My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 774

Chapter 774 Serious Things

In the realm of extreme sky, in a star boat with the emblem of the Nine Phoenix Dynasty.

“Alas~” Feng Changning and Imperial Teacher both sighed at the same time.

“You shouldn’t make cakes for the Great Elder,” said the Imperial Teacher.

“I’m not drawing cakes, this is my promise.” Feng Changning looked a little sad.

After her promise, the Great Elder’s attitude toward them alone can be judged, there is absolutely no drama.

“You may not understand what it means for the Great Elder to suppress the Golden-Winged Great Peng Avatar and turn the Purple Jade Flood Dragon and the Golden Tiger into a dish.” The Imperial Teacher looked out the window at the Star River. said.

“The cultivation world is the most powerhouse, it has reached the peak of the world, didn’t you tell me.” Feng Changning wondered.

“A powerhouse of this level, even this world Heavenly Dao will take care of it.”

“As long as the Great Elder is in the cultivation world for one day, Monster Race will not want to rise.”

“As long as the Great Elder is willing, the hidden Spirit Sect can instantly become the biggest force in the cultivation world.”

“But the Great Elder didn’t do it, it shows that his heart is not here, your promises There is no use for the Great Elder.” The Imperial Teacher said somewhat helplessly.

“But in front of the Great Elder, we have nothing to take out.” Feng Changning was also a little helpless.

Before she came, she thought about it a lot, but found that nothing could impress the Great Elder, so she made the promise just now.

“Make plans early, Yuzhou has been successfully refined now, and the rest is to go to other Intermediate Thousand Worlds to start trade.”

“By the way, let’s see if we can make it in Star Sea. Meet the high-quality Small World in the middle, this is also a way out.” said Imperial Teacher.

“That’s the only way. We can just use this to negotiate with Zhang Laohui to see if they can agree to our terms.” Feng Changning thought for a while and said.

“The relationship with the Great Elder must be good. Whether it is now or in the future, as long as this friendship is maintained, in the future, when the Great Elder becomes an existence above the Great Firmament, he can help our immortal dynasty. Complete the most critical step.”

“But we must be strong in the early stage, so that we can accumulate the price of letting the Great Elder take action.” Imperial Teacher said.

Feng Changning nodded, looked back at the direction of Yinling Island, his eyes were a bit complicated, when the Jiufeng Dynasty was developing the fastest, he had the illusion that his dynasty was stronger than As for the hidden Spirit Sect, it is stronger than the Great Elder.

It’s just an illusion.

At this time, Xu Fan and his good brother are fishing.

Wang Yulun talks about some weird things he caught recently.

Xu Fan was talking about his experiences in Nanshan.

“didn’t expect that the stone compass turned out to be a transboundary Transmission Formation, it’s really amazing.”

“I don’t know how many billions of miles the distance between the two worlds is, since there are still They can be connected to each other and teleport.” Wang Yulun exclaimed.

“This is not too complicated, the most difficult point is that there are cross-border transmission arrays with the same frequency connected to each other.” Xu Fan said with a smile

” By the way, Pang Fu told me some time ago that the auction price of those three apron is almost equivalent to half a fairy.”

“Especially the second-hand apron has attracted countless cultivators. , you can drop more of this stuff if it’s okay.” Xu Fan joked.

“Is there anything I can control?”

“Besides Brother Xu, am I that kind of person?”

Wang Yulun serious Said, at this moment, the fishing rod in his hand sank, and something was hooked.

As soon as the rod was lifted, a stunning woman with an extremely charming appearance and a semi-sheer gauze skirt was hanged. come up.

At this time, the woman’s eyes were dull and her whole body was like a puppet.

“This thing…” Xu Fan said while looking at the puppet-like woman.

“It’s the same as a puppet, but with some special functions.” Xu Fan touched the chin, and with a flash of light in his eyes, he looked up and down at the woman and said.

“It should be used for male cultivators who are new to acacia.”

“Don’t mention it, some of the rune formations above are quite new.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“This…, why do you keep catching such strange things recently.” Wang Yulun said a little embarrassedly.

“I don’t know, but I think it has something to do with your daily thoughts, otherwise how would you catch this thing.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Brother Xu, don’t wrong me!” Wang Yulun said loudly.

“It’s better to sell this thing to Pang Fu, maybe it can be sold for a good price.”

“If you want to use it yourself, just pretend I didn’t say it.”

As soon as Xu Fan lifted the rod, a ten feet long bluetail was caught.

Next to the puppet that was already prepared, he used a giant net to pick up the bluetail, looking towards the canteen and flying towards the cafeteria.

Wang Yulun looked at the ten feet long bluetail with some envy.

He remembered how handsome he was many years ago, when there were few strange things caught, how many serious fish could be caught from time to time?

However, now, he has nothing to do with this living creature.

“By the way, Brother Xu, I have learned something from fishing recently, and I may be going for Transcending Tribulation soon.” Wang Yulun said.

Xu Fan was taken aback for a moment, this speed is a bit fast.

Then a hand patted Wang Yulun’s shoulder and began to examine his body carefully.

“It feels a bit fast, I’ll check it for you to see if there’s anything wrong.” Xu Fan said.

After feeling a circle, Xu Fan released his hand.

“Yes, it seems that the cultivation technique I created for you is quite suitable for you.”

“I will create a few Divine Ability for you in a while.” Xu Fan said with a smile .

“Recently, more and more people in the sector want Transcending Tribulation. Xu Gang and your second child, your elder brother will also have Transcending Tribulation after a while.”

“Look. It is necessary to find a hidden place and set up a large Transcending Tribulation formation.”

Putting the bait on the hook, Xu Fan threw his rod into the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.

“The sect is getting stronger and stronger, and it is no longer like the small sect that ran away because of a Monster Venerable.” Wang Yulun misses the old days.

“Yes, in fact, I still think it was more interesting at the beginning. It’s like now, looking up, no suitable opponent.” Xu Fan looked at the lake in the distance with some nostalgia.

“Isn’t there three supreme Venerables in Nanshan, Brother Xu can challenge them.” Brother Wang Yulun is determined not to get used to his big brother Versailles.

“I’m going to Nanshan Realm to challenge the highest Venerable, and activate True Fire. One dozen or three can really destroy their world.”

“Also Human Race , it’s better to take care of each other.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, Xing landed on a small island while riding a giant unicorn with a length of tens of meters.

“Uncle Xu, good daddy.” Xing greeted with a smile.

“I went for a walk around the Territory of Extreme Sky, how did it feel.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“I feel like those extremely empty giant beasts are weak, and they don’t taste good.” Xing said with a frown.


“There are not many giant beasts in our cultivation world. If you have nothing to do, you can go to Monster Realm to have a look.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

“I won’t go there to play in the future, it’s just a stone or a stone.” Xing said with a wrinkled face.

(End of this chapter)

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