My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 778

Chapter 778 Karma

“I really want to know, Heavenly Dao Will, using all your means, can do anything to me.”

“You have joined forces to seal Xiao Hei is nothing more than wanting to devour him after becoming strong.”

“Of course, Xiao Hei is always a hidden danger, otherwise you wouldn’t have destroyed Xiao Hei for hundreds of thousands of years.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, the Spiritual Qi in the entire Tianlinghai has been burned by one hundred and one hundred.

“Now that Xiao Hei is gone, you don’t have much to lose.”

“Don’t be too greedy, or you may get nothing.”

Xu Fan looked calm, watching the three and one dog wait for their answers.

The little white dog was still hesitating, and behind him was frantically trying to stop Spiritual Qi from being ignited.

The entire Tianlinghai is divided into hundreds of Small Worlds, but still can’t stop Spiritual Qi from burning, and it is getting more and more intense.

“You can’t cry without seeing the coffin. If you want to stop it, it’s not impossible. You can just cut the meat.” Looking at the little white dog, Xu Fan said with a smile.

As Heavenly Dao Will of Nanshanjie, he certainly understands what Xu Fan means when he speaks.

However, dividing the Nanshan boundary area into Small World and directly expelling that area into the Nanshan boundary are not the same concept.

The three Venerables from the Southern Mountain Realm were all looking at Xiaobai.

Seeing the entire Tianlinghai Spiritual Qi ignited faster and faster.

The little white dog lowered his head helplessly.

“Wangwang” (I promise you the second condition.)

The voice is weak, and it feels like a dog that has been hungry for several days.

Xu Fan waved his hand gently, and the entire Tianlinghai returned to calm.

Those areas where Spiritual Qi burned, started to slowly return to normal with the infusion of all around Spiritual Qi.

“The loss is not much, and it has recovered in a few thousand years.” Xu Fan nodded, satisfied with the speed at which he controlled Spiritual Qi’s burning.

“Fellow Daoist, with this Divine Ability, can’t he go to other Intermediate Thousand Worlds to threaten Heavenly Dao Will over there.” Guren Venerable looked at the area where Spiritual Qi was slowly recovering, wondering in his heart what a feeling.

“Gulian Fellow Daoist is really joking. How can this Divine Ability be used casually? After all, destroying the karma of this realm is not something anyone can bear.” Xu Fan replied.

“Time Acceleration first, and then I’ll go over to clean up Xiao Hei.”

Xu Fan looked towards Xiao Bai Gou, thinking about how to make the grapes eat Xiao Hei reasonably .

A Small World takes shape in an instant, wrapping Xu Fan.

It didn’t take long for Xu Fan to come out of the Small World again.

The imposing manner on his body became more and more deep and unmeasurable. The little white dog felt the imposing manner on Xu Fan, and there was a hint of fear in his eyes.

It’s like in a competitive game, a character in a six-god costume, Caipu and Dashen operate at the same time, that is two different feelings.

The gap between the two is the gap between Xu Fan and the little white dog.

“Using Heavenly Dao Will’s source to accelerate time, the feeling is different.”

Xu Fan’s expression was relaxed, as if he had just finished making a big sword.

“Okay, the first condition has been completed.”

“The second condition is now fulfilled.” After Xu Fan finished speaking, once again Spatial Teleportation came to the endless depths. edge of the pit.

You don’t take good care of your father. The wind and clouds are blowing everywhere, and you don’t want to fix it.

“Wangwang” (You don’t understand what happened between Heavenly Dao Will, hurry up and deal with Xiao Hei, I want to know what means you use.)

Little White Dog Looking at Xu Fan’s eyes with anticipation.

Xu Fan noticed it when he first came to Nanshan Realm.

Although there is a threat to him, as long as he doesn’t do anything that damages Human Race and the Nanshan Realm, he doesn’t care.

But I didn’t expect Xu Fan to have the means to ignite Spiritual Qi in the entire Nanshan Realm.

Now after 6000 years of Time Acceleration, it is more deep and unmeasurable.

So he wanted to learn from Xu Fan and see how to deal with Heavenly Dao Will.

“I want to learn my Heaven Sealing method.” Xu Fan said while looking at the little white dog.

The little white dog quickly stuck out his tongue and nodded his tail wagging happily.

Xu Fan popped out a little bit of aura and disappeared into the little white dog’s eyebrows.

“Give me these spirit ore and I’ll teach you how.” Xu Fan raised his mouth, ready to fish for a big one.

The little white dog glanced at the list Xu Fan gave him, immediately became angry, and then disappeared.

“Am I asking for too much.” Xu Fan was a little puzzled.

“If it’s Heavenly Dao Will who controls an Intermediate Thousand Worlds, it’s really hard to deal with.”

“But you’re trapped in this small area, it’s like The most vicious dog is on a leash, and there are ways to deal with you.”

Xu Fan said, both hands forming seals.

Numerous bubbles of various colors appeared around Xu Fan, and then floated towards the endless pit.

“First suck the blood, then the meat, and finally the bones.”

At this time, the small bubbles of various colors began to absorb all the breath in the deep pit.

As long as Heavenly Dao Will absorbs enough, it will split into two bubbles.

The deep pit is 18 floors underground, filled with these bubbles in just one hour.

At this moment, a huge black dog’s head emerged from the endless pit.

Looks at Xu Fan with a nonchalant expression.

“If there is any threat, say it quickly, otherwise there will be no chance.” Xu Fan said, looking at the black dog’s head.

“undo seal, let me go, I can divide 20% of the Small World from the Nanshan boundary.”

“When the time comes you are the World Lord of the Small World. ‘ said Black’s dog head.

It’s more of an equal deal.

“I’m not interested, what else do you want to say.” Xu Fan shook the head.

“A Samsara Seal, you can enter the world of reincarnation freely.”

Xu Fan still shook his head, but there is a chance to let people achieve Golden Immortal with Reincarnation Dao, he is not much interested .

At this time, all the bubbles filled in the 18th layer of the deep pit began to slowly condense together.

In the end, it became a spherical spar with a diameter of ten feet, showing the color of Primal Chaos.

A strange force emanated from the spar, and the darkness that enveloped the deep pit began to be slowly absorbed by the spar.

After a while, the spar completely turns black.

The dog’s head that appeared above the pit began to become unstable.

“Your source is about to be completely absorbed, what else do you want to tell me.”

“Leave me a little source of source power and send it to the outside of the Southern Mountains. .”

“Destroy the former world of Heavenly Dao Will, the karma you have afflicted will make all Heavenly Dao Will hate you, leave me a source of power, you will not stick to it Cause and effect.” The black dog used his last trump card.

Xu Fan, who was about to destroy the black dog, stopped the spar from absorbing the source power.

He looked towards the sky and started the arithmetic of the sky.

Then, a small piece of spar was separated from the black spar.

“Come in by yourself, I will send this spar out of the South Heaven Realm, and the rest is up to you.”

“There is a spar in the spar. I have a breath, if there is karma that haunts me, I will kill you if I don’t fly to the immortal world.”

Today, I accompany my daughter-in-law back to her parents’ home.

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