My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 779

Chapter 779 Filial Piety

The black dog turned around and threw it into the small piece of Spirit Stone in Xu Fan’s hands.

The black spar with a diameter of ten feet long in the 18th floor world.

Rising from the endless pit.

“This thing can’t be used as a Dao Item.”

A small dimensional space seal array appeared, sealed the black spar in it, and finally turned into a small Small cloth bag.

“I don’t know how happy I am when I see grapes like this.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

After doing all this, Xu Fan unlocked the surrounding space seal.

Three people and one dog appeared not far from Xu Fan.

The little white dog felt it silently, and the eyes of the big dog were full of shock.

“Xiao Hei is gone.” Shanhai Monster Venerable said in shock.

The little white dog nodded, look at Xu Fan’s eyes, full of fear.

Xu Fan can actually pinch his father, which proves that he can pinch himself at any time.

The little white dog couldn’t help but take two steps back.

“Don’t be afraid, I discussed it with your dad just now and decided to let your dad go solo, but didn’t kill him.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Hearing this, the little white dog, who was still a little scared, instantly became uneasy.

“Why did you let my father die?” In a hurry, the little white dog didn’t even say anything.

“It’s very simple. You can destroy all the harms without any benefit. Only a trace of the source is left, and I don’t have much loss.” Xu Fan said and shook the cloth bag with the black spar in his hand. .

“Well, knowing that you are a filial child, even if I sell your father, I will not give you face.”

“Can you not send my father away, Even if it is sealed forever.”

“I know you are afraid of the karma, and I will bear it for you.”

Xu Fan heard the sound transmission of Xiaobaigou , suddenly laughed.

“Look, the list of spirit ore I gave you…” Xu Fan said suddenly.

“No problem,” said the little white dog hastily.

“You are really filial.”

After a while, Xu Fan had an extra space fairy in his hand, which was filled with the spirit ore he needed.

“I have met your conditions, now can I seal Xiao Hei forever.” said the little white dog.

“I promised your father that I would let him live.”

Hearing this, the little white dog immediately became anxious.

“I’ll give you everything you want, you can’t do this!!”

“Don’t worry, I have a better solution.” Xu Fan has an extra in his hand Small black spar.

“Your father only has such a small amount of source power left, and it is not simple to carve a seal in the core.”

“What kind of seal can’t restrain the former Heavenly Dao Will, even if it is sealed now, it will be given for nothing.” The little white dog shook his head and said.

At this moment, a small black spar rolled to the feet of the little white dog.

“It has been sealed. If there is no problem, you can send it to the outside of the Nanshan Realm.” Xu Fan said

The little white dog felt the seal in the black spar, The look in his eyes became more and more complicated

“Okay, if I have nothing to do, I’ll go back first and keep the cross-border Transmission Formation between the two realms running smoothly. I’ll be back in a while.” Xu Fan Saying that, he disappeared in front of the little white dog.

In the underground space of Yinling Island, Avatar No. 1 was looking at the black spar with a diameter of ten feet with a novel look.

“Ontology, your way is getting wilder and wilder, Heavenly Dao Will can get it.”

Xu Fan looked towards the sky, he felt Heavenly Dao Will from the cultivation world Also following here.

Numerous avenues of scripture appeared on the Sect Protection Great Array in Yinling Island, blocking Heavenly Dao Will’s perception.

“I got it from Nanshan Realm. There are two Heavenly Dao Wills in that world, so I got one from a waste.” Xu Fan said lightly.

“How do you want to use this thing, upgrade the grapes.”

“Let’s use this Heavenly Dao Will source to make Yinling Island a world of its own.” Avatar No. 1 said .

“Master, give these origins to the grapes, and the grapes can do it by themselves.” The tone of the grapes was still cautious.

For some reason, the original endless computing power, the grapes felt a little insufficient.

“Divided into two halves, one half is to upgrade the grapes, and the other half is combined with my own Human Race merit and luck to refine a magic weapon to suppress the luck of the entire sector.” Xu Fan thought about it. I want to say that

The magic weapon of merit, qi and luck is not too important for the dynasty and sect, but it is a thing that cannot be without.

“This is a good idea. It would be a waste to distribute all the origins of Heavenly Dao Will to the grapes.” Avatar No. 1 said

“This matter is not in a hurry, wait for No. 2 to come back. After that, you can discuss how to refine the magic weapon of luck and luck.” Xu Fan said.

The black spar was divided into two, half of which was integrated into the body of the grape.

“Master, with these Heavenly Dao Will origins, grapes can become the highest fairy, and can serve the master better in the future.” Grape said gratefully

At this time , Xu Fan suddenly thought of some problems, it seems that when the grapes were first refined, they took an unusual path.

Grape’s current abilities are no different from some complete Smaller Thousand Worlds Heavenly Dao Will, and even stronger.

After this grape is promoted, it is estimated that it will be comparable to the smaller Intermediate Thousand Worlds Heavenly Dao Will.

“Master, how about we take Yinling Island as our foundation and form our own world?” Grape asked.

β€œThe time is not yet. After forming a world, the risks may be more than imagined, and the entire sect cannot appear in the fairyland.”

β€œ So now the harm outweighs the benefit, and we will talk about this after the entire sector has ascended to the Immortal Realm and cultivated several top Disciples.” Xu Fan said.

“Understood, Master.”

“Hurry up and digest the origin of Heavenly Dao, and become a top fairy as soon as possible.” Xu Fan said

At this time, Xu Fan suddenly felt that some people in the sky were condensing, and then Jieyun suddenly disappeared and appeared elsewhere.

“This breath should be the Boss Transcending Tribulation.” Xu Fan said as a void Transmission Gate appeared in front of him.

hundred thousand li In the depths of the lake, there is a huge artificial island, on which is a lightning protection array.

At this time, the sky over the island was covered with robbery clouds, and countless lightning flashed in the robbery clouds.

Xu Gang stood in the center of Jieyun, looking up at Jieyun in the sky, full of disdain.

“I’m only a thousand miles away, so I really look down on me.” Xu Gang looked towards the sky and said.

At this time, behind him was a virtual image of a thousand hands condensed into reality.

Thousand-hand avatars are tall and zhang, with the Five Elements aura in their eyes, and the avatars of Sun, Moon and Stars rotate behind them.

There is also a Chaos True Dragon hovering over the virtual image of a thousand hands.

Xu Fan was relieved to see this scene.

Thousand-hands virtual image was originally an Auxiliary Divine Ability he created in the early days, and then he saw that Xu Gang was very suitable for this Divine Ability, and he continued to deduce it to a higher level.

And Xu Gang’s thousand-hand virtual image has reached the highest level in this world.

(End of this chapter)

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