My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 798

Chapter 798 This kind of ruthless is best not to offend

“Little Junior Brother, did you go to the Chamber of Commerce headquarters to change things?” Li Xingci asked.

“Yes, didn’t expect the Chamber of Commerce to receive Divine Ability Art inheritance, so I bought a little.”

“didn’t expect to have a thousand immortal jade So much.” Zhou Kailing said excitedly.

“One thousand immortal jade, what Divine Ability did you sell?” Li Xingci asked curiously.

“Immortal Palace feast, you may not believe it, when I brought out this Immortal Palace feast, True Immortal was shocked.”

“True Immortal read me Immortal Palace created the feast of Divine Ability, and I was directly shocked.”

“I offered a high price of 1,000 immortal jade on the spot to buy my Divine Ability.” Zhou Kailing said excitedly.

“Have you told the master about selling Divine Ability?” Li Xingci asked.

“I told the master, and the master told me that everything must be left behind, and don’t sell your cards.” Zhou Kailing said with a smile.

“By the way, the spells I have researched have also sold a lot, but the immortal jade from the Chunhua Chamber of Commerce is very small.”

“Your spells are only average, just let them go. A spell master comprehends your Divine Ability and can refine it.”

“Of course it’s cheap,” Li Xingci said.

At this time, he suddenly became interested and wanted to go to the giant hall to take a look.

Thinking about what you have to sell?

“Tian’er, come with me to the trading hall of Chunhua Chamber of Commerce, maybe my husband can eat with talent.” Li Xingci said with a smile.

“Okay~” Su Rantian nodded.

“Yes, you go shopping by yourself first, and Senior Brother will find you later.” Li Xingci said to Zhou Kailinling.

“Good senior.”

In the giant hall, Li Xingci and Su Rantian were warmly received.

“Immortal Treasure is available for two Fellow Daoists.” The woman’s voice was soft and sweet, which could easily arouse the desire to protect others.

“I want to appraise it and see how much immortal jade is worth.”

Li Xingci has a Resurrection Lily condensed by the law of reincarnation.

Resurrection Lily contains the Divine Ability of a dream in life.

It was the one that Wang Xiangchi used at first.

“Samsara Power, Fellow Daoist, please wait a moment, I will ask a professional cultivator to come over for appraisal.” The woman stood up and said respectfully, and then a Transmission Formation appeared.

A woman in a purple dress stepped out of the Transmission Formation and took over as the host.

“The reincarnation one that Fellow Daoist cultivated must have expert guidance, otherwise Samsara Power would be impossible to be so pure.”

The woman in the purple dress looked at the Resurrection Lily said in amazement.

She also majored in Reincarnation, but after becoming a quasi-immortal, she was transformed from Nightmare, which is considered a small path.

“This Resurrection Lily carries the Divine Ability of my life and dreams, and with the corresponding secret art, it can enable cultivators to experience another life.” Li Xingci introduced.

“The Divine Ability contained in the Resurrection Lily, Fellow Daoist, can only be used against the invincible Venerable at the most. It contains pure Samsara Power, and the user has no spiritual hidden danger.”

“In terms of its value, it’s not too high, but it can be purchased as a magical thing. One Resurrection Lily and five immortal jade, up to 100.” The woman in the purple dress said with a smile.

After hearing the price, Li Xingci was a little disappointed, but it was expected.

I have five hundred immortal jade in my heart, and I can buy another fairy dress for my daughter-in-law.

After confirming the order, the two walked out of the giant hall.

“Tian’er, it takes half a month to gather 100 Resurrection Lily. If I want to buy that dress, I have to hurry now.” Li Xingci said.

“Don’t worry, just walk around for a while and then talk about it.” Su Rantian said with a smile, looking at Li Xingchi’s eyes, his eyes were full of love.


For some reason, a sense of accomplishment suddenly rose in Li Xingci’s heart.

It wasn’t until then that he realized that he hadn’t bought anything for Su Rantian for a long time.

At this time, Zhou Kailing was walking on the street alone.

He rejected many hidden Spirit Sect Disciples who wanted to accompany him.

Zhou Kailing holds a thousand immortal jade in his hand, thinking in his heart, this is immortal jade earned by his own ability, so he wants to use this 1000 immortal jade to buy something and honor his master.

“Master, what does the old man like?” Zhou Kailing said thoughtfully.

It seems that my master lacks everything, and immortal jade seems to be unable to solve the lack of things.

While Zhou Kailing was walking and thinking, a pair of flourishing jade hands grabbed Zhou Kailing.

“This handsome little cultivator, I see that you have been walking on this street for a long time, do you want to come in and relax~” The voice was charming and charming, as if there were more feathers swept on the tip of my heart .

Zhou Kailing is no longer the ignorant little cultivator he used to be, and he knows what he is doing by listening to the sound.

Turning her head, she was indeed a charming looking woman with a pitiful and innocent look in her eyes.

“Girl, my master said that you can’t go to this kind of place outside.” Zhou Kailing said naively.

A pair of jade hands directly touched Zhou Kailing’s chest, making people feel that these jade hands would go straight down to the point of life.

Just then, a stench came.

The woman felt that she stepped on something soft and warm.

“Girl, I advise you to go back and change your shoes. You seem to have stepped on shit.” Zhou Kailing said, pointing to the indescribable object under his feet.

“Ah!!” The woman cried out not knowing what to do when she was determining what the object she stepped on was.

And then ran towards a pink shop next to it.

β€œFellow Daoist wait for me.”

Looking at the woman’s back, Zhou Kailing laughed.

He has been very effective in rejecting this temptation.

“Qianmei Shuhun, this name is a bit vulgar.” Zhou Kailing shook the head and continued to wander the street.

He didn’t know that his every move fell into the eyes of a True Immortal who guarded the commercial street.

“Forget it, this little thing won’t offend this ruthless.” True Immortal shook his head.

The public information of Chunhua Chamber of Commerce is shared, so after True Immortal retrieved Zhou Kailing’s information, it can be regarded as a long experience.

In the Wanxingzhou, Xu Fan began to condense the Yin Power spell of the Holy Sun Moon.

I saw that the sky above the celestial area was divided into black and white, and the huge holy sun moon Yin Power was condensed in the sky.

Behind Xu Fan is a virtual image of a thousand hands, a thousand hands, bowing left and right, and volleying picture talisman at the same time.

When each spell is formed, in the sky will fall, and the same amount of Yin Power of the Holy Sun Moon will be condensed in it.

“Fortunately, I didn’t give up the deduction of the Divine Ability of the Thousand-hand Virtual Image, but now it has come in handy.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Mingkong’s eyes beside Xu Fan have turned into the color of immortal jade.

At first he thought he would not be lost self-control by some Spirit Stone immortal jade after reaching his realm.

But now he understands, not not, but not enough.

“One time, thousands of spells, thirty immortal jade for one spell, 30,000 immortal jade for 1,000 pieces.”

“In just one hour, the Great Elder has painted 3000 copies.”

Mingkong was paralyzed.

(End of this chapter)

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