My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 802

Chapter 802 Xiangxiang’s Craftsman

“Interesting, I feel that Chunhua Chamber of Commerce attaches great importance to the reputation within the scope of Intermediate Thousand Worlds.” Hearing this broadcast, Xu Fan said with a smile .

“According to the records, the earliest record of the Chunhua Chamber of Commerce in Ancient Cangjie was more than 1 million years ago.” Mingkong said.

β€œIf you gather less, you will become more, and you will often wander in the Intermediate Thousand Worlds. It is estimated that you can make a lot of money.”

Xu Fan feels Chunhua Chamber of Commerce. It should be the route that the countryside surrounds the city.

Just as Wan Xingzhou was about to speed up to the Ancient Blue Realm, he suddenly received a message.

The director of Chunhua Chamber of Commerce wants to visit Xu Fan.

“Great Elder, see you?” Mingkong’s voice came.

“Of course we can see that our little arms and legs can provoke Chunhua Chamber of Commerce?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Tianzi area, tea room.

Xu Fan is sipping tea with a woman in a yellow dress.

“Senior, it’s too early to talk about recruiting. If there is a chance to meet again in the future, I will consider it.” Xu Fan said politely.

The supervisor of this building boat is the woman in the yellow dress in front of her, and she is also the Chief-In-Charge of this Star Domain, True Immortal Realm.

She came here for the obvious purpose, that is, she wanted to recruit Xu Fan for the Chunhua Chamber of Commerce.

As soon as they came up, they offered very generous conditions.

And also carefully made a number of solicitation plans.

Individuals join directly, their own forces join together, branches, and sects.

Everything Xu Fan can think of is listed.

“Is it because our chamber of commerce is not sincere enough, or the price is not in place.” The female supervisor asked sincerely.

“Junior just doesn’t want to rely on others, but there is an opportunity to maintain a cooperative relationship with Chunhua Chamber of Commerce in the future.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

If he was thinking about it, if he fought like this later, would he be able to beat the True Immortal in front of him.

But as soon as the idea came together, the female director of True Immortal Realm on the opposite side frowned.

β€œFellow Daoist, our Chunhua Chamber of Commerce has a good reason for doing things, not the kind of chamber of commerce that will use force when rejected.”

β€œFellow Daoist can rest assured.” Female supervisor He laughed, but there was a hint of vigilance in his eyes.

Xu Fan was stunned for a moment. Was the thought in his mind so easily discovered?

Besides, he just thought about it and didn’t plan to do it.

“Fellow Daoist, don’t think too much about it, Lou Zhou’s Immortal Spirit told me just now that the thoughts of good and evil can be detected more or less within his range.” The female supervisor explained.

Xu Fan thought for a while and pinched a secret art, an invisible shield covering the entire shape.

The idea of hitting the female supervisor came up again.

“Can we find out now?” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

The female supervisor, who had been calm just now, began to look solemn.

β€œFellow Daoist is a good method.”

β€œMore thanks Senior to remind me to guard against this kind of detection method after arriving in the fairyland.”

This At that time, a storage bag appeared in Xu Fan’s hand, which contained various Great Dao Source spells ordered by Chunhua Chamber of Commerce.

“Senior is here, Junior just handed over the completed spell to senior.” Xu Fan said.

The female supervisor took the storage bag, and after probing, took out several storage bags with the words Chunhua Chamber of Commerce inscribed.

It was specially used to hold immortal jade, 50 100 1000 10,100,000 respectively, to facilitate settlement.

“There are a total of 420,000 immortal jade, please refer to Fellow Daoist.” The female supervisor said.

Xu Fan didn’t even think about it, he put it into the Dao Item palace.

“Senior, if I take out 1 million Holy Sun Moon Yin Talismans, will Chunhua Chamber of Commerce want them?” Xu Fan asked tentatively.

“Of course, if you can come up with 1 million copies, I would also like to thank Fellow Daoist.”

“I can go back to the headquarters ahead of schedule.” The female supervisor said with a smile .

If Xu Fan really took out 1,000,000 Sacred Sun Moon Yin Talismans, then the profit from this trip would be higher than the previous three trips.

And she will also be commended by the Chamber of Commerce headquarters, serving multiple purposes.

“Can Fellow Daoist really come up with 1 million Yin Power spells of the Holy Sun Moon?” The female supervisor suddenly had some expectations.

“Haha, I’m just joking.”

“Only 100,000 at most.” Xu Fan said.

Batch refining spells is really exhausting and exhausting.

Xu Fan, who is full of salted fish attribute points, won’t be greedy unless immortal jade is urgently needed.

“100,000 is also fine. I will reserve immortal jade to buy the spells from Fellow Daoist.”

The female supervisor is in a good mood and did not win over Xu Fan, the spell master. Depressed mood instantly disappeared.

“Is this kind of spell popular in the fairy world?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“Don’t worry about selling, Fellow Daoist’s charms, whether it is used for self-protection or comprehend, two of them are excellent products.”

“In the fairyland, the achievement of Golden Immortal is even better. With the existence of Gao, these big shots are in the minority after all,” explained the female supervisor.

“Thanks Senior for explaining my doubts.” Xu Fan nodded.

“Fellow Daoist has the double Great Grandmaster of Charm and Formation. No matter where he is in the fairy world, he is a favorite existence.” The female supervisor said with some envy.

Put her identity aside, that is the most common True Immortal in the fairy world.

Unlike Xu Fan, after ascending to the Immortal Realm, no matter which Great Influence he devotes to, he will be eligible to be equal to the Golden Immortal in the future.

“It’s just a lot of research, I shouldn’t praise the senior like this.”

Xu Fan looked towards the female supervisor after saying this.

“It seems that Fellow Daoist has other things to do, so don’t bother.”

The female supervisor left, and Wan Xingzhou began to speed up and fly towards the ancient blue world.

Xu Fan looked at the storage bag in his hand and couldn’t help sighing, “It’s still a popular craftsman.”

At this moment, Li Xingci walked in and saw Xu Fan’s hand at a glance. Storage bag with Chunhua Chamber of Commerce logo.

The storage bag of Chunhua Chamber of Commerce is different in immortal jade, and it is also divided into several colors.

Looking at the storage bag in his hand, he couldn’t help but smile and asked, “I heard that you recently gathered Resurrection Lily crazily and sealed Divine Ability inside. Are you short of money?”


“It’s really lacking. Tian’er likes those fairy clothes and accessories sold by Chunhua Chamber of Commerce.” Li Xingci looked helpless.

Li Xingci, who has never been worried about Spirit Stone since childhood, suddenly understood what it feels like to be poor.

“So you’re here to ask for immortal jade?” Xu Fan said to throw the storage bag containing 10,000 immortal jade to Li Xingci.

“No need for the master, this time I came here to learn from the master some Divine Ability avenues that can earn immortal jade, just like the spell depicted by the master.” Li Xing said with a bow.

He can still tell the difference between fish and fishing.

β€œYou also want to be a craftsman.” Xu Fan laughed.

“The discipline cannot live on the master’s reward all the time, and needs to support his wife and children on his own,” said Li Xingci.

He still remembered what Xu Fan said.

Krypton is the strongest in the world, if it was just doubts before.

Now he really understands a little bit, just those things sold by Chunhua Chamber of Commerce can pile up a supreme Venerable, but the corresponding number of immortal jade is also very disappointing.

(End of this chapter)

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