My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 793

Chapter 793 The Power of the Ancient Cang Realm

Xu Fanability powers the Xingzhou, teleports directly to the cannonball bay of Wan, and seals the fusion power of the Holy Sun with a wave of hands On 10 spiritual power shells.

The cultivator, who was already waiting there, quickly filled these sealed spiritual power missiles.

“Mingkong Elder, you can rest assured Space Jump, the space barrier they set up is invalid for Wan Xingzhou.” Xu Fan said and took out a space cube.

He found it useful when he left, so he took one with him.

“many thanks to the Great Elder for assistance.”

“Old friend, I’m not in the mood to play hide-and-seek with you this time, goodbye~” The power missile was sent to the vicinity of the giant bird Yuzhou.

After doing all this, Wan Xingzhou ignored the space barrier and directly broke through the space and left.

At this time, on the giant bird Yuzhou, an alien True Immortal looked at the spiritual power cannonball with a flash of disdain in his eyes.

Although I was surprised that Wan Xingzhou could break through the space and escape, but there were two other Yuzhou locked and followed, and this Wan Xingzhou could not escape.

The giant bird Yuzhou shoots a shell of spiritual power, trying to detonate Wan Xingzhou’s shell in the air.

“Looking at that Yuzhou looks familiar, have you met before?” The alien True Immortal said looking at the direction Wan Xingzhou fled.

At this moment, a strange wave came.

The eyes of the alien True Immortal were first reflected in a fire, and then the entire giant bird Yuzhou was enveloped by the power of fusion.

“Not good!!!”

The alien True Immortal wanted to teleport away from the giant bird Yuzhou, but it was too late.

The entire giant bird, Yuzhou, was like a paper boat in the fire in front of the fusion power of holy sun, moon and yin, and was instantly dissolved.

On the Wanxingzhou, Xu Fan felt the formidable power of the explosion and couldn’t help but feel satisfied.

“Although you can’t kill the True Immortal on the star thief Yuzhou, it’s not a problem to destroy the Yuzhou.”

“Even if you don’t kill the True Immortal on Yuzhou, Exposed in the Star Domain, there is no other Yuzhou to rescue, at least you have to wander in the Star Domain for thousands of years, if you are unlucky, you will be finished when you encounter a star beast.” Mingkong said with a smile.

“Why didn’t the other two star thieves follow?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“Seeing that the situation is not good, I ran away.”

“These star thieves are the most cautious.”

After meeting with the old friend, Ming Ming Sora’s whole person was excited, as if a great revenge had to be revenge.

“Unfortunately, I’m still thinking about going to meet True Immortal at a meeting after there is one Yuzhou left.”

Xu Fan has some regrets, but he realized it in Star Domain All roads do not have a suitable target experiment.

“This is easy to say~” Mingkong said excitedly.

Immediately, Wan Xingzhou reversed direction and began to accelerate with full force, rushing in one direction.

Vaguely, Xu Fan also heard the roar of Wan Xingzhou’s psionic core.

It’s like the sound of an engine running to its limits.

“They must have fled in all directions. We only need to follow the fluctuations left by the jump of a spaceship Spatial Teleportation, and we can catch up.” Mingkong’s eyes were fixed on the manipulation of the spiritual array, and he controlled the spiritual array. His hands were about to dance with afterimages.

Wan Xingzhou is accelerating, and the psionic core is roaring.

“I think you’re a little excited~” Xu Fan said, looking at Mingkong’s expression.

“It’s a big revenge. Every time I come to the Ancient Cang Realm, I’ll be chased by the giant bird Yuzhou for a long time, like a stray dog.”

“It’s better to be by your side. When I’m not there, I feel that my life will be destroyed at any time.”

“Now the Great Elder wants to destroy the other two Yuzhou, of course Mingkong can’t ask for it.” Mingkong said.

Xu Fan is nodded indifferently, there is only True Immortal that allows him to test his understanding.

As Wan Xingzhou accelerated with all its strength, he gradually felt the huge fluctuations left by one of the space jumps.

As Wan Xingzhou made another Space Jump, Xu Fan saw the Yuzhou.

It is directly a standard black oval, one size smaller than Wan Xingzhou.

Xu Fan took out the space Rubik’s Cube and ran the magic trick directly to seal the space in this area.

“Follow that Yuzhou, I’ll go back when I go.” Xu Fan said, stepping out and disappearing into the main control room.

At this time, on the black oval Yuzhou.

An alien quasi-immortal looked at Wan Xingzhou chasing behind with some despair.

A silhouette quietly appeared in the main control room.

Xu Fan looked at the alien quasi-immortal with some disappointment.

In his eyes, this alien quasi-immortal is not as good as the Golden-Winged Great Peng Avatar that came to the Nether.

“It doesn’t make much sense.” Xu Fan controlled the quasi-immortal with a wave of his hand.

“pay respects to Master ~” said the alien quasi-immortal salute.

Xu Fan nods and points into the brows of the alien quasi-immortal.

The life experiences of the alien quasi-immortal formed a picture that rotated in front of Xu Fan’s eyes.

Alien quasi-immortals were born in an Intermediate Thousand Worlds without ascension channels.

His extraordinary natural talent quickly became the focus of training in the family.

5000 years to achieve the Great Ascension Realm, and then has been guarding the clan for thousands of years.

Until 2000 years before the deadline, I spent a huge price to get a starship with a few friends, left this world, and looked for the legendary Immortal World.

Fortunately, it has been flying in the Star Domain for more than a thousand years, and then was hijacked by the giant bird Yuzhou that was just blown up.

Was incorporated and became a quasi-immortal in the Star Domain, until now I met Xu Fan.

“Go back according to this coordinate and wait outside Flying Feather Realm.” Xu Fan instructed.

“As you order, master.”

The alien quasi-immortal turned the ark and flew towards the Flying Feather Realm.

Xu Fan also returned to Wanxingzhou.

“Great Elder, what’s going on over there.” The battle that Mingkong had expected did not happen.

“The leader is an alien quasi-immortal who has been controlled by me.” Xu Fan said with some disappointment.

“At that time Yuzhou?”

“I have already sent it back, waiting outside Flying Feather Realm.” Xu Fan said.

Mingkong nodded, and began to turn the Wanxingzhou to fly to the ancient blue world.

β€œAncient Cangjie is a trading center where eleven Intermediate Thousand Worlds have been identified, among which there are Intermediate Thousand Worlds as powerful as Nanshanjie.”

β€œThe main The trading currency is immortal jade, immortal artifact, and Dao Item next.”

β€œBecause the ancient Cangjie is relatively close to the immortal world, from time to time there will be merchants from the immortal world coming to Taobao, if good luck can find it A lot of treasures.”

As he got closer to the Ancient Cang Realm, Ming Kong also began to introduce Xu Fan in detail.

“Is it the Chamber of Commerce from Muyuan Realm?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

Clear empty nodded.

“There are some things in Immortal World that are not available and need to be found in the Intermediate Thousand Worlds, so this is also a fixed trading location for them, but the time interval is a bit long.” Mingkong said.

“How is the strength of the ancient Cangjie?” Xu Fan asked again, and he must not be weak to become a trading center.

“I don’t know that. I’ve never seen anyone make trouble in the Ancient Cang Realm.”

(End of this chapter)

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