My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 748

Chapter 748 Dragon Tiger Wine

“Hahahaha, how offensive, how offensive.”

“I used to do this before, I didn’t realize it for a while, Fellow Daoist is already located in this world Peak, it’s my fault.”

A voice came from the consciousness controlled by Xu Fan.

“If you have something to talk about, you can go back if you have nothing to do.” Xu Fan indifferently said.

“Come here, of course, to talk to Fellow Daoist.”

“Come here then.”

After a while, Xu Fan met the True Immortal.

“If you want me to go to your fairy gate, you don’t need to say it, otherwise it will waste your time and mine.” Xu Fan wrapped the fierce white turtle shell clockwise with his fingers, which felt very good.

“I knew that Fellow Daoist would say so, please allow me to introduce our sect.” The scholar-like man said with a smile.

β€œTian Profound Immortal Gate, with three Great Firmament sitting in town, is the strongest immortal gate in the surrounding area.”

β€œThe left side is Tianxiang Palace, the right side is Caiyun Immortal Gate, this is the name As soon as I say it, Fellow Daoist should understand what it means.”

The scholar man said projection and cast a light curtain.

The rays of light are full of brilliant colors, even people like Xu Fan who are not shaken by beauty will be dazzled.

What is this inexplicable feeling?

“And then what?” Xu Fan asked.

“Our Profound Immortal gate is located among them, and the most prosperous immortal city is also on our side, so you can often see all kinds of beautiful and alluring women in the immortal city.”

β€œIt is pleasing to the eyes and has a lingering fragrance on the nose.”

β€œSo Fellow Daoist, think about it, wouldn’t it be beneficial if I set up the sect in the area where the Profound Immortal gate is located in the future? The healthy development of Fellow Daoist Yu Direct Disciple.”

The scholar man took out the jade slip and handed it to Xu Fan.

“If Fellow Daoist establishes a sect in our Tianxuan area, he will be rewarded by various support plans of my Immortal Sect.”

“Follow Daoist will be promoted to Great Firmament in the future. We sect will also help you open up wilderness areas.”

“I hope Fellow Daoist will consider it.” The scholar man said with a smile.

Xu Fan looked at the content in jade slip and couldn’t help but fell into deep thought.

A good one is pleasing to the eye, and a good one has a lingering fragrance on the nose.

I have to say, this hand is very beautiful, Xu Fan already has a little idea, if there is no good choice, he will drop the sect there.

For the healthy and sustainable development of Direct Disciple in the future.

β€œFellow Daoist made me think about it,” said Xu Fan.

The scholar man took out a small Dao Item compass and handed it to Xu Fan.

“After Fellow Daoist ascends to the fairyland, you can use this compass to contact me and Xianmen.” The scholar man saluted and left.

Xu Fan looked at the compass and couldn’t help thinking.

At this time, Wang Xiangchi came over to meet Xu Fan and wanted to ask for an invitation to him, Jian Wuji.

“Xiang Chi, you said that if we sect to the fairyland, where should we go.” Xu Fan asked.

“Disciple doesn’t know.” Wang Xiangchi shook the head.

Xu Fan waved his hand, and he reproduced all the images in the immortal city in the light curtain just now.

“What do you think about being in a place like this.”

Wang Xiangchi stared at the various beautiful and alluring women in the immortal city, his eyes widened.

“If these women are serious, it would be nice to be in a place like this.”

“We have too many male Disciples in the sector, so we need to neutralize them.” Wang Xiangchi said.

Xu Fan nods, and the recipe says yes, it must not be wrong.

So he waved his hand and drove away Wang Xiangchi.

After leaving Xu Fan small courtyard, Wang Xiangchi scratched his head suddenly.

“What did I do when I went to see the master just now?”

In the end, Wang Xiangchi got his wish and got an invitation.

Continuing to bask in the sun, Xu Fan, who was wearing a turtle shell, suddenly remembered his daughter-in-law who had been missing for a long time.

After he was promoted to the Great Ascension Venerable, he did some arithmetic with the sky, but nothing came out.

It must be in a Secret Realm that shields the secrets, Xu Fan can’t find the location, and he has nothing to do.

Now Xu Fan did the math again, and still got the same result as before.

“Where the hell have you gone.” Xu Fan sighed.

There are still three months before the Dragon Tiger Banquet.

On the plain behind the main peak, lie two huge invincible Monster Venerable real bodies.

They are all still alive, but they were blocked by Xu Fan and turned into plant monsters.

The head chef of the hidden Spirit Sect canteen and two Disciples, who majored in gourmet cuisine, are discussing how to do this dragon and tiger feast.

“Don’t worry about the dishes first, you have to apply to sect to take over the Shenhuo, or you can only eat raw.” The head chef of the cafeteria patted the belly of Ziyu Flood Dragon.

“That’s for sure, how can they be stewed without Shenhuo.”

“Not only Shenhuo, but also a few Dao Item-level cauldrons.” Two Disciple majors in gourmet food suggested.

At this moment, the sound of grapes sounded.

“There is a fairy in the sect, named Hunyuan Cauldron, which can be stewed, fried, fried, boiled, steamed…all things in the world.”

“The Great Elder has given you permission, You can get it from the treasury at any time.” Grape said.

β€œIt’s still as thoughtful as the Great Elder thought.” The three praised.

At this time, the chef in charge of the cafeteria looked at Ziyu Flood Dragon’s crotch, and then looked at the golden tiger.

“Dragon and tiger feasts must be accompanied by dragon and tiger wine.”

“With tens of thousands of years of spiritual medicine, plus dragon and tiger whips, it is enough to make dozens of Ten thousand catties of wine.”

“Apply to the grape for a hundred years of Time Acceleration, and it can become a dragon and tiger wine.” The chef in charge of the cafeteria said with saliva.

This kind of wine he estimates that no male cultivator can refuse.

“You can have this one, tiger bone, and you can drink it.” Disciple, who majored in gourmet cuisine, quickly agreed.

“Then make two kinds of wine, dragon tiger whip wine and dragon tiger bone wine, of course we have to name something nice,” said the chef.

The Disciple of the two gourmet dishes nods.

At this moment, Xiong Li laughed to the three of them.

“What’s up with Eldest Senior Brother?” asked a gourmet Disciple.

“I just asked if I could get some blood for me, I need to use the cultivation Five Elements Body Refinement Art.” Xiong Li said with a smile.

He asked about the grapes, these two invincible Monster Venerables are currently out of the warehouse and are not under his control.

“It’s not simple.” A Disciple from a gourmet dish came to Ziyu Flood Dragon’s neck, pierced a blood vessel of Ziyu Flood Dragon with a Dao Item-level kitchen knife, and used Nahai The bottle gourd received a full bottle gourd.

Using the same method to put a bottle gourd blood on the Golden Eater.

“Eldest Senior Brother, I can give you some blood, but nothing else.”

“That’s enough.” Xiong Li left happily .

“At the dragon and tiger feast, there must be a plate of blood tofu.”

“Stir-fried dragon liver, dragon heart slices, stir-fried dragon and tiger meat, braised dragon tail , grilled dragon skin, steamed tiger palm, steamed dragon bone soup, dragon and tiger crispy pork, tiger tail roast, fresh dragon brain, oil splashed tiger brain.”

“Then make a hot pot and cook the dragon and tiger meat slices. “

“Don’t forget the Red Braised Pork, the Great Elder’s favorite.”

“How about saving some of the ingredients for the brewing wine and frying a plate of daikon?” ”

β€œThis can have~”

(end of this chapter)

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