My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 781

Chapter 781 Sharing

Heaven and Earth All calm.

“How could the boss be targeted by Great Firmament.” Xu Fan looked at the world bead in his hand.

A few dotted lines of cause and effect flashed in Xu Fan’s eyes.

He is crossing Xu Gang of Thunder Tribulation from several tens of thousands of li. There is no single causal thread in the body.

Following the causal line, it was connected to Xu Yuexian who was playing in the Nanshan Realm.

Following this, Xu Fan stopped.

The reason is also clear.

Except several tens of thousands of li where Xu Fan is located, Xu Gang is struggling to resist the third Thunder Tribulation.

There are still six tracks left until the end of Thunder Tribulation.

The crowd watching Thunder Tribulation also became anxious.

One is worried about Xu Fan’s side, and the other is worried that Xu Gang will not be able to cross this Thunder Tribulation, which is several times stronger.

Xu Fan’s silhouette appeared behind everyone.

“Don’t worry, Xu Gang can stand it.”

With Xu Fan’s tone barely fell, a Thunder Tribulation with a diameter of about ten feet fell in the sky.

It directly penetrated all of Xu Gang’s Guardian God pass, and directly hit the body.

The crowd turned their heads in surprise.

“Master, were you alright just now!” Li Xingci hurriedly asked.

“Master, if you hadn’t taken me away just now, I would have used my Life Source Divine Ability.” Zhou Kailing said beside him.

“Why did that giant grab x Xu Gang?” Zhan Ling also curiously asked.

All attention was on Xu Fan.

“Don’t worry, go back and tell you guys slowly, let’s see Xu Gang cross the thunder first.”

“This smelly brat usually relied on his Divine Ability to be boundless, and he was dismissive of those defensive magic weapons, and he didn’t even bother to refining. Now let him know that if he doesn’t defend, he will suffer a loss one day.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Xu Fan a finger pointed , took out all the unrefined defensive Dao Items on Xu Gang.

“There is still a moment in the next Thunder Tribulation, concentrate on refining these defensive Dao Items, and speed up you for the teacher.”

Xu Gang, who was lying on the ground, heard Xu Fan’s voice, Sitting up instantly.

Start to refining the defensive Dao Items floating around at a very fast speed.

As the quarter of an hour passed, a thick and large Thunder Tribulation fell on time in the robbery cloud.

It seems that this time will completely penetrate Xu Gang.

A giant umbrella opened and blocked Xu Gang’s head.


The giant umbrella was directly split back into Xu Gang’s body, and the Thunder Tribulation formidable power was slightly reduced, but it still remained straight and hit Xu Gang’s Guardian God pass.

After the 4th Thunder Tribulation, a Dao Item was destroyed, and Xu Gang’s Guardian God pass was split into the fourth layer.

“If the first robbery hadn’t been shattered, Eldest Senior Brother would have been able to survive with the Guardian God pass alone,” said Zhou Kailing.

β€œThis shows a problem, everything needs to be considered carefully, and the accident may come when it will come.” Xu Fan said.

Everyone is nodded, it feels like listening to your words.

It sounds useful, but under human inertia, it is of no use.

Finally, with the help of Xu Fan, Xu Gang survived the remaining Thunder Tribulation one after another.

The Thunder Tribulation ended, and Xu Gang came to the crowd.

“Master, the Thunder Tribulation is over.” Xu Gang said with a salute.

“It’s okay, come here, it’s time for your Junior Brother to cross the Thunder Tribulation.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, a breath shot up from Li Xingci’s body.

in the sky The robbery cloud that has not dissipated condensed again.

It’s another calamity, very standard.

Unlike Xu Gang, Li Xingci is thoroughly pragmatic.

Defensive Dao Item takes turns, and the whole process is extremely easy.

“Learn more from your Junior Brother in the future. Don’t rely on your Divine Ability to use nothing. In the end, you are not the one who suffers.” Xu Fan urged.

“Disciple understands.” Xu Gang said with shame.

“If you understand shit, give me special training when you go back. Using your body to remember is the best way.” Xu Fan reprimanded.

Xu Gang’s complexion changed suddenly. He admitted that the master’s special training was very effective, but the process was worse than death.

The robbery cloud in the sky dissipated, and the sky was clear.

A Void Transmission Formation was quickly constructed and appeared in front of everyone thoughtfully.

The Hidden Spirit Island, in the underground space.

Avatar No. 1 is sighing, holding a defective product.

Seeing Xu Fan appearing, he said, “I thought you were going to achieve Great Firmament just now.”

“At that time, I thought, if you achieve Great Firmament, I would still practice. What are you doing to make this magic weapon?”

“But your choice is somewhat beyond my expectations, tell me what happened at that time.” Avatar No. 1 asked curiously.

I just thought that he was going to achieve Great Firmament with the main body, but I didn’t know he thought too much.

β€œThe realm is improving too fast. If you want to achieve Great Firmament, you need Supreme Indifference to become an emotionless Great Firmament Golden Immortal.” Xu Fan explained.

“It turns out that this is your choice, but it’s a pity.” Avatar No. 1 said with some regret.

“But it’s not without benefits, at least I know where the limit of cheat is.”

“Ai, if there is no cheat limit, I wouldn’t be so tired.”1 No. Avatar sighed.

“You think too much, if there are no restrictions, maybe I will go all the way, what do you want Avatar to do.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“You can’t say that, at least you need Avatar to do chores.”

“You’re sure that Avatar who beat him has rights.”

“Just like I have something like that now.” Avatar No. 1 retorted.

At this time, Xu Fan looked towards Avatar No. 1’s broken fairy accessories.

β€œThere is no need for rescue, just practice new ones.” Xu Fan said.

“It has to be recycled in reverse. One of the accessories, spirit ore, is very precious.”

Xu Fan looked at the accessories that were discarded.

“Why is it so troublesome?”

The fairy accessories slowly rose up, as if time went against the flow, and were decomposed into the primordial, the purest fairy spirit, spirit ore.

“Awesome! Quickly share the Dao insight with me, this is very useful.” Avatar No. 1 said excitedly.

“That’s necessary.”

A flash of aura was ejected into Avatar No. 1 by Xu Fan.

“Take your time to understand, this time is considered a vacation.” Xu Fan said and was about to leave.

Avatar No. 1 in the comprehend, suddenly opened his eyes.

β€œThis time cannot take my vacation time!” Avatar No. 1 said.


Xu Fan disappeared into the underground space.

The headquarters of the Elder Council, Small World where Wan Xingzhou is located.

As soon as Xu Fan entered Small World, he saw No. 2 Avatar playing games there wearing a helmet.

Feeling Xu Fan coming in, he took off his helmet.

“I knew you would come to me, tell me what happened just now.” Avatar No. 2 also said with interest.

“Great Firmament, choice, ruthlessness.” Xu Fan didn’t bother to say too much, so he spit out six words.

“so that’s how it is.” Avatar No. 2 said.

Although there are only six words, Avatar No. 2 is amazing and understands the entire process of development.

A flash of aura was ejected by Xu Fan and penetrated into the brow of Avatar No. 2.

“Hurry up and fix the Wan Xingzhou. I have important things to discuss with you when I go home.”

(End of this chapter)

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