My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 770

Chapter 770 Xuanjun

Central Plains continent, clear the main city of Profound Sect.

Xu Fan and Xu Yuexian walk on the busiest street in the main city.

“Master, I think this place is much more prosperous than ours.” Xu Yuexian said through the door of a chamber of commerce and saw Dao Item at the gate.

And the cultivator cultivation base encountered in the main city is not weak.

“It has been developing for hundreds of thousands of years while fighting, and it has gained the upper hand. Now it has sucked the blood of those two Intermediate Thousand Worlds for so many years. Of course, it is a little better than our side.” Xu Fan said with a nod. Some things have to be acknowledged.

Xu Fan sensed it a little, and there are six Great Ascension Venerables in the entire main city alone.

The density of the Great Ascension Venerable alone is much stronger than the cultivation world.

“Let’s go, let’s go to the Chamber of Commerce here to see if there is anything interesting.”

Xu Fan and Xu Yuexian walked towards the most luxuriously decorated Chamber of Commerce.

He felt something interesting from the Chamber of Commerce.

“Welcome to the two of you. I don’t know what the two distinguished guests need.” The guy on duty at the door asked with a smile.

“Come and have a look, and bring me the best magic weapon and medicine pill from your chamber of commerce.” Xu Yuexian said generously, someone paid the bill anyway.

“The two of you, please go to the private room with me.” The guy knew that a high-stakes guest was coming as soon as he heard it.

In the private room, a little tea girl with only Golden Core Realm is making tea for Xu Fan Xu Yuexian.

The skillful movements set off the enchanting figure, and the tea fragrance emanating from his body made Xu Fan nodded with satisfaction.

The more tricks you have to make tea, although it can’t represent how the tea itself is.

But it will definitely make people feel that the tea is well brewed.

After the little tea girl’s artistic performance, Xu Fan and Xu Yuexian finally had their first sip of tea.

“After this set, I feel that it is a sin not to buy anything.” Xu Yuexian sound transmission complained.

“I sensed the aura of immortals from this chamber of commerce, so I brought you here.”

“Buy what you like when you see it. Have you got a lot of good things? You can exchange it for money from Nanshanjie.” Xu Fan responded.

At this moment, the guy who entertained the two just now pushed the door with a tray in hand.

“The two Fellow Daoists, these are some magic weapons of our chamber of commerce cream of the crop, let me introduce to you.”

The man said, took out a Take the Spirit Sword.

“The Profound Sect Refiner Great Grandmaster’s famous immortal weapon, and the Profound Immortal sword.”

“My Chamber of Commerce spent a lot of time buying it.”

“This immortal sword master attribute is wind, use…” The guy just introduced it with a quack, his tone seemed to be practicing his words.

Let Xu Fan listen and have no desire to buy.

“What’s the price of this fairy sword?” Xu Fan asked, thinking about buying it back for Wang Xiangchi, this fairy sword is very suitable for him.

“Nine hundred immortal jade.” The guy said with a smile.

β€œCan’t you buy Spirit Stone?” Xu Yuexian asked.

The guy shook his head apologetically.

“I bought this fairy sword, and I will introduce it later.”

“The heavy sky hammer is also one of the two magic weapons of our chamber of commerce. Heavy thunderdivine iron…”

“I bought it.”

The corner of the guy’s mouth twitched.

“Dragon Cauldron is…”


This guy was instantly excited, he knew that he had met Shenhao today.

Xu Yuexian quietly pulled Xu Fan.

“Master, you are the Great Grandmaster of Refining Items, why do you still buy fairy items from other companies?”

“It’s okay, I just feel that the fairy items here are quite cheap, buy more and go back to replenish. Treasure house.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

He didn’t expect to pay for immortal jade to buy immortal objects from here.

Thanks to his good habit of picking wool, there are now two hundred thousand immortal jade in the treasury.

Xu Fan bought 8 pieces of fairy artifact in a row, which made the guy who introduced the artifact a little speechless.

“Dao…Fellow Daoist, the hundreds of years of fairy artifacts in our chamber of commerce have all been bought by Fellow Daoist.”

“That’s the fairy that your chamber of commerce owns. Send me a copy of the spirit ore list and see if I need anything here.” Xu Fan said a little unsatisfied.

At this time, Xu Fan’s real body has been transmitted from the Transmission Formation and merged with the Avatar sitting in the chamber of commerce.

“Okay, two Fellow Daoists, please wait a moment, our shopkeeper will be here soon.” The guy said and stepped back.

“The two of you have tea, please.” The little tea girl started performing again.

But before it started, she was replaced by a woman from Integration Realm with a higher cultivation base and a more beautiful appearance.

“This is a service upgrade.” Xu Fan laughed.

It has been three hours since Xu Fan and Xu Yuexian walked out of the Chamber of Commerce.

It was getting dark at this time, and three bright moons rose from in the sky.

The Star River is perpetually above the sky, emitting a little starlight.

Xu Fan looked at the Star River in the sky and did some calculations.

If there is no Transmission Formation for the distance between the two realms, it is estimated that the Nanshan realm will never be reached in a lifetime.

β€œFind an Inn first, and ask about powerhouses in Nanshanjie tomorrow.” Xu Fan said.

“What else do the two distinguished guests need to inquire about? I’ll tell the two of you directly.”

A handsome man in a white daoist robe appeared not far from the two of them. .

Gentle and elegant, with a gentleman’s style.

“Fellow Daoist?” Xu Fan looked at the man who suddenly appeared and narrowed his eyes.

He sensed the aura of Sun, Moon and Stars from the man, and judging from his imposing manner, his battle strength could be ranked in the top 30 of the Elder Council’s serial number.

“Master Qing Profound Sect, Xuan Jun, dare to ask the Fellow Daoist title.” Xuan Jun asked politely.

Just from the imposing manner Xu Fan felt, he didn’t dare to neglect.

“Hidden Spirit Sect Great Elder, Wan Dao.”

Xu Fan thought of a Dao name at random.

“Second disciple under the hidden Spirit Sect Great Elder, Yuexian.” Xu Yuexian said.

“Wandao Fellow Daoist, please tell me about the Profound Sect.” Xuanjun said politely.

Xu Fan nods.

In a majestic palace imposing manner, Xu Fan met the five Supreme Great Elders of the Qing Profound Sect and the Headmaster Xuanjun.

a small sect Six invincible Venerables, of which the Supreme Great Elder is comparable to the Elder Council’s Ming Kong.

“Welcome to the Fellow Daoist of Wan Dao to come and clear the Profound Sect.” The Supreme Great Elder, who was the leader, said politely.

“Disciple and I came here at the right time, didn’t expect this Nanshan world to be so prosperous.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“The Nanshan realm has been developing for hundreds of thousands of years, and it has been strong for tens of thousands of years. This scene is only due to the efforts of seniors.” Supreme Great Elder said politely.

Xu Fan nods, some things have to be done sooner or later.

Na Qing Profound Sect Supreme Great Elder looked at Xu Fan with enthusiasm on his face.

Because he could feel the aura from Xu Fan that is no weaker than the three strongest Venerables in the Southern Mountain Realm.

This is what Xu Fan deliberately showed them, the purpose is to reduce trouble and save some unsightly people from putting on clichΓ©d plots.

“If the two Fellow Daoists are interested in the powerhouse and history of Nanshanjie, I will ask Xuan Jun to give you a detailed introduction.” Supreme Great Elder said with a smile.

“That’s the trouble.”

(End of this chapter)

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