My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 759

Chapter 759 We are good friends

“The words just made fun of you, of course your father is your father, and he is your father at all times.” Xu Fan said.

“Great Elder I understand.” Li Leihu bowed his head and saluted.

As the Thunder Tribulation progressed, one after another gentle Thunder Tribulation struck Butcher Li, as if tickling.

And Butcher Li stood silently on the spot, no matter how Thunder Tribulation chopped, he didn’t move, and even made a comfortable sound.

Thunder Dragon, which is surrounded by Butcher Li, appears one after another, and after this one is almost fused, another will appear.

A total of 9 waves of Thunder Dragon are integrated.

At this point, the calamity of fleshy body is over.

Butcher Li regained his sanity in his eyes.

“I’ve passed the calamity of my body.” Butcher Li said, feeling the power in his body.

“It’s been over, and your Thunder Tribulation is quite huge, even worse than the Great Elder.” Zhan Lingfei said before him.

Li Leihu also followed.

“I can’t compare to the Great Elder, I’m just a nobody, don’t flatter me, Lao Zhan.” Butcher Li hurriedly shook his head and said.

“Dad, do you think you are the reincarnation of big shot!” Li Leihu asked quickly.

“Didn’t your father tell you that he dreamed of controlling a world of Thunder Tribulation. When he told you, you still don’t believe it.” Butcher Li joked.

“I don’t believe anyone.” Li Leihu looked at his father, and immediately felt relieved.

β€œMeet the Great Elder.” Butcher Li hurriedly bowed after seeing Xu Fan.

“Don’t be too polite, I heard that you came over to take a look at Thunder Tribulation, didn’t expect to be of no help.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“It is my honor for the Great Elder to watch me cross the Thunder Tribulation, how can I trouble the Great Elder to take action.” Butcher Li said.

“I have prepared a gift for you in the sect treasure house, you can go directly to the treasure house to get it.”

Xu Fan let the grapes from the batch he just got In the fairy level spirit ore, pick out a Thunder Attribute and give it to Butcher Li.

Generally, cultivators majoring in Thunder and Lightning I need to use the spirit ore of Thunder Attribute to condense their Thunder Dao Divine Ability.

The big shot is reincarnated.

This is a colloquial expression for cultivation world.

After all, reincarnation, Seize Body For Rebirth, happens a lot in the cultivation world.

“Many thanks to the Great Elder.” Li Leihu said gratefully.

“You’re stronger, and it’s good for sect.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

It is not an exception for Xu Fan to give Li Leihu something. In the hidden Spirit Sect, no matter who comes to the Transcending Tribulation Realm, Xu Fan will have a great gift to give.

When Zhan Ling and Su Rantian advanced to the Great Ascension Venerable, one of them presented a fairy weapon.

At that time, Xu Fan’s body was still in a coma. This was done by Grape.

After Butcher Li’s Thunder Tribulation ended, Xu Fan returned to Yinling Island.

In the underground space, Xu Fan is listening to Grape’s report.

“The last batch of fairy-level spirit ore stars brought back by the master can advance the overall progress of Yinling Island to 70%.”

“According to the inference of these spirit ore , the rest still need these fairy-level spirit ore.”

A light curtain appeared in front of Xu Fan with a long list of spirit ore.

“It turns out that there is still so much difference. It seems that after a few hundred years, I will go to the giant tree to the sky again.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

“If possible, it is recommended that the owner give him the list directly, so that the other party will have a higher accuracy in collecting spirit ore.” Grape suggested beside him.

A jade slip appeared in Xu Fan’s hand, directly condensing the contents of the grape list into the jade slip.

“You’re right, I’ll come when I go.”

Xu Fan said and teleported directly to the lake where the tortoise rested.

“I’m alive, come with me.” Xu Fan said as he looked at the sleeping sky tortoise.

The Tianlu turtle, who had just fallen into a deep sleep at this time, was obviously a little reluctant, but forced by Xu Fan’s threat of crushing his tortoise eggs, he slowly got up and surfaced.

“You will be rewarded for doing a good job. I will kill the giant beast, the two-headed fish, and make a few pots of Divine Pill.”

“Not only can it strengthen your child’s bloodline, but it can also strengthen your body.”

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, Tianlu Turtle was instantly full of energy.

And the giant beast, the two-headed fish Jikong, who was cultivating at the bottom of the lake at this time, looked sadly towards the direction of Xu Fan.

He wanted to move, he wanted to escape, he wanted to return to his familiar place.

He and this Human Race lacking hatred and enmity were suppressed by him just after a single encounter. It was really unfair.

“You stay here obediently, and when you come back, let’s die quickly.” Xu Fan looked at the extremely flustered double-headed fish Jikong giant beast comforted.

The most secretive area in the core of the extreme sky.

There is a giant tree standing in the sky.

A humanoid phantom of darkness is seeing this position with satisfaction.

The giant tree must be moved to this place, It shouldn’t be someone found it?

At this moment, the roar of the sky tortoise sounded in the realm of extreme sky.

Then the space fluctuation appeared like a tide, and the sky tortoise appeared in front of the sky-reaching giant tree with Xu Fan.

Xu Fan jumped out from Heavenly Peng Hall, followed by a thousand-handed virtual image of thousands zhang height behind him.

Then all the palms behind the virtual image of the Thousand Hands are all sealed.

A round of Golden Crow sun rises above the sky-high tree.

The Golden Crow fire instantly ignited thousands of giant beasts.

A dark black figure appeared not far from Xu Fan, staring at Xu Fan vigilantly.

“Why don’t you come here when you don’t have everything you want,” said the dark silhouette.

“I gave it to me, but I feel a little wrong when I go back.”

“You help me when you give me something, and I have to help you, as the saying goes. Reciprocity.”

“I see that you, the giant tree, is in an all black, no daylight area all day long, so I came here to install a sun for you.” Xu Fan said lightly.

“Please take it down, I don’t need it.”

The dark silhouette watched one after another giant beast being wiped out by the Golden Crow fire, and couldn’t help clenching her hands secretly. fist.

“You’re all friends, you’re welcome.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“What else do you want.” The dark silhouette’s tone was a little sad and angry.

Xu Fan threw a jade slip.

“This should be regarded as the appearance fee of my sun, after all, it is not without cost for friends to help each other.”

The dark silhouette took the jade slip thrown by Xu Fan, Take a look.

“These things take 100 years, I hope after this incident, you don’t come to me again.”

“Although you are very strong, but I dispatch all the bats giant beast .” The dark silhouette paused here, and then said slowly.

“You will definitely be seriously injured.”

There is a hint of sadness in the tone, but also a hint of helplessness, mixed with a little bit of hard work.

“Don’t say that, you gave me something, we are friends, isn’t it right for friends to help each other.”

“Then I will come to see you in 100 years. “Xu Fan said, returning to Heavenly Peng Hall.

The sky tortoise swelled with space fluctuation on its four legs, and then disappeared.

(End of this chapter)

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