My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 755

Chapter 755 Earth Crystal Spider

Just when Zhou Kailing used Divine Ability to break free from gravity.

In the sky, a big hand of several hundred zhang suddenly fell, and Zhou Kailing was buckled into it.

A distant mountain with several thousand zhang opened its eyes slowly.

“How did this Human Race provoke you, all of you this lineage were dispatched.”

The huge sound of the mountain range shook the earth.

“Old Ancestor, this abominable Human Race poured shit and urine on our heads, and even wanted to feed it into our mouths, today we have to grind this Human Race into a mashed meat, in order to solve our hearts Hate.” The stone giant headed hummed.

“So it is.”

The giant palm of several hundred zhang slowly lifted up, and there was a stone egg under the palm, and Zhou Kailing was sealed in it.

At this moment, an aura lit up in the sky.

A Void Transmission Gate appeared, and Xu Fan wearing a loose daoist robe appeared in front of many stone giants.

“Sorry, how did my discipline offend you.” Xu Fan said, looking at the indescribable objects on the heads of many stone giants.

He is not a domineering person, but he definitely protects his shortcomings.

The stone giant headed by just wanted to speak, but when he saw Xu Fan beckoning, he directly brought the stone egg to his side.

“You disciple, you pissed on the head of our stone giant in this lineage, and even wanted to dye this thing on our True Spirit, what do you think should be done?” The stone giant said in a tone He paused and said, he didn’t notice Xu Fan not to be trifled with .

Xu Fan tapped the stone egg lightly, and Zhou Kailin came out of the stone egg like a bird with a broken shell.

“Master, I really didn’t mean it, I was just experimenting with my Divine Ability, how could I know there was a group of stone spirits under my feet, and then I had to run away, and finally I had no choice but to ask the master for help .” Zhou Kailing’s expression was a little innocent.

Xu Fan glanced at the group of angry stone giants.

“There are four Monster Venerables, and there is an invincible Monster Venerable over there. You are really lucky to be able to run so far.” Xu Fan said while looking at his silly discipline.

β€œI apologize to all of you Shiling family on my behalf, I hope you can forgive me.” Xu Fan said politely.

Although he is now the most powerhouse in the cultivation world, he still has to be reasonable.

Xu Fan felt that he couldn’t do it because his own disciple threw someone else’s dirty stuff for no reason.

“Apologizing is enough!”

“You must pay for your life today!” The stone giant headed angrily said.

“Kailing, how do you say it should be handled?” Xu Fan said after looking at his own recipe.

“I’ll give you three choices for the teacher, one is to silence them, the other is to make them the demon slaves of the hidden Spirit Sect, and the third is to clear their memories.”

“Master, I Choosing 3 to clear their memory is also the fault of the discipline.” Zhou Kailing thought for a while and said, he knew that the Shiling family had no grudges with Human Race.

Xu Fan nods, and then the entire area instantly freezes.

A heavy rain also fell in the sky, washing the filth on the stone giant’s head.

Afterwards, all the stone giants turned around and walked towards their original hiding place, the land of cultivation.

After doing all this, Xu Fan took a look at the huge stone spirit that counted thousands of zhang.

“Human Race, this is the end of the matter, please leave here, I will continue to sleep.” Shi Lingjushan, who counted thousands of Zhang, said, he was the only case that was not clearly remembered by Xu Fan.

Although he spoke very calmly, he was actually very flustered, because the imposing manner exuded by Xu Fan was more powerful than the Golden-Winged Great Peng who came to invite him out of the mountain.

Simply put, it already has the strength to suppress him.

Xu Fan looked at the surrounding environment, and then looked at the Shiling who counted thousands of zhang.

“Shi Ling, how about going back to the sect with me, my Immortal Realm-like sect still lacks a town’s Spiritual Mountain, you are very suitable.” Xu Fan invited with a smile.

“When the Golden-Winged Great Peng came to ask me to come out, I didn’t agree.”

“Now you come and ask, I still have the same answer.” Counting Shi Ling of thousands zhang Ju Shan said slowly, he hoped in his heart that Xu Fan would be a reasonable person.

He had just finished humiliating his clansman, and he chose to forgive himself. He couldn’t be so unreasonable and force himself away.

“Okay.” Xu Fan nodded, then extended the hand towards the giant.

In the sky, a giant hand that covers the sky appears, completely covering the entire several thousand zhang stone spirit giant mountain, and then seals it in the hand.

Thousand zhang of the stone spirit giant mountain, then turned into a small rock like a mountain, and fell into Xu Fan’s hands.

This hand looked at Zhou Kailing next to him, stunned.

“I knew you brat would cause trouble sooner or later.” Xu Fan saw Zhou Kailing and scolded with a smile.

“Master, I really didn’t pay attention at the beginning, otherwise I would definitely not experiment with this Divine Ability on them.” Zhou Kailing explained.

“Be careful when you experiment next time, this thing will never end with you.” Xu Fan said.

“I know, master.” Zhou Kailing nodded.

“Since you’re here, let’s drop by to see an acquaintance.” Xu Fan took Zhou Kailing and stepped out into the Void Transmission Gate.

At this time, in Myriad Demons City, the goblin spider, who has completely transformed into a humanoid, is looking at the sky with a melancholy face.

“Even the Golden-Winged Great Peng has been suppressed, and the Purple Jade Flood Dragon and the Golden-Eating Tiger have also been made into dishes. Isn’t the Monster Race unable to turn over forever.” said.

“Why can’t you turn over, as long as you are strong enough, you can also bring Monster Race back.” Xu Fan and Zhou Kailing appeared behind the crystal spider.

“Master, you are here!!” The Goblin Spider said in surprise when he saw Xu Fan.

Xu Fan nods.

“I’ll stop by and see you, you’ve been developing very well recently.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

He used his divine sense to look at Myriad Demons City, six Monster Venerables, and two invincible Monster Venerables. This is definitely the greatest influence in Monster Race.

“Master is joking, Monster Race has been defeated, and will face the pursuit of Human Race for thousands of years.” The crystal spider said with a wry smile.

“Master, did you suppress the Golden-Winged Great Peng? Is it delicious to make a dish with the Purple Jade Flood Dragon and the Golden-Eating Tiger?” The Earth Spirit Spider asked curiously.

“Is it delicious? Can you taste it?”

Xu Fan waved his hand and a dining table appeared.

There are six cools and six hots on the table, as well as two pots of wine.

Xu Fan calmly took back one of the pots of Tianyang wine.

“Master, you suppressed the Golden-Winged Great Peng so much, you didn’t even tell me.” Zhou Kailing said sadly.

“The situation was a little urgent, and I didn’t care about you.” Xu Fan laughed.

I just suppressed the Golden-Winged Great Peng, and my daughter-in-law came a few days later. How can I think of the discipline at such a happy time.

β€œLet’s have some food together, just treat you as I invite you.” Xu Fan said.

The crystal spider transformed into a human shape looks like a rich lady, with delicate features, fair and tender skin, and a black and beautiful hair hanging down, like a first love.

“Many thanks master for the reward.” The crystal spider bowed its head and said.

(End of this chapter)

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