My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 780

Chapter 780 Selection

Xu Fan also felt that something was wrong when he looked at the thousands of miles of robbery.

Anyway, it’s your own discipline, you are a thousand miles away, you are too disrespectful to yourself.

This formidable power is about as ticklish as it is for my discipline.

Just when Xu Fan complained, the first Thunder Tribulation in the sky fell.

The sound of thunder resounded for thousands of miles, and the land of thousands of miles was brought into the world of lightning by this Thunder Tribulation.

At this time, other people who received the message also came one after another.

“You are not doing well in sect cultivation, what are you doing here?” Xu Fan looked at Li Xingci and said.

“I can’t hold back in the queue. I’ll start after the Eldest Senior Brother is finished,” said Li Xingci.

“You are worthy of being senior and junior brothers, and the Thunder Tribulation has to be together.” Xu Fan laughed.

After surviving a Thunder Tribulation, Xu Gang cast dozens of defensive Divine Ability on himself, the expression on his face was extremely relaxed, and even a little comfortable.

Behind the thousand-hand avatar, there is an extra thunder bead, which contains 80% of the energy of the Thunder Tribulation just now.

“That’s right, this hand leads Thunder Tribulation, and the thunder bead is condensed into the body. It has my style.” Xu Fan laughed and said.

Just when Xu Fan thought it was just an ordinary Thunder Tribulation.

In the sky suddenly opened a crack, and a giant hand full of immortal texts grabbed towards Xu Gang.

The giant hand shook the robbery cloud in the sky at will, as if to warn everyone not to interfere in this matter.

Seeing this scene, Xu Fan was furious.

Even if it was him, he didn’t break the robbery cloud in the sky when crossing the Thunder Tribulation.

Because once it is broken by external force, the robbery cloud will condense again, and the formidable power is several times higher than before.

“Every stinky fish and rotten shrimp, they all want to hit me with the idea of a recipe!”

The surrounding space was sealed in an instant, Xu Gang and the people watching Thunder Tribulation were sent to another place by Xu Fan A backup Thunder Tribulation place.

Xu Fan felt the breath of the crack in the sky, and his face was very unhappy.

“Heavenly Dao Will, I need an explanation, why people from the upper realm can come to the lower realm at will.”

Xu Fan communicated directly with Heavenly Dao Will, and behind him was a faceless Golden Body Dharma Idol.

At this time, the faceless Golden Body Dharma Idol has immortal characters circulating around him, and the illusory shadow of the avenue scriptures emerges behind him.

Palm to palm, the giant hand stretched out from in the sky was directly slapped back.

Even if the Great Firmament Golden Immortal comes to this world, its power will be limited.

At this point Xu Fan received a vague message.

It means that he can’t do anything, there is Great Firmament on the opposite side, which can interfere with his running.

“Great Firmament or Golden Immortal, if you want to hit my recipe idea, even the highest one will not work.”

In the sky, a giant palm reached down again.

All surrounding spaces are closed, and some Great Dao Laws are beginning to gradually transform.

The faceless Golden Body Dharma Idol whose imposing manner was getting higher and higher also disappeared due to the change of Great Dao Law.

“The Great Dao Law is modified, it really is the Great Firmament.” Xu Fan became serious.

From that practice sound came an illusory voice.

“Dang Zhu!”

Suddenly Xu Fan felt that his awareness of controlling his body was getting weaker and weaker.

A great fear of life and death came to mind.

“Is this what the Great Firmament Golden Immortal says, it’s interesting.” Xu Fan laughed in fear of life and death.

A round of compass condensed by Samsara Power appeared at Xu Fan’s feet, and finally the faceless dharma was condensed again.

It’s just that this time it’s a combination of reincarnation and the avenue of death.

The faceless dharma of color of Primal Chaos grabbed the giant hand poking out in the sky.

“didn’t expect, Great Firmament is your limit.” Xu Fan’s tone was a little surprised.

The space was sealed just now, time, space, and the Great Dao Law were all distorted.

At that moment, Xu Fan felt that the restriction from cheat was disappeared.

Xu Fan took advantage of this short period of time to directly raise his Dao insight to the level of Golden Immortal, and it continues to climb.

In a pair of eyes that contain all things and myriad ways, there are endless avenues of scriptures circulating.

Due to the rapid increase in Dao’s insight, Xu Fan’s eyes became more and more rational, and his imposing manner became more and more terrifying.

When Dao’s insight reached a critical point, Xu Fan exuded terrifying aura, like a carrier of all things.

A giant river illusory shadow rises around Xu Fan, flowing through Myriad Realms, and he is in the center of the giant river.

A boundless force of restraint wrapped around Xu Fan, as if to pull him into the depths of the giant river.

At this moment, the owner of the giant hand in the sky seemed to have seen the most absurd scene in the world.

The giant hand opened, with a pair of eyes in the palm, staring at Xu Fan who was in the long river.

His eyes were full of incredulity, as if the ants who were flirting just now were trying to become an existence like him.

The illusory shadow of the long river is slowly condensing, and Xu Fan, who is in the river, is more and more restrained.

Space, time, reincarnation, death, light, darkness, gold, wood, water, fire…

Countless Great Dao Laws, turned into shackles, want to trap Xu Fan Live, trying to stop him from breaking free from the river.

Xu Fan looked indifferent, first glanced at the eyes of the giant palm.

In an instant, there was a big terror entangled in the palm owner’s heart, but this made the giant palm owner even more curious.

Xu Fan, who is in the center of the long river, began to grow slowly.

Until the whole long river just accommodates Xu Fan’s legs, the water is just at Xu Fan’s knees.

Xu Fan raised one foot slowly, extremely slowly and heavily, as if this foot was dragging a Great Thousand Worlds.

The higher the foot is lifted, the greater the pressure, as if Heavenly Dao Myriad Realms are pulling Xu Fan’s giant foot with strength.

It seems that at that moment, it seems that tens of thousands of years have passed.

Finally, Xu Fan’s foot broke away from the river and stepped heavily on the bank of the long river.

At this time, the seal from the owner of the giant hand collapsed instantly, and everything in Heavenly Dao returned to normal in an instant.

A familiar shackled force reappeared within Xu Fan.

This brought a gleam back to Xu Fan’s originally extremely rational eyes.

With one foot in the long river and the other foot on the river bank, Xu Fan looked towards the giant hand in this posture, as if he also saw the owner of the giant hand in the Great Thousand Worlds.

“Fuck!” Xu Fan spit out a word.

The owner of the giant palm was instantly imprisoned, severing the connection between the two worlds.


between Heaven and Earth A giant blade appeared, slashing across the giant hand.

A realm of nothingness took shape in an instant, sealing the severed giant palm in it, and finally turning into a world bead and appearing in Xu Fan’s hand.

Xu Fan looked at the long river under his feet with eyes that contained a trace of humanity.

“That’s it~”

There is nostalgia in the tone, but also a trace of regret.

The power of shackles has returned to its place, and the river has disappeared. Xu Fan is still the Venerable who is invincible in the cultivation world.

“Choice, what is there to choose.”

“Deprived of all emotions Supreme Indifference, even if it is invincible to the three thousand Great World, it is just a puppet without emotion. .” Xu Fan shook his head.

When he was about to take that step with the other foot, there was a choice in his heart.

His step out, although he can achieve detachment, but because the Great Dao Realm is rising too fast, he needs to give up his emotions to complete this step.

This choice comes from the will to transcend the three thousand Great Worlds.

(End of this chapter)

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