My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 738

Chapter 738 Chaos

On an island in the Endless Sea, a stone pillar appeared.

Pulled by an invisible force, it rises in midair, then splits open, transforming into a Transmission Formation cursor.

In the end, the space power began to condense, and when it reached the extreme, a huge hidden spirit island appeared above the island.

Then slowly landed on the island.

The Hidden Islanders and Monster Race are also coming out of the core world.

“The master said that this time we need to retreat for half a year. I don’t know if the Elder Council can withstand the Golden-Winged Great Peng in this half year.” Li Xingci looked at the violent endless sea outside Yinling Island. said.

Before the transfer from Yinling Island, he received a message from Monster Realm.

The Golden-Winged Great Peng Avatar, descended to Monster Realm through the Crossover Transmission Formation.

“The grape side told me that there is no problem with withstanding it for half a year, but the entire Elder Council will lose half of the serial number powerhouse.” Xu Gang sighed said, clenching his hands, a little hate himself disappointing.

After so many years, I am still an Integration Realm, so I can’t worry about the master.

“One is the Elder Council, and the other is the immortal city that is not guarded by the Great Ascension Realm powerhouse. I don’t know how many will be slaughtered by the Monster Race this time.” Xu Yuexian said.

“Cultivation well, after striving for a high cultivation base, you can share the master’s worries.” Wang Xiangchi said beside him, but his tone became weaker and weaker, as if he didn’t believe what he said.

Meanwhile, outside Elder Council headquarters.

Monster Race’s Peak, the invincible Monster Venerable, and the Human Race Elder Council’s serial number Elder, fight again.

The space is shattered, the invincible powerhouse of the Human Race Monster Race, with corpses floating in it.

Among them, the pure Blood Qilin turned into the true body of Divine Beast, standing proudly in the field of extreme sky, watching the Golden-Winged Great Peng in the distance.

“Little Qilin, let go of your Elder Council today.”

“You are stronger than I thought, and I am looking forward to the day you become my mount.” Golden-Winged Great Peng said with satisfaction as he looked at the blood-soaked pure Blood Qilin.

Only such a Divine Beast is worthy of its own mount.

Pure Blood Qilin gave Golden-Winged Great Peng a disdainful look.


Hearing this roar, the Golden-Winged Great Peng complexion changed.

In the Great Thousand Worlds, Qilin Race is a bit stronger than his golden wings Great Peng Race.

The two clans are also feuding, and the two sides often capture and subdue each other as mounts.

The pure Blood Qilin just now meant that the Golden-Winged Great Peng would also be subdued and used as his mount.

Stepping on the Golden Peng on the Ninth Heavenly Layer, this is the highest behavior in the Qilin family.

“I hope your mouth can be this hard in the future.”

The Golden-Winged Great Peng returned to the palace above the head of the tortoise.

The Sky Tortoise stepped out slowly and teleported back to the Monster Realm with the Monster Race Peak invincible Monster Venerable.

After Monster Race disappeared, Ming Kong looked at the invincible Venerable corpse floating in the Extreme Sky Domain, showing a hint of bitterness.

How can the invincible Venerable die so easily, all of them can be resurrected with Avatar.

But the real body is dead, and they also lost the chance to advance to the Invincible Realm again.

“Three people died as soon as the war started, half a year, alas~” Mingkong sighed.

“Boss, if it’s really as you said after half a year, we can use other means and don’t have to fight recklessly.” Heavenly Secret Elder appeared beside Mingkong.

“I don’t know, but I’m afraid that the Golden-Winged Great Peng will not give time.”

“His Avatar will come to this world with a time limit, the newly formed Heavenly Dao Will won’t allow him to stay here for long.”

“The method of stalling will only be in the hands of Monster Race,” Mingkong said.

“Mingkong Elder, should the Jiufeng Dynasty do something about it?”

“We have allowed the Jiufeng Dynasty to exist for so long, not just to deal with the current situation. ?” said the secret Elder.

“No, we must keep a guarantee. If the Great Grandmaster can’t do it, the Nine Phoenix Dynasty is the last chance for our cultivation world Human Race to rise.” Mingkong called the head, denying the Heavenly Secret Elder ‘s suggestion.

“Your Highness said that no matter what you do, you must be fully prepared, and you will be very passive if you put all your trump cards in one go.”

“I understand.” Tian Ji Elder feels a little pity, if the Jiufeng Dynasty is used, the Elder Council may not lose so much.

The Jiufeng Dynasty, in the great hall of the capital.

Feng Changning looked towards the sky at this time, his eyes were a little erratic.

Just now, she sensed the battle in the extreme sky.

“The battle between the monster and the monster has begun again.” Feng Changning said with emotion.

Feng Changning is wearing a robe of nine phoenixes, and the golden light of Human Race morality flashes all over his body.

There is also the True Dragon of Jiufeng Dynasty to protect it.

At this moment, a golden light came from outside the great hall and fell into Feng Changning’s hands.

Feng Changning frowned at the jade slip that fell into his hands.

“The Golden-Winged Great Peng Avatar is coming, and the Pure Blood Qilin of the Human Race Elder Council can only barely resist.”

“Is it time for my Jiufeng Dynasty to contribute?”

Six True Dragons appeared beside Feng Changning, centered around him, and wandered in the great hall.

At this time, the Imperial Teacher of Jiufeng Dynasty came from outside the great hall.

“Your Highness.”

The Imperial Teacher didn’t say anything, just looked at Feng Changning quietly after salute.

“Our dynasty, is there any way to resist the Golden-Winged Great Peng Avatar?” Feng Changning asked.

β€œUnless His Highness uses the human race merits and luck to make a contract with this world Heavenly Dao to force the Golden-Winged Great Peng Avatar away.” said Imperial Teacher.

“Your Highness need not worry about this matter, this is something the Elder Council should consider.”

“Yes, the more the Jiufeng Dynasty develops, the more powerful the Elder Council will feel. .”

“I just don’t know, what is the Elder Council tacitly allowing our Jiufeng Dynasty to develop for so many years?” Feng Changning had some doubts in his eyes. rejected by herself.

At this moment, the voice of the guard outside the palace came.

“Elder Council messenger asks to see you~”

“Come in.” Feng Changning said.

I saw a Venerable from the Elder Council coming from outside the great hall.

“Meet Your Highness.”

“The messenger doesn’t need to be polite, what are the orders from the Elder Council?” Feng Changning asked, she had already made a good deal with the newly formed Heavenly Dao Will prepares to trade.

“The Elder Council’s decree has been passed on. There will be some turmoil in the human and demon worlds recently. I hope the Jiufeng Dynasty will ignore it and develop with peace of mind.”

The Elder Council messenger saluted and retired .

Feng Changning and Imperial Teacher looked at each other, and they already vaguely understood Elder Council’s intentions.

“It’s because I’m small, I thought that with the development of our Jiufeng Dynasty, sooner or later, I would break with the Elder Council.”

“It’s just that there is Monster Race, Elder The Council has no time to take care of our Jiufeng Dynasty.”

β€œWith this opportunity, our Jiufeng Dynasty will eventually develop into an existence like the Elder Council.”

β€œJust thinking to me The results are somewhat different.” Feng Changning sighed, all the years of scheming and tricks were in vain.

“The Elder Council is so grand, we can’t be a villain.”

“Send our Peak’s puppet army to Monster Realm, out of the Monster Race that is attached to us, and the rest will die. Genocide!”

“I hope this will help the Elder Council’s plan.” Feng Changning said silently.

(End of this chapter)

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