My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 742

Chapter 742 is different

Xu Fan suddenly stopped cultivation and looked thoughtful towards the sky.

He is confident that his cultivation to the Great Ascension Realm Peak must be the limit of this world, and he is worried that accidentally he will be forcibly sent to the fairy world just like the Golden-Winged Great Peng and the Supreme Being.

You must know that even if he is sent to the Immortal Realm, he will have to wait until the deadline before he can break through the Great Ascension Realm and become a quasi-immortal.

“Looks like there is one more task, and I need to have a good talk with this newly formed Heavenly Dao Will.” Xu Fan closed his eyes and started cultivation again.

Unconsciously three months have passed, at this time 9 of the top 20 serial number elders in the Elder Council headquarters have fallen.

The rest are all wounded.

Originally, Monster Race could break through the Elder Council headquarters with a single attack.

But the Golden-Winged Great Peng wants to kill one by one, and has already regarded the Elder Council headquarters as a possession.

Even the entire cultivation world, after the demise of the Elder Council, was on his plate.

The Sky Tortoise reappeared, and the Golden-Winged Great Peng sat in the palace, looking leisurely towards the Elder Council headquarters.

This Elder Council headquarters is the result of tens of thousands of years of painstaking management by elders of successive generations.

It can be said that this Elder Council headquarters alone tops five or six Great Provinces in the cultivation world.

Ming Kong brought pure Blood Qilin and the others out to fight again, but this time it was different, their eyes were full of hope that the fruit would be harvested.

Looking at Ming Kong and the others, Golden-Winged Great Peng became interested.

“Tell me, what else do you have to do.”

“Don’t think about escaping with the Elder Council headquarters, I’ve locked it, as long as the Monster Realm and The cultivation world cannot escape my palm.” Golden-Winged Great Peng said, he had a slight ominous feeling in his heart.

Could that be what the Protoss kid has to do! Is he Thousand Hand Goddess of Mercy?

In other words, there is an invincible Venerable who can match him in the cultivation world.

“There is no way to fight back. If you want to fight, you will fight.” Mingkong said.

At this time, a fairy gate with Immortal Spirit Energy condensed appeared on Yinling Island.

The stairs made of immortal jade lead directly to Yinling Island.

Xu Fan stared at the gorgeous mysterious fairy gate in the sky with a black face.

At this time, all the people in the entire Yinling Island and Monster Race looked at the fairy gate in the sky with a dazed expression.

Whether it is the cultivation world or the Monster Realm, as long as there is a fairy gate, no matter who has to go in, no one can resist this gate.

“Master, why are you soaring, sect can’t be without you!” Xu Gang said excitedly.

“Master, don’t leave us behind, take a piece of Yinling Island to the Immortal Realm.” Xu Yuexian couldn’t help saying.

All Disciple looked towards Xu Fan was that kind of reluctance.

An invisible force locked Xu Fan and dragged him into the fairy gate.

“Did I ruin your script~” Xu Fan said, looking at the fairy gate in the sky.

Unfortunately, no response was received.

“After you leave the customs, it is the ultimate ceiling of this world. You should show due respect to me.”

“Send me into the fairy world so rashly, I am very dissatisfied.”

Innumerable Dao scriptures flashed in Xu Fan’s eyes, and a huge faceless Golden Body Dharma Idol appeared in the sky.

It is as tall as ten thousand zhang, looking at the fairy gate in the sky.

Then stretched out a finger and pointed at Xianmen.

“Do you think that in your world, I can be handled like this by you?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

The faceless Golden Body Dharma Idol hit the fairy gate with one pointer, and then it collided like Heaven and Earth.

The sky, which was densely cloudy and opaque all the year round, directly opened up to the cloudless blue sky.

The entire endless sea began to be violent, and the Great Ascension Realm monster beast under the endless endless sea was shocked to death by the collision.

The Hidden Spirit Island also lit up other shields at the highest level.

At this moment, everyone in Yinling Island only heard a click.

Xianmen’s protection was shattered by the faceless Golden Body Dharma Idol.

Then countless avenues of scriptures poured out from this finger, beginning to cover the entire immortal gate and the immortal jade platform step that fell on Yinling Island.

The Dao scriptures began to slowly dissolve the fairy gate, dissolving the Rule Power in it.

Then turned into a giant net, dragging all Immortal Spirit Energy dissolved by Immortal Gate to the Hidden Spirit Island.

At a time when everyone thought that the Great Elder did not need to ascend.

In the sky, another fairy gate appeared, and the fairy jade platform step extending from the fairy gate fell to Yinling Island again.

A thousand eyes appeared above the Xianmen gate, ignoring the common people, just staring at Xu Fan.

“You always like to show big eyes, can you change your face, let me see what you look like.”

Xu Fan appeared in the Great Array of Yinling Island Besides, just looking straight into the eyes, fearless.

The process just now is repeated again, Immortal Spirit Energy and Immortal jade have been netted to Hidden Island again.

In the sky, the pair of Heavenly Dao’s eyes widened again, still so indifferent to the common people, staring at Xu Fan like that.

As if Xu Fan did not enter Xianmen, that big eyeball would never give up.

“It’s really stubborn.”

“According to the rules, I don’t have to go to Immortal Realm yet.”

Xu Fan just finished speaking, in the Another fairy gate appeared in the sky.

At this moment, the sound of grapes sounded.

“Master, the Elder Council can’t stand it anymore.”

“I almost forgot about this, it’s all about me.”

Xu Fan released a temporary Avatar, directly using the sword array puppet at the Elder Council headquarters as a medium, and teleported to the past.

“Stay there first, I’ll have a good time with this new Heavenly Dao Will, and let me see how much wool you have for me to sew.”

With With Xu Fan’s words, Xianmen appeared again, the steps made up of immortal jade were still the same size, and even the location of the feet did not change.

Xu Fan waved his hand and took all the orders.

The Immortal Spirit Energy and immortal jade are both good things, and no matter how much Xu Fan comes, they can take it.

At this moment, the eye of Heavenly Dao in the sky shoots a purple yellow light pillar at Xu Fan, trying to restrain Xu Fan and introduce him into the fairy gate.

At this point, the battle between the Golden-Winged Great Peng and the Elder Council has reached a critical juncture.

Mingkong’s true body has been blown up eight times.

At this time, even the elder with the last serial number of the Elder Council was dispatched.

“Boss, the time is up, and you can’t take any more shots. Others’ Avatars still have a chance to soar. If you get knocked up again, you will have nothing.” A serial number Elder said distressed.

“Keep holding on, I just got news from the hidden Spirit Sect that the Great Grandmaster has left the customs, but he is caught up in a troublesome matter and can’t leave immediately.” Mingkong said.

“There is nothing more important than the breach of the Elder Council headquarters.” A serial number Elder said anxiously.

At this moment, Pure Blood Qilin roared softly.

Then the scarlet’s spirit flame ignited all over the body, and Qilin’s real body was twice as big as before.

“You have to work hard, or it’s time to end. After playing for so long, you probably don’t have any new tricks.” Golden-Winged Great Peng said with a smile.

The golden wings were slashed, and a wind blade directly blew up the invincible Venerable with the last serial number.

Just when Golden-Winged Great Peng wanted to kill Pure Blood Qilin in one fell swoop, he suddenly felt a strange breath.

Someone broke through his space blockade and teleported.

(End of this chapter)

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