My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 800

Chapter 800 Combat

Looking at the half-crippled True Immortal puppet in the hands of the disciple, Xu Fan finally sighed.

From a normal point of view, the price of a True Immortal puppet with a half-defunct core and complete core is normal, if he doesn’t buy it.

Xu Fan waved his hand and put the puppet into the space ring.

“Kailing, you have a heart.” Xu Fan nodded.

“many thanks master, these are what the discipline should do.” Zhou Kailing said with a smile, the happiest thing in life is to be praised by the master.

“Grape, install an anti-fraud assistant on Kailing in the future.” Xu Fan said in his heart.

“Understanding the master, there will be a trace of the source Avatar attached to Zhou Kailing in the future.” Grape responded.

“Disciple is stupid, you need to worry more.” Xu Fan said.

“Elder Mingkong, let’s go to the Ancient Cang Realm now. Those Disciples who didn’t come, just drop by when we leave.” Xu Fan watched the play beside him. Mingkong said.

The pit is a pit, but a piece of filial piety from the discipline cannot be rejected.

“Okay, Great Elder, we’re going to the Ancient Cang Realm now.” Mingkong nodded.

Wan Xingzhou set off from outside the Louzhou barrier and flew towards the Ancient Cang Realm.

Zhou Kailing looked at the silent expression of the master and asked worriedly: “Master, I see that you have a lot of worries, if there is anything that Disciple can help you solve.”

“Also It’s not a major event, the master was pitted for 900 immortal jade by a chamber of commerce in the building, and now I’m trying to get it back.” Xu Fan looked at the worried Zhou Kailing said with a smile.

“Isn’t it just nine hundred immortal jades, I’ll be able to get enough after the disc sells some Divine Ability. I hope the master won’t be sad because of this.” Zhou Kailing said.

“You are a good child.” Xu Fan looked at Zhou Kailing and said.

At this time, Xu Fan suddenly saw a long object like a giant dragon swimming in the far distance of the sky.

Judging the distance between the two according to the stars, this star beast like a giant dragon is no smaller than the golden stone spirit that I just met at Star Domain.

“The star beast Azure Dragon, it is said that it will pass through the ancient Cangjie once every 10,000 years. According to the records, as long as it does not take the initiative to attack, it will be fine.” Mingkong’s voice sounded in the Tianzi area.

“It’s good luck, the first time you come to Star Domain, you can encounter this kind of wonder.” Xu Fan looked at Azure Dragon in the distance and said with a smile.

I don’t know if this product is considered Dragon Clan. If I have the strength in the future, should I liquidate it together?

“Is this star beast Azure Dragon a Dragon Clan?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“It should be counted. It is said that this star beast, Azure Dragon, was hatched by an Intermediate Thousand Worlds Heavenly Dao Will owned by a Dragon Clan.”

“After hatching, Escaped that world with Heavenly Dao Will.” Mingkong said.

“It’s barely.” Xu Fan touched the chin and looked at the star beast Azure Dragon in the distance.

I thought to myself, in the future, if the sect is to become its own world, it must be very good to load the sect on the star beast Azure Dragon.

As Wan Xingzhou gets closer and closer to the ancient blue world, the silhouette of the Azure Dragon star beast is getting bigger and bigger.

In the Star Domain, I saw an Azure Dragon star beast that is not many thousands of miles long, wandering in the Star Domain at a very slow speed.

After getting closer, I found that there are thousands of light spots on the Azure Dragon.

Xu Fan turned his eyes to look, and found that every light point represented a giant city.

That spot of light was the shield aura above the giant city.

“There is actually a giant city above it, as expected of the Star Domain, of course it’s peculiar.” Xu Fan said, looking at the giant city under the aura of the shield.

At this time, Xu Fan received a message about all the information about Cangjie Starry Sky.

“Star beast vagabonds, interesting.”

“The strong will trade, the weak will snatch.”

“A giant city has at least one invincible Venerable guarding it, The strongest is True Immortal.” Xu Fan said, looking at the brightest spots on the star beast Azure Dragon.

“It’s too coincidental that the once-in-a-million-year star beast Azure Dragon met with the Fairy World Chamber of Commerce who came randomly.”

“Is there any relationship between the two? ”

One is in the Tianzi area, the other is in the main control room, and the two are chatting away from each other.

“Who knows, maybe that Chunhua Chamber of Commerce wants to take advantage of the star beast Azure Dragon to swim across the ancient world to trade.” Xu Fan pondered.

“Great Elder, do you think the Chamber of Commerce wants to conquer this star beast Azure Dragon.” Mingkong said.

“Anything is possible, if you come to Star Domain often, don’t ask me this newbie.” Xu Fan laughed and said.

At this moment, a fairy ship slightly smaller than the building boat flew towards the star beast Azure Dragon.

“Looking at the aggressive appearance of this fairy ship, it should be looking for something in the past.” Xu Fan said with a smile, looking like he was watching a good show.

At this moment, the star beast Azure Dragon burst out with a little aura, which is the fluctuation of the battle.

Xu Fan waved his hand, and a giant light curtain appeared in midair.

I saw two forces fighting in the light curtain.

One side is wearing the uniform of Chunhua Chamber of Commerce, and the other side is uniformly wearing black robes.

In this battle, both sides invested at least a thousand Venerables, more than 100 quasi cents, and more than 10 True Immortals.

As the battle fluctuated more and more violently, Mingkong controlled Wan Xingzhou to stop in place, opened the protective spiritual formation, and began to concentrate on watching the fun.

Xu Fan and a group of Disciples watched the battle in the light curtain, and couldn’t help but took out Spirit Fruit melon seed candy and distributed it to the watching Disciple.

“At present, Chunhua Chamber of Commerce has dispatched 1320 Venerables, of which 120 are invincible Venerables.”

“There are 124 quasi-immortals and 13 True Immortals.”


“On the side of the star beast Azure Dragon, there are 1956 Venerables dispatched, 92 invincible Venerables, 150 quasi-immortals, and 15 True Immortals.”

“But at present, the star beast Azure Dragon is this one. The number of people on the side is increasing, but obviously it can’t keep up with the consumption.”

Looking at the giant light curtain, Xu Fan explained to Disciples.

“From a quality point of view, Chunhua Chamber of Commerce has an advantage.”

“All their cultivators are systematically trained, and the cultivation technique Divine Ability and Formation treasures are all suitable for large-scale Fight.”

“On the other hand, on the side of the star beast Azure Dragon with a large number of people, the strength of the cultivator is even, the battle formation is sparse, and the stragglers are average.”

“But the only advantage , that is, some body cultivators are particularly powerful.”

Xu Fan said and projected a few small light curtains.

On the small screen, all locked are cultivators with superior battle strength, invincible Venerables, and quasi-immortals.

With Xu Fan’s explanation, all Disciples stared blankly at the battle.

“So this is the scene of a large-scale battle.” Tens of thousands of soldiers looked thoughtful as they watched the battle in the light curtain.

“After returning, I must train the battle formation. In this scale of battle, the battle formation is really important.”

“Is this True Immortal? Stronger.”

Some Disciple was amazed, some Disciple looked thoughtful, and there was even Disciple who looked at those silhouettes with superior battle strength, one person defended against more than ten invincible Venerable attacks.

(End of this chapter)

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