My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 784

Chapter 784 Fourth Generation Disciple

Monster Realm In a Secret Realm, the black group is negotiating with the clan’s position Elder.

“The supreme leader of the Human Race personally communicated to the Great Sect forces and the Elder Council. Our iron-eating beasts sent a hundred clansman to the Yinling Sect, and also enjoyed the treatment of inner sect disciple. This matter I think it’s okay.” Hei Tuan said first, expressing his position.

“I always feel that this is the same as selling clansman in exchange for conditions, but this is proposed by the Supreme Human Race.” A gray and white iron-eating beast was a little tangled.

“There is very little information about the hidden Spirit Sect Great Elder in the Human Race cultivation world. At first, it was the Great Grandmaster, and it didn’t take long to suppress the strongest existences in the Monster Race. “

“Black group, how did you feel when you communicated with that Human Race Supreme.” asked the iron-eating beast Monster Venerable sitting on the main seat.

“Very cordial. He has an undisguised liking for our family, as if he has seen an old friend for many years, and if I offend a little, this Human Race Supreme doesn’t care.” Hei Tuan thought thought about it.

“And there is one more thing, the highest place to see me is in the small courtyard where he lives.”

“Judging from the strange expression on his Disciple, I It should be the first Monster Race to be welcomed into the small courtyard.” The black group said.

“The supreme condition can be granted, but there must be a Monster Venerable in my clan watching, but if the Spirit Sect has other plans for the clansman of our clan, even if he does his best, he will not be able to. Bring back the clansman.”

“We iron-eating beasts will never be slaves!” shouted the iron-eating beast, Monster Venerable, sitting on the main seat.

“Never be a slave!!”

“Black group, you will lead the team this time, select some clansman who have just been weaned and have not yet cultivated to hide in the Spirit Sect.” The iron beast Monster Venerable said.

“The black regiment leads the order.”

It’s a new day, and on the small island where the Demon Ministry is located, the Rabbit clan with low cultivation bases began to get busy.

All dishes and rabbits are concentrated in a small square.

Each little bunny has a small book in hand.

“The interests of the sect are above all else!”

“I would like to give to the sect! I would like to give to the Great Elder!”

“Sweep everything for the sect Enemy!”

“Plant one more spiritual medicine, one less child, and the sect will be stronger in the future!”

All the little bunny’s expressions were solemn and holy, and they faced each other. The statue of Xu Fan in the center of the square seems to be looking towards Heavenly Father.

Gradually, all the little bunny protruded a spiritual line containing Power of Faith from the top of their heads, and slowly converged towards the statue in the center of the square.

Thick or thin, dark or light in color.

After their homework in the morning, all the cabbage rabbits had the most delicious breakfast.

One spiritual grass, one carrot and random Spirit Fruit.

This is their Lord Pangolin, who specially sought welfare for their Cailing Rabbit family after reforming.

So in the hearts of all Cailing rabbits, Great Elder is the first, Pangolin is the second, and Yuguang Monster Venerable is the third.

After eating the perfect breakfast, all the vegetable rabbits rushed to their posts full of energy.

Opening up a spirit field, cropping spirit medicine, and maintaining special spirit medicine.

After Pangolin took charge of the Demon Department, the efficiency of the entire Demon Department increased by at least 30%.

Now the demons are starting to compete with the Outer Sect Disciple.

This is a headache for those Elders in the outer sect.

At this time, a group of special Disciples came to Yinling Island.

Xu Fan and Qiu Ziyuan greeted him personally.

Xu Fan couldn’t help liking the chubby little iron-eating beasts that had just been weaned on the ground.

A moment to hug this and a moment to hug that.

After Xu Fan was hooked, he raised his head and said to the black group leading the team.

β€œThese are the fourth-generation Disciples of the Spirit Sect. For the physical and mental health of the Disciples, can they take over their families.”

β€œRelax, not forever. Hidden Spirit Sect, as long as these Disciple cultivation bases reach the Golden Core Realm, they can go back.” Xu Fan said while holding the cutest iron-eating beast.

“I will not restrict the freedom of these Disciples even though Spirit Sect. You can go home and have a look at any time.”

Xu Fan promised generous conditions, just to make these Disciples The little cutie has a healthy and good living environment.

The black group thought about it, nodded.

But now he doesn’t understand a little, why is this Human Race supreme, why they are so rare in their iron-eating beasts.

“Then it’s settled.”

“Siyuan, the fourth-generation Disciple of the Hidden Spirit Sect is officially recruited.”

“Give me your past. The list and these iron-eating beasts are entered into the database.” Xu Fan instructed.

“Yes, Great Elder.” Although Qiu Ziyuan was strange, he didn’t think much about it.

In this way, one hundred newly weaned iron-eating beasts became the fourth generation Disciple of the hidden Spirit Sect.

For this reason, the immigrants also set aside a special area to plant the spiritual bamboo, which is the highest in the cultivation world.

Xu Fan’s various favored behaviors made sect’s disciple slightly jealous.

Especially the Yaobu, after learning that Monster Race has become the fourth generation Disciple, drooled with envy.

I have been applying with Pangolin to let sect open the channel for promotion to Inner Sect.

Pangolin slapped back such an application.

“The promotion channel of sect Outer Sect Disciple has not been opened yet. You still want to be promoted to inner sect disciple, and you want to eat shit.”

In Xu Fan’s small courtyard, he is Holding a small iron beast, like coaxing a child.

“You will be my honorary disciple from now on~”

Little Food Iron Beast didn’t know what Xu Fan was talking about, and kept arguing over Xu Fan.

He felt that Xu Fan had a particularly good smell.

Xu Fan took out an emerald green Baiguoling Bamboo and handed it to the small food iron beast in his arms.

“Congratulations to Master for fulfilling his original wish.” Xu Yuexian said enviously looking at the small food iron beast in Xu Fan’s arms.

She had never been treated like this before.

Xu Fan happily nodded.

“Master, recently, I have a lot of insight into Dao, and a cultivation technique popped up in my mind. I feel that this cultivation technique can quickly reach the state of Golden Immortal.” Xu Yuexian said.

“Fast, how fast?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

β€œIt will be the Golden Immortal Realm in 50,000 years,” Xu Yuexian said.

“Can you be sure of the achievement of Great Firmament, or above the Great Firmament?” Xu Fan asked directly.

β€œIt’s the limit to achieve Great Firmament.” Xu Yuexian said after a while.

“It doesn’t matter if this cultivation technique doesn’t cultivate, just follow as a teacher, and you will be able to go wherever you go.”

The plain tone is full of strong confidence.

The cultivation technique Five Elements Art he founded has been magically changed to the Golden Immortal level by him. As long as the cultivation is done step by step, even if the aptitude is dull, he can also make the cultivation to the corresponding realm.

“Understood, master.” Xu Yuexian said nonchalantly.

“On the 1st of next month, Pang Fu will go to Nanshanjie. If you want to go, you can take the same Transmission Formation with him.” Xu Fan said.

Xu Yuexian’s eyes lit up, if it weren’t for the high cost of teleportation, she would have gone to Nanshan Realm long ago.

(End of this chapter)

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