My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 777

Chapter 777 Two Conditions

“Heavenly Dao Will of Nanshan Realm, it is too late for you to apologize to me now, otherwise it will be too late when I force you out It’s gone.”

Xu Fan calm expression, one hand raised slightly.


Xu Fan snapped his fingers, and an illusory shadow of a miniature version of the Gate of Reincarnation appeared behind him.

Then a terrifying suction came from the gate of the small virtual world.

The three giant dogs and the ghosts were all absorbed, and finally turned into a gate of reincarnation with a length and width of nine feet nine.

At this time, the ghosts of the entire 18th layer of the pit were absorbed by the gate of the virtual world behind Xu Fan.

“I see that Venerable of the mountains and seas in your Nanshan Realm is unhappy. You have to fight him, and you will never give up regardless of the outcome.”

“And that Yunlong Venerable, What, after fighting Shanhai Venerable, I will fight him again.” Xu Fan said looking at the sky.

At this time, all the invincible Venerables in the entire Nanshan Realm looked towards in the sky inductively.

Heavenly Dao Will seemed to be shaking just now in their perception.

The Mountains and Seas Venerable and the Cloud Dragons Venerable look towards the direction of the Endless Pit for some unfathomable mystery.

They feel like someone is talking about them.

At this moment, a powerful suction force suddenly erupted from the authentic reincarnation gate.

And stretched out a huge azure arm from the gate of the virtual world and grabbed it towards Xu Fan.

“This little trick can trap me, I won’t tell you, I’m going to fight with those two Venerables.”

“I am the highest in Nanshanjie. I don’t know if you can stand it.”

“But before I do it again, I have a small gift for you.”

Xu Fan said directly Teleportation, appeared outside the deep pit.

“Come on, let me see how much you are willing to pay to stop me.”

Xu Fan stepped out and appeared directly in Spiritual Qi’s most prosperous Tianlinghai area.

That is the biggest hole card of the Human Race in Nanshan World, and it is also one of the key factors in defeating the other two worlds.

The entire top of the head is boundless like an endless sea, with tributaries distributed throughout the southern mountain boundary.

Xu Fan’s finger flashed a little bit of aura, and as soon as that bit of aura appeared, all Spiritual Qi began to tremble.

It’s like turning into the most unstable gunpowder, just need a little fire star to ignite it all.

“You may not know this thing, I need to introduce it to you.”

“My Divine Ability is called the burning spirit technique. My Spiritual Qi will be ignited by me, doesn’t it feel very exciting.” Xu Fan said with narrowed eyes.

The finger that glowed with aura slowly pointed to the sea of Tianlinghai.

The closer the finger is to the sea, the more the entire Tianling Sea boils.

At this time, three silhouettes appeared not far from Xu Fan.

“Fellow Daoist, what are you doing, are you going to destroy our Nanshan realm?” Red Lotus Venerable said, feeling the terrifying aura contained in Xu Fan’s fingers.

Although she doesn’t know what Divine Ability this is, she can feel that if Xu Fan really wants to click, the entire Nanshan world will be finished.

“Three Fellow Daoists don’t panic, I will play a game with your Heavenly Dao Will from the Nanshan Realm. The name of this game is who will be convinced first.” Xu Fan said that his movements did not stop.

The finger that glowed with aura was still pointing towards the sea of Tianlinghai at a regular speed.

“Fellow Daoist, don’t panic, Heavenly Dao Will in Nanshan Realm is like a dog. I don’t know who will bite someone when something goes wrong.”

“But Fellow Daoist took a look He’s a reasonable person, he can’t lower oneself to somebody’s level with a dog.” Shanhai Venerable said in a panic, he knew that they would have to finish the game when Xu Fan pointed.

“Fellow Daoist, if you have something to say, what is wrong with Heavenly Dao Will, we will help you to discuss it.” madman in general.

The hope of everyone around is on Xu Fan. Anyway, he will definitely not be able to run away from the nuclear bomb.

“You dogs from the Southern Mountain Realm, just bark at me, the key is that he still wants to bite me.”

“Fellow Daoist, calm down, don’t be like this, you Might as well order something from Heavenly Dao Will, just scrap it, it’s not worth it.” Gulian Venerable said beside him, looking at Xu Fan’s fingers, his eyes became more and more straight.

At this time, in Nanshanjie, the three powerhouses of cream of the crop communicated with Heavenly Dao Will and asked him to come out and give Xu Fan an explanation.

“ao wu ~”

A small white dog appeared not far from Xu Fan.

“Wangwang~” (Human Race, stop first, I can explain this.) The little white dog looked at Xu Fan pitifully.

At this moment, Xu Fan’s finger touched the lake in Tianlinghai.

In an instant, the entire Heavenly Spirit Sea began to vibrate.

Centering on the point Xu Fan points to, Spiritual Qi begins to burn and slowly spreads outward, like dry wood meeting a blazing fire.

“Your entire Tianlinghai can only support one day, your explanation, it’s better to be quicker.” Xu Fan got up and looked at the little white dog and said again.

“Wangwang~” (I don’t manage the place in Shenkeng, it’s Xiaohei’s territory.) Xiaobaigou looked helpless, feeling that he was carrying a pot that didn’t belong to him.

The Spiritual Qi of the entire Tianlinghai is burning, and the three supreme Venerables who feel all this are extremely anxious.

“Anyway, it’s all Heavenly Dao Will, it doesn’t make any difference.” Xu Fan said leisurely.

Xu Fan didn’t care whether it was Xiaobai or Xiaohei, he knew that it was Heavenly Dao Will from Nanshanjie.

At this time, the time in this area was slowed down by tens of thousands of times, but Spiritual Qi’s burning speed was still the same, and even accelerated by one point.

In the end, out of desperation, the little white dog directly stopped the time in this area.

“Wangwang.” (I can compensate you, and even kill Xiao Hei with you, but you must take back this Divine Ability.) The little white dog wagged his tail and was extremely anxious.

“How can you have two Heavenly Dao Wills in one Nanshan world.” Xu Fan looked towards the three Venerables.

“This is also a helpless move. Xiao Hei is Xiao Bai’s father. At first, this guy didn’t favor Human Race. We sealed it in a deep pit more than 500,000 years ago.”

“That Xiao Hei murdered you, I guess he wants to use your hand to break free of the seal and compete with Xiao Bai for control of the Nanshan Realm.” Red Lotus Venerable explained.

“So you did what Xiaohei wished.” Shanhai Venerable said.

Although Xu Fan can feel Heavenly Dao Will, he still can’t feel the deeper things.

“Two conditions.” Xu Fan stretched out two fingers.

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, the three Venerable and the little white dog suddenly nodded.

“First, I want you to consume six thousand years of Time Acceleration.”

“Wangwang.” (No problem, even if it is 100,000 years, 200,000 years No problem.)

“Second, I want that little black, what should I do? Don’t worry about it.” Xu Fan said.

“Wangwang” (Xiaohei will leave you no problem, but you can’t bring out the source energy of Xiaohei.) Xiaobai said hurriedly.

β€œhehe.” Xu Fan snapped his fingers again.

The Heavenly Spirit Sea, which was sealed by time stopped, burned again, and the speed was 10 times that of the original.

(End of this chapter)

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