My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 801

Chapter 801 Fifty thousand immortal jade

I don’t know when, Ming Kong also came to the Tianzi area.

“Great Elder, what is this Divine Ability? Even the True Immortal level battle can be observed so subtle.”

Looking at the details of the battle in the light curtain, Mingkong Somewhat amazed.

“The Lesser Divine Ability, which I researched at a glance, I can teach Mingkong Elder.” Xu Fan nibbled the sunflower seeds and watched the battle in the light curtain said with a smile.

At this time, like Wan Xingzhou, it stopped at the edge, and there were not a few Yuzhou watching the battle.

Yuzhou and Yuzhou began to communicate with each other.

At this moment, a line of red light suddenly shot out from the star beast Azure Dragon, directly traversing the entire battlefield, and blasting a Yuzhou watching the battle at the edge.

Immediately, all the Yuzhou scattered and fled, for fear of being affected by the fish pond.

When Ming Kong saw this scene, he was scared and thought to leave here.

“What kind of Divine Ability is this? It’s so powerful that it directly shot through the two True Immortals of the Chunhua Chamber of Commerce.” Some Disciples exclaimed in amazement.

“Don’t make a fuss about nothing, Hidden Scripture Pavilion has particle Divine Ability, as long as the cultivation reaches the proven place, you can easily trigger such a light attack.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this moment, the star beast Azure Dragon shot another red light line.

After passing through a True Immortal, look towards the location of Wan Xingzhou and shoot.

At this time, all the cultivators on the Wanxing Boat are dying.

All Disciples and Elders in Tianzi District suddenly looked towards Xu Fan .

The clumsy speed at the start of Wan Xingzhou will definitely not escape this light attack.

“It’s a pity that there is no lottery project in the cultivation world, otherwise I must have enough for today.”

Xu Fan’s hands instantly formed a seal, and a giant gate of void appeared in front of the Wanxingzhou. Directly swallowed the red light line.

Then the red light line broke through the space above the Wanxingzhou and shot towards the deep space of Star Domain.

“Don’t panic, continue to watch the battle.”

“When you go back, I will let Grape give you a good analysis and what to do when you encounter a large-scale battle in the future.” Xu Fan Looking at the frightened Disciple said.

Mingkong’s voice also sounded in the Tianzi area.

“Great Elder, thank you.”

“What a big deal, Wan Xingzhou is broken, how can I go back.” Xu Fan said calmly, as if he was just doing it casually Just a little thing.

At this time, a Venerable wearing a ceremonial uniform of the Chunhua Chamber of Commerce appeared in Wanxingzhou.

“The Chunhua Chamber of Commerce wants to use fifty thousand immortal jade, please go to the battle.” The Venerable said respectfully outside the Wanxingzhou.

“Go back, I don’t want to mess with cause and effect here.”

“Besides, the cultivator of your chamber of commerce is mysterious and powerful, so I don’t need to take action at all.”


Xu Fan’s voice sounded faintly in Venerable’s ear.

β€œThere will be True Immortal seniors in the Chamber of Commerce who major in cause and effect, to eliminate cause and effect for the supreme.” The Venerable continued.

“Why don’t you understand words~”

Xu Fan waved his hand and directly sent the Venerable back to Louzhou Barrier.

“Just kidding, how could I sell 50,000 immortal jade for trifling.” Xu Fan disdainfully said, without any scruples about Mingkong’s envious expression next to him.

Continue to watch the battle, at which point the battle is deadlocked.

The side of the star beast Azure Dragon forcibly evened the disadvantage with that one after another unfathomable ray.

The Chunhua Chamber of Commerce is afraid of that ray.

Even if the battle formation might be superior, he would not dare to use it in a big way.

“Great Elder, this battle is deadlocked, how can we break it.” Mingkong laughed asked.

“This is not simple. As long as the frequency fluctuation of the light is detected, we can naturally prevent it in advance.”

“It’s just that the Chunhua Chamber of Commerce was stunned. I didn’t react.”

“It is estimated that after a while, it will react.”

“If the star beast Azure Dragon has nothing to back it up, it should be very fast. will lose.” Xu Fan indifferently said.

At this time, 20 True Immortal puppets from the Chunhua Chamber of Commerce joined the battle.

The entire battlefield is directly divided.

The stalemate atmosphere of the entire battlefield melted instantly.

The two sides once again made a full shot.

“The Chunhua Chamber of Commerce won.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Sure enough, as the battle continued, that red light line had been mastered by the Chunhua Chamber of Commerce and could be avoided in advance.

The Chunhua Chamber of Commerce began to slowly control the entire battlefield, and finally directly suppressed the side of the star beast Azure Dragon.

“You can see, this is the difference between the regular army and the non-brand army. Although the strength of the two sides is not much different, those cultivators under the training of the system, the large-scale battle is better than the scattered formation. The loose cultivator should be powerful.” Xu Fan said.

“Great Elder, is sect going to start training on the opposite side of the battle formation after returning?” Ten Thousand Soldiers asked.

“It’s not necessary, we have three or three battle formations in our sector, plus the micro cooperation of grapes.”

“It really needs to be the same strength, fighting the kind of war of Chunhua Chamber of Commerce, It’s almost like hitting a kid.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Xu Fan has already started working on the training of battle formations.

It’s just that Disciples hasn’t found it since they haven’t had any rivals over the years.

“You really don’t need training?” Ten thousand soldiers were a little disappointed. He also wanted to secretly train to make his puppet army more combative.

“If you really like training, after I go back, I will create a large-scale illusion, and only want those sect Holy Land to have a large-scale battle in the illusion.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Great Elder, after we go back, the Disciples on both sides can just discuss.”

“The Disciples trained by our Elder Council have been trained by the system since childhood, and they should be able to learn from each other. Practice with these Disciples of the Great Elder.” Mingkong said with a smile.

“The relationship is good, let’s add a little bit of luck, so that Disciples can play more energetically.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Then let’s spend a hundred immortal jade. I can’t afford more than that.” Seeing Xu Fan’s agreement, Ming Kong immediately showed a feeling that the conspiracy had succeeded.

“That’s ok, after you go back, take a good look at the battle formation of the Elder Council.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this point, the battle was over, and Xu Fan, who was attentive, observed that more than ten spots of light on the star beast Azure Dragon were extinguished.

This means that more than a dozen giant cities have dissipated.

As time goes on, more and more light spots go out.

It stopped after more than 100 light spots were extinguished.

“It’s obvious that the two sides have hatred.”

“It can be inferred from the light spots that have been extinguished that the star beast Azure Dragon may be divided into several forces.”


“The one that was extinguished should be one of them.”

Through the extinguished light spots, the Disciples below started the analysis.

Xu Fan was relieved to hear Disciples’ analysis.

At this time, all Yuzhou received a broadcast.

This is the entire process of development about the battle of Chunhua Chamber of Commerce.

It turned out that when this star beast, Azure Dragon, passed by an Intermediate Thousand Worlds controlled by the Chunhua Chamber of Commerce, the force that was destroyed started plundering the Intermediate Thousand Worlds.

The Chunhua Chamber of Commerce suffered huge losses, so they intercepted the route of the star beast Azure Dragon in advance and began to take revenge.

(End of this chapter)

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