My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 790

Chapter 790 Star Domain

“It’s my limit to get you two out, get out another one, I’m not afraid that my Divine Soul will weaken, all three of you will be finished .” Xu Fan gave two Avatars a blank look.

“Slowly refine, get a nine-hundred-year refining plan, and hand over Yinling Island to you, I can rest assured.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Xu Fan left after speaking.

In the hidden treasure house of Spirit Sect, Grape is arranging puppets and taking out all the unused fairy artifacts.

“I always feel that there are many immortal artifacts in the protection of the sect, but it’s really not many to find a few that are useless.” Xu Fan said, looking at the six immortal artifacts placed in front of him.

Xu Fan called the top of the sect to his side.

“I’m going to travel a long way recently, which can be as short as three years or as long as more than ten years.” Xu Fan said.

“Great Elder, are you really going to go out this time?” Zhan Ling asked.

“The real body will stay in the sect, and my consciousness will go out with Avatar.” Xu Fan said.

How could someone as cautious as him actually go out? At most, he would send a relatively powerful Avatar.

“…” Everyone

You really don’t go out, what’s the difference between this and your seclusion?

“Master, can I go with you.” Zhou Kailing said expectantly.

“It’s not impossible, I’ll take a batch of Disciples when I go out this time, so I can gain a lot of knowledge.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

Everyone was overjoyed after hearing about it, and they all signed up to follow Xu Fan out.

“Go half and keep half, you will decide by drawing lots.” Xu Fan waved his hand, and there were a few more light groups in the sky.

“Follow me when you grab the words, and stay in the sect when you grab the words.”

“By the way, Xing Ci, do you want to take your family out with you? Take a trip, and after four years, I will also be convenient to accompany you to the world of reincarnation.” Xu Fan said, the conversion between long-distance consciousness is quite laborious.

“Tian’er and I will follow the master, Chufan should stay in the sect, and it’s a critical moment for Integration Realm recently.” Li Xingci thought for a while and said.

Xu Fan nods.

Then the whole sect began to draw lots to choose Disciple to follow Xu Fan to Star Domain.

At this time, the Tianji turtle, which was originally uninterested, instantly became popular.

Some Disciples hold Top Grade for Spirit Pill, some Disciple hold Top Grade Five Elements Essence spiritual liquid, and some Disciple hold Holy Bone Wine.

Just ask Tianji Turtle to add a lucky buff to them.

Tianji Tortoise looked at the gifts piled up in front of him, took a jar of holy ancient wine, spit out a four-colored bubble, and fell on the head of the holy bone wine’s owner.

“Thousands of soldiers, I’ve always regarded you as my brother, and you didn’t even tell me that you had a jar of holy bone wine.” Wan Bing, mentioned in midair.

Xiong Li had a grim expression on his face. He used to have a jar of holy bone wine, but he gave half of it to the tens of thousands of soldiers.

“Eldest Senior Brother, I just got this altar of holy bone wine. It is reasonable to exchange it for the opportunity to go out with the Great Elder.” Qian Bing explained forcefully.

“This explanation is not enough~” Xiong Li shook his head and said, the strength in his hands began to gradually increase.

β€œEldest Senior Brother Xiong Li, I actually prepared 10 altars of holy bone wine for you, as a gift for you when you become Great Ascension Venerable.”

β€œ This is not a rare opportunity to go out with the Great Elder, so I will use one jar first.” Ten thousand soldiers said sincerely.

Xiong Li looked at Wan Bing’s sincere eyes and chose to believe him again.

“Come on, it’s better to catch up early than to catch up. According to the information from the grapes, this time you go out for at least three or four years, and give me the other nine jars of holy bone wine in advance.” Xiong Li lightly released the thousands of soldiers. Come down and look at the thousands of soldiers with a faint smile.

As long as this guy can’t get the nine jars of holy bone wine, he’ll be finished today.

I don’t know that thousands of soldiers really took out the nine jars of holy bone wine.

“You don’t own these holy bone wine alone, right?” Xiong Li asked with a frown.

The Holy Bone Wine in the sect cannot be exchanged for points, and can only be obtained by completing specific tasks.

But Xiong Li often couldn’t grab those tasks himself, and he also felt that someone was deliberately targeting him in this regard.

As soon as the quest that rewards the Holy Bone Wine appears, it will be immediately snatched away by others.

β€œThis is the heart of our generation of Disciples. The promotion of Eldest Senior Brother to Great Ascension Venerable is the most important thing for our entire generation of Disciples.” said Wan Bing.

“You contributed a few jars of holy bone wine.” Xiong Li asked.

“I originally planned to contribute two altars, this is not just another altar.” Thousands of soldiers whispered.

A pair of big hands fell on his shoulders again.

In the end, the entire Hidden Spirit Sect drew 200 Disciples to follow Xu Fan to Star Domain.

Elder Council headquarters, Wan Xingzhou restored to its original state.

Slightly larger than the average star boat, with a thick head and tail like a big whale.

“Great Elder, why don’t you bring more Disciples.” Ming Kong asked while looking at the 200 Disciples behind Xu Fan.

The entire Wanxingzhou can accommodate tens of thousands of people and bring in thousands of people, and the place is still rich.

“200 Disciples are enough, and taking more photos will look troublesome.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Then the Great Elder and your Disciple are in the Tianzi District, please forgive me if the reception is not good.” Mingkong said politely.

“Mingkong Elder, don’t be so polite.”

Then Mingkong personally sent Xu Fan and the 200 Disciples he brought to the Tianzi area.

Tianzi District is the most luxurious Small World in the entire Wanxingzhou.

Pill concocting, refining, cultivation Divine Ability, comprehend Taoism, all the Heaven-class areas Xu Fan can think of are available.

Various wonders and fairy tales are even more dazzling. Even the rare beasts seen in the cultivation world have four or five here.

Xu Fan watched a colorful butterfly dancing lightly and gracefully on his head.

“People who lived here before must not be simple, right?” Xu Fan asked in a message.

“This is the place where Shang Zun lived in the past, and now only the Great Elder is qualified to live in the entire cultivation world.”

Xu Fan looked at Mingkong’s reply, nodded with satisfaction .

Xu Fan felt the respect of the Elder Council for him.

Wan Xingzhou took off, and after a few Space Jumps directly in the cultivation world, it appeared outside the cultivation world.

At this time, in the Small World where Xu Fan is located, the sky has been synchronized to the scenery outside the Wanxingzhou.

I saw all Disciples staring blankly towards the sky.

“I have never seen such a bright Star River.” Ten thousand soldiers murmured while looking at the sky.

“I really want to go outside Wanxingzhou and feel the vastness of the Star Domain.” Lei Wenxi said madly.

There are many Disciples with this idea.

“Don’t court death, Star Domain is the realm of Extreme Cold, there is no Great Ascension Venerable strength, once exposed to Star Domain, Divine Soul will be frozen directly.”

“The kind that I can’t save~”

Xu Fan’s voice sounded above Small World.

“Follow the orders of the Great Elder.” All Disciples woke up.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly looked towards a certain point in the sky.

In the main control room of Wan Xingzhou, Ming Kong is manipulating various control arrays to adjust the direction of Wan Xingzhou.

The New Year is finally over, and life is back on track.

In the future, we should concentrate on the code and make more updates~~

(end of this chapter)

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