Fan, was a little excited at this time.

Because he saw the ancestors of their clan, and it was also the most glorious time of their clan.

“Why are you so excited? Your body is gone.”

“Wait back, I will use a puppet to help you re-refine your body, and you will be a hidden Spirit for generations to come. Sect will do the work.” Xu Fan and the restless True Spirit comforted him with a wave.

The aftermath of the powerful battle swept across, and the battle between the Purple Jade Flood Dragon and the Dark Flame True Serpent intensified.

At this time, other invincible Monster Venerables have come to watch the battle, and their expressions are quite wonderful.

“I always feel that Lord Ziyu is not as strong as the legend.” An invincible Monster Venerable who was watching the battle said.

The invincible Monster Venerable next to


Xu Fan, who was hiding not far from the monsters, saw more and more invincible Monster Venerables gathering here, and quietly flew to the extreme sky in the distance.

β€œThere are more and more Monster Races, so it is not advisable to stay here for a long time.”

Xu Fan, who was far away from the battlefield, also turned his head and glanced meaningfully at the one who was fighting the Dark Flame True Serpent. Purple Jade Flood Dragon.

“A big gift for you, I hope you like it.”

As soon as Xu Fan finished speaking, the dark flame snake who was fighting with Ziyu Flood Dragon turned into a flower The World-Destroying Dark Flame Fire Lotus exploded.

Without warning, Ziyu Flood Dragon is somewhat completely unprepared.

With his strength in this world Peak, he was only slightly injured.

But those invincible Monster Venerables who watch the battle not far away are miserable.

The Dark Flame Serpent’s self-destruct includes them directly.

Those invincible Monster Venerable onlookers, even the lightest, need a few years to recover to eliminate the dark flames attached to True Spirit.

At this time, Ziyu Flood Dragon is very aggrieved, and I don’t understand what happened recently, and everything is not going well.

“I have to go back and learn from that tiger. Is my strength really deteriorating?”

3 months later, the ghost floating above the original huge lake of hundreds of thousands li island.

Xu Fan is studying the space energy brought back by that trace of consciousness.

“Interesting, it turns out that the Golden-Winged Great Peng had a backhand before it took off.”

“It’s a pity that you met me, and you will never pass this cross-border Transmission Formation Avatar in the future. Come.” Xu Fan said confidently.

Although his current strength is comparable to that of the Purple Jade Flood Dragon, according to his estimation, he is still not ready to deal with the Golden-Winged Great Peng Avatar, and it will take him another thousand years of cultivation.

Although he can quickly complete the process through Time Acceleration.

But Xu Fan just didn’t want to because he was in retreat in Small World for so long.

Xu Fan didn’t waste all of these time, all of them deduced various Divine Ability in cultivation.

He was a little tired of the long retreat.

You will need to wander outside for a while to continue the Time Acceleration retreat.

In the kind of culture novels in the past, the retreat for thousands of years at every turn, and the tens of thousands of years Xu Fan felt that it was all nonsense.

As long as it’s not a Heartless Dao like a cultivation, it will be a problem if you retreat for too long.

At the headquarters of the Elder Council, a teenager respectfully handed a space Dao Item to Xu Fan, which was the material he wanted to arrange to interfere with the grand formation.

“Great Grandmaster, the materials you need, the rest are in various branches, and it takes a day to turn around, please wait a moment.” The boy said respectfully.

“It’s okay, don’t worry.” Xu Fan said with a smile like a gentle and charitable elder.

After analyzing the breath of the cross-border Transmission Formation, Xu Fan went to the Elder Council headquarters to talk to Mingkong.

It was finally determined that the most important interference formation was arranged outside the Elder Council headquarters for easy protection.

Since the rest of the materials haven’t arrived, Xu Fan has nothing to do, hanging out in the immortal city inside the Elder Council.

As a result, I met old acquaintance while walking.

At this time, Qianling Venerable is negotiating with a shopkeeper of a chamber of commerce.

“Shopkeeper, do you still want to do our Thousand Spirit Sect business? This star boat is such a Top Grade spirit, you only give such a little contribution point.” Qianling Venerable said unhappily.

“Venerable, you Dao Item level spirit ore, I can only give you so many contribution points at most, which is already the highest price.”

“If I give more, The Heavenly Spirit of this headquarters is going to hold me accountable.” The shopkeeper said pitifully, as if he could do anything about it?

At this moment, Qianling Venerable saw Xu Fan and immediately became excited.

β€œGreat Elder, you happen to be here, please let Grape tell this headquarters Tianling and let him give me more points.”

(End of this chapter)

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