My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 741

Chapter 741 Procrastination

“Old Sword, you just said that I am a man of destiny, and you have seen the scene outside.”

“Such an invincible Golden- Winged Great Peng, can I defeat it?” Ye Xiaoyao had some doubts in his heart.

Old Jian rolled his eyes when he heard Ye Xiaoyao’s words.

“You look too high on yourself, and you didn’t tell you to kill him.”

“According to the information from the Elder Council, the Golden-Winged Great Peng is the arrival of Avatar. , even if there is a means to reach the sky, it can only be used in this world for hundreds of years.”

“No matter what the situation of Human Race is, it will pass if you endure it.” Lao Jian said in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

“Hundreds of years, the cultivation world has been occupied by Monster Race for such a long time.” Ye Xiaoyao was a little panicked.

“You think too much, Human Race is not as fragile as you think.”

“The elder Council will definitely stay behind before he ascends, so your task is Just find a safe place, and go back to Cultivation for hundreds of years before coming out.”

“That’s your era.” Lao Jian said.

Hearing this, Ye Xiaoyao nods.

“It’s a pity that I have tried every means to get in touch with the Great Grandmaster of the refiner.” Ye Xiaoyao sighed said.

“It’s okay, take your time, it’s just the Artifact Spirit sword, there will always be a chance to get it.” Lao Jian comforted.

Ye Xiaoyao stood up and planned to go to the Elder Council headquarters to pick up some tasks.

After hard work, he is now a semi-core member of the Elder Council.

You are eligible to exchange your contribution points for fairy items, but the required points are huge, so the accumulation of little by little will take thousands of years.

Linsen immortal city, at the passage between the two worlds, the giant blade condensed by the Five Elements spiritual realm, traverses the sky.

Above the giant blade is also dyed with silky demon blood.

The Zhanling Hand held a huge lion head and stared at the passage between the two realms with killing intent in his eyes.

“Originally your family could live longer, but if you die, you can’t blame your life.”

Zhan Ling took a group of puppets into the passage between the two realms.

On the way, the war spirits were completely mad. There were eight Monster Venerables who died under his giant blade, and there were countless Monster Races below the Monster Venerables.

Before a Holy City, Zhan Ling will use the Five Elements spiritual realm to condense the Dongfeng Divine Ability to wash the ground.

With this set, the only thing left is Monster Race, which is more powerful than Integration Realm, but these are all scum to Zhan Ling.

With the baleful aura of killing everything on his face, rushing in is a quack killing.

The bottleneck he encountered on cultivation was also killed by him.

Outside the Holy City of the Holy Lion family, a sea of five-colored spirits suddenly appeared, and the huge Five Elements Spiritual Qi was slowly condensing.

A Dongfeng missile is taking shape.

Zhan Lingmu looked at this Holy City with baleful aura.

“I’m still interested in revenge.” Killing Spirit said with a smile.

At this moment, the sound of grapes sounded.

“Elder, the holy lion family should not kill to the last one, and leave a thousand for reproduction.”

“The owner once said that the holy lion family looks like a long It’s good, suitable for a mount.”

“Monster Venerable, who suppressed two holy lions, is missing two palace lions at the entrance of Spirit Sect.”

Hearing Grape’s words, Zhan Ling waved away half of the Dongfeng missiles.

Then I thought about it, and then half dispersed.

“Since the Great Elder has ordered, then leave some seeds for the holy lion clan.”

Zhanling both hands forming seals, three Dongfeng missiles, pulling a long tail Flame, bombed towards Holy City, the holy lion family.

“It’s a pity that Xu Gang didn’t come, otherwise he would definitely have a blast.”

Three mushroom clouds appeared in the Holy City of the Holy Lion clan in the distance, killing spirits. With a grin, he took the puppet and killed it.

Outside the Elder Council headquarters, the tortoise reappears with the Golden-Winged Great Peng.

“I thought about you guys, you are all strong people, the only thing I can do is to give you a decent way to die.”

The Golden-Winged Great Peng is actually dispatched , grabbed a serial number Elder with one paw.

It was Broken Mountain that was going to be the first to die that day.

“Elder Mingkong, I’ll take a step first.” Duanshan’s eyes were filled with determination.

In the end, he exploded with all his source power, and displayed his Divine Ability, the strongest formidable power.

A giant axe containing all the Source Power of Broken Mountain is condensed in the sky.

The flashing avenue scriptures on the giant axe, a hyphen appears on the giant axe axe, as if it can cut off all the mountains and mountains in the world.

Holding the Golden-Winged Great Peng on the broken mountain, he looked towards the giant axe on his head with some seriousness, and he felt a hint of danger from the giant axe.

But only a sliver.

The giant axe slashed down with the power of the sky, as if the Golden-Winged Great Peng was the mountain under the axe.


The Golden-Winged Great Peng raised its wings to block it, and giant axe only chopped off a few feathers on the giant wings.

“Yes, it can hurt me.” Golden-Winged Great Peng indifferently said, and then the giant claw gave it a light grip.

The broken mountain turns into a blood mist.

“This is the end of today, we will continue tomorrow.” The Golden-Winged Great Peng returned to the palace in human form.

He admired the expressions of the invincible Venerables of the Elder Council and was very satisfied.

When the Master was there, the Golden-Winged Great Peng hated the expression on the faces of the serial elders.

How proud and indifferent you were before, now I want you to be so desperate and frightened.

Ming Kong returned to the Elder Council headquarters with everyone and pure Blood Qilin.

Everyone looked livid, and now the Human Race situation has fallen into a comprehensive disadvantage.

And the invincible Venerables of their Human Race cream of the crop were stared at by the Golden-Winged Great Peng.

As long as the Elder Council dares to support Venerable at Human Race, Monster Race Golden-Winged Great Peng will dare to launch a general attack on the Elder Council headquarters.

If it weren’t for Xu Fan’s words, the Elder Council might be in a dilemma.

Human Race Are those immortal cities important, important?

But the Elder Council headquarters is more important, which contains almost half of Human Race’s heritage.

If it is acquired by Monster Race, it will be completely useless.

“Tomorrow, let’s put the sword array puppet sent by the Great Grandmaster on top. With the sword array support, we may have fewer casualties and a longer delay.” Mingkong said.

Everyone is nodded, which means that it can only be so.

At this time, they couldn’t help thinking of Shang Zun. Before, they only knew that Shang Zun was powerful. Divine might be unpredictable, but it was really vague to what extent.

But until they faced the Golden-Winged Great Peng at these times, they admired the original Supreme Peng even more.

It is admirable to have the upper hand with such an opponent.

You can tell how powerful a person is by looking at his opponents.

“Then we have to protect that sword array puppet, a whole set of nine immortal swords, thousands of Dao Item Spirit Swords, of course great generosity.” A serial number Elder exclaimed, this sword array In his eyes, the configuration of the puppet is already considered inhuman.

“It’s natural, when the time comes, let Pure Blood Qilin take over.”

“Hope this lasts a while longer.” Mingkong said.

At this time, Yinling Island, accelerate Small World.

Xu Fan is working hard on cultivation, all kinds of mysterious Dao scriptures are floating around him, and there are countless Five Elements Essence Spiritual Qi and Immortal Spirit Energy floating around him for cultivation consumption.

(End of this chapter)

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