My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 796

Chapter 796 Half-crippled True Immortal puppet

“Fellow Daoist’s spaceship is too slow, why don’t I let the fairy ship send you back.” black robe cultivator said with a smile, use a look Looking at Xu Fan with a rare treasure look.

“No, don’t bother senior’s fairy ship.” Xu Fan said politely.

No matter how stupid he is, he will not reveal his world location to a True Immortal at will.

“Then I’ll be here waiting for Fellow Daoist to come back.”

The black robe cultivator has a hint of reluctance in his eyes, although he has not been in contact with Xu Fan for a long time.

But he understands that once these spells are sent to Xu Fan, then his future career is likely to be on Xu Fan.

According to the experience summed up by countless seniors of the Chamber of Commerce, if you can get to know a few monstruous talent geniuses like Xu Fan, the road to promotion in the future will not be too smooth.

A crystal clear Spirit Bead appears in the hands of the black robe cultivator.

“This is the Spirit Bead, the communication of the Great Thousand Worlds of Muyuan. Fellow Daoist will ascend to the Immortal Realm in the future. You can find me at any time if you need it,” said the black robe cultivator.

“Dare to ask the senior’s name.” Xu Fan asked.

“Fellow Daoist just call me Black Scale.” black robe cultivator said with a smile.

Xu Fan nodded and left the giant hall with Mingkong in a daze.

A space ring floats in front of Xu Fan.

“There are 5,000 immortal jades in the ring, so it’s a deposit.” Blackscale’s voice came.

Xu Fan nods and leaves with an extremely envious Mingkong.

It is the busiest street again, and Xu Fan Mingkong is wandering around the stores of the Chamber of Commerce.

“Great Elder, so you are still the Great Grandmaster of the spell.” Mingkong exclaimed.

β€œInnate talent is just a little better.” Xu Fan laughed.

In Flying Feather Realm, although there are spells, they belong to the unorthodox way and have not been carried forward.

“The Great Elder is too humble,” Mingkong said.

He worked so hard and took the essence accumulated by the Elder Council over the past thousand years to exchange for such immortal jade.

And Xu Fan, relying on the avenue under his control, easily took an order of hundreds of thousands of immortal jade.

Just when the two came to the next chamber of commerce, Xu Fan suddenly looked towards a broken puppet.

“Seller, how do you sell this puppet.” Xu Fan asked.

With his eyesight, this is ok, obviously based on the puppet that surpassed the Great Ascension Realm battle strength, the half-exposed puppet core revealed a part of the Immortal Spirit array, Xu Fan deduced that this puppet Peak at least had The battle strength of True Immortal.

Now that we can pick it up, Xu Fan thought to himself.

A half-crippled puppet, even if it had True Immortal battle strength in the Peak period, would not be able to sell much immortal jade.

The shopkeeper just glanced at the puppet.

“True Immortal battle strength is broken puppet, ten thousand immortal jade.” The store said with a professional smile.


It’s good to pick up the leak, and it’s worth it to be broken.

“Seller, you sell 10,000 immortal jade for this half-crippled puppet, which is a bit too much.”

“I think 50 immortal jade is the most suitable.” Mingkong said first. .

“This puppet is being sold here on consignment. The price of 10,000 immortal jade is the same, so you can buy it.”

“If you don’t buy it, you can look at others, there are still others in the store. Great Ascension Realm puppet, buy 11 and get a secret technique battle array, which is invincible Venerable.” The store said with a smile.

“Elder Mingkong, let’s go.” Xu Fan took a deep look at the half-crippled puppet.

“Great Elder, do you want it? If you want it, let’s put together 10,000 immortal jade.” Ming Kong said, looking at Xu Fan’s eyes.

Hearing Mingkong’s words, the shopkeeper’s eyes flashed with joy.

“No.” Xu Fan shook the head, he just wanted to learn from it, if you need so much immortal jade, it’s not necessary.

Mingkong nodded, followed Xu Fan to other stores.

At this moment, the voice of the shopkeeper came from behind the two of them.

“Two Fellow Daoists, the consignor has lowered the price, and now only 5000immortal jade is needed.” products sold to customers.

The two looked at each other and continued to walk forward without looking back.

Seeing that the two were about to go far, the store began to worry.

“The price has been reduced again. The consignment person needs 2000 immortal jade. This is the result of my efforts to communicate with that person.” The store roared again.

The shopkeepers next to them all walked out of the store laughter, as if enjoying a good show.

The two did not look back and continued to walk forward.

The store owner was in a hurry and ran over to stop the two.

“The two Fellow Daoists, since you have the heart to offer a price!”

“I’m going to communicate, and I also see that the two Fellow Daoists really like that puppet.” The store’s tone was sincere said.

And the shopkeepers who watched the monkey show next to each other showed meaningful smiles.

Xu Fan looked back at the store.

“I said the number, one hundred immortal jade ~” Xu Fan gave a price in mind.

“Sell!” The store owner said affirmatively.

The guy in the store picked up the half-crippled puppet and ran towards the two of them.

Yes, give it high.

Xu Fan can tell from the look on the store owner’s face that he may not feel bad, but the store definitely has something to gain.

Without thinking too much, Xu Fan took out a hundred immortal jade and handed it to the store owner, taking away the half-crippled puppet.

“Two Fellow Daoists, welcome next time~” the store said with a smile.

Xu Fan looked at each other and looked at the head, turned around and walked into a Spirit Pill store.

The store owner laughed back to his storefront, took out another half-crippled puppet, and put it in its original position.

“Shopkeeper, you can take everything in this move, you really admire the little one.” The guy complimented in front of the store.

“What’s this, next time someone asks you to play along, we only caught three big fish during this time, so we have to work hard!” The shop owner said proudly.

In the Spirit Pill store, the shopkeeper laughed and said to the two of them: “The two Fellow Daoists, you have been pitted by Lao Liu.”

“The half-crippled puppet of True Immortal Is it fake?” Xu Fan felt that his eyesight would not be so bad.

“Of course not, that puppet is expensive for you~”

“The Chamber of Commerce that Lao Liu belongs to found a battlefield ruin in the Star Domain, all of which are dilapidated. Puppet.”

“I used to sell only 50 immortal jade a piece. Later, I don’t know who gave him this method, and I sold one.”

“I can catch one from time to time. Big fish,” explained shopkeeper.

“One hundred immortal jade is one hundred immortal jade, and it’s not a loss anyway.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Buying and selling things, the price is all based on ability. If you buy something expensive, you can only have bad eyesight. As long as the things are not fake, you can’t blame others.

At this moment, the two heard the voice of the shopkeeper again.

“Fellow Daoist, the consignment person has reduced the price, only 2000immortal jade.”

The tone is sincere, as if the customer will suffer a big loss if they don’t buy it.

Xu Fan and Mingkong looked towards the outside of the store.

I saw a naive young man who turned his head smugly.

“This is half a big fish~” shopkeeper said with a smile, with a hint of envy in his tone.

(End of this chapter)

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