My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 803

Chapter 803 Illusory Realm Time Jewel

In the ancient Cangjie, there is a super-giant, gigantic spaceship docking platform with a length and width of thousands of miles.

There are at least a thousand spaceships going in and out of the entire docking platform.

“It’s so big~” Thousands of soldiers looked at the cosmic docking platform and exclaimed in amazement.

“It’s bigger than our entire Yinling Island,” said a Disciple next to Ten Thousand Soldiers.

“Senior Brother Qian, when did your Dao Item puppet camp have such a size, that’s amazing.” The Disciple said with a smile.

In the Disciple of the sect generation, thousands of soldiers have become experts in group warfare.

Every time the mission battles, thousands of soldiers will release a Dao Item palace.

There will be tens of thousands of Battle Puppets coming out of the palace.

“Some things are not very good. The puppet barracks really have such a size. What’s the use of puppets, just use the barracks to smash them.” Ten thousand soldiers said with a smile.

He used to be young and ignorant, thinking that as long as there were enough puppets, he could defeat everyone.

But it wasn’t until Xiong Li that he forcibly broke through the containment of 100,000 puppets and almost shattered his Dao Item puppet camp when he was discussing with Xiong Li, which changed this idea.

Wan Xingzhou was admitted and flew slowly towards an airport.

Dock to a vacant seat under the guidance of a Golden Core cultivator in a special suit.

Looking at the Golden Core cultivator wearing a suit like a space suit, Xu Fan suddenly had the illusion of entering Interstellar Era.

“The parking fee is 10 immortal jade per day, and the discount is 50 immortal jade for one month.” Golden Core cultivator said skillfully.

A group of Elder and Xu Fan Zhanling from Mingkong appeared on the platform.

A spar paper as thin as cicada wing appeared in the hands of an Elder behind Mingkong.

“This is the contract of the chamber of commerce defined by me and Gu Cang. The goods are all in the Yuzhou. When will they be unloaded.” Elder said politely.

The Golden Core cultivator took the Spirit Stone paper, and after verifying its authenticity, he took out a small compass to form a Transmission Formation, and sent the spar paper over.

“Please wait a moment, seniors, the headquarters will send the corresponding person to receive the goods.” Golden Core cultivator said politely.

“You’ve worked hard.” The Elder took out an immortal jade and put it in the hands of the Golden Core cultivator.

A smile instantly bloomed on the originally dull face. He took great pains to ask all the famous elders of the Great Ascension Realm of the entire family to seek this position.

Isn’t it just for this little reward?

“Wait a moment, seniors, the corresponding personnel will come over immediately.” The Golden Core cultivator’s tone was even more respectful.

It didn’t take long for a Venerable to appear in front of everyone wearing an ancient Cangjie Taoist uniform.

“Mingkong Fellow Daoist, finally waiting for you!” The Venerable said happily.

“The kinds of spirit spirit ore that you Flying Feather Realm specially offer will be out of stock soon.”

“I’m here quite in time, how is Song Fellow Daoist Ming doing recently? It’s already invincible.” Mingkong said with a smile.

“Thanks to Fellow Daoist’s guidance, I have entered a state of invincibility, and my position has also risen.” Song Ming Venerable smiled.

“Double happiness is coming, congratulations.” Mingkong said and took out a space ring and put it in the hands of Chongming Venerable.

Xu Fan couldn’t help nodding when he saw this scene. He liked watching this kind of fireworks scene very much.

“Fellow Daoist, let me introduce you.” Mingkong made an introduction gesture to Xu Fan.

“This is the new Supreme of our Flying Feather Realm.”

Hearing the word Supreme, Chongming Venerable’s eyes instantly lit up.

“It is disrespectful and disrespectful, Chongming pays homage to the supreme.” Chongming Venerable salutes like this, and is stopped by a gentle force.

β€œFellow Daoist is a friend of ours, we should not be so generous.” Xu Fan said politely.

Chongming Venerable felt the power that controlled him and looked towards Xu Fan with some respect.

“It’s me who saw the outside world.”

At this moment, a huge hatch on the flank of Wan Xingzhou opened, and large spaces like containers flew out from it to accommodate Dao Items.

This kind of Dao Item is specially used to carry large quantities of goods. It is durable, low cost, and has a large space. It is the unified space Dao Item of the ancient Cangjie.

As the Dao Item in the cargo-carrying space came out, someone nearby started to check and check the cargo.

The Yuzhou docking platform has an immortal city on it, which is covered with a special Formation, so that ordinary cultivators can also live in it.

In a Xianlou hotel, Chongming Venerable invited everyone to dinner.

“Mingkong Fellow Daoist, how is your fight with Monster Race?” Chongming Venerable asked with concern.

“I came out Flying Feather Realm Human Race Supreme, of course I won.” A smile appeared on Mingkong’s face.

He had to thank the red lotus Venerable from Nanshan Realm.

She captured the most invincible Monster Venerable in Monster Race with the most prejudice against Human Race, and now they are all sealed in the Elder Council.

This is because of these Monster Races, Ming Kong dares to come to the Ancient Cang Realm after Wan Xingzhou is healed.

At this moment, Chongming Venerable looked at Xu Fan with bright eyes.

“Fellow Daoist must have a lot of merit in Human Race. Have you ever thought about selling it?” Chongming Venerable asked.

“Is this thing still for sale?” Xu Fan asked in surprise.

“Of course, our ancient Cangjie has the Divine Ability blessing technique about merit and luck.”

“As long as you use this Divine Ability, you can bless the buyer.” Chongming said.

“so that’s how it is, but forget about this kind of thing” Xu Fan said, shaking his head.

Just kidding, he is now a rich man with hundreds of thousands of immortal jade, how could he sell his merit and luck for this petty profit.

“Fellow Daoist don’t want to hear about the price?” said Chongming Venerable.

“It’s nothing more than some immortal jade magic weapons. I don’t have any shortages for now.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Fellow Daoist, don’t rush to talk so much, everything in the world has a price, and all creatures in the world have more or less what they want.” Chongming Venerable said a very philosophical sentence.

At this time, Xu Fan became interested. He is now standing at the top of the Great Ascension Realm, more than 900 years away from the deadline.

So if it is really necessary, it is the time Spirit Treasure that can accelerate the quasi-immortal, True Immortal level.

“Do you have a Spirit Treasure that can accelerate the True Immortal level.” Xu Fan asked.

“Yes, there is an Illusory Realm Time Orb in the ancient Cangjie treasury, which is a top-level immortal artifact. As long as you put the spirit ore heavy treasure containing the Time Avenue in it, you can speed up the time at the True Immortal level.” Chongming Venerable said the nod.

Xu Fan was surprised, it really did.

“This is an ancient Cangjie town fairy artifact, and it’s not for sale under normal circumstances.”

Then why don’t you say something~

“Then There’s no other way, this is what I’m missing right now.”

“But let me watch this Illusory Time Jewel for a while, a little Human Race merit, I’m still willing.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Chongming Venerable frowned upon hearing Xu Fan’s words.

After a meal, Chongming Venerable said to Xu Fan.

“This is a bit difficult to do. To use this magic weapon, even if it is just to observe, requires the approval of the Upper Realm True Immortal.”

“It’s not urgent, it can be done if you can. I can’t forget it.” Xu Fan said casually.

Isn’t it just a Peak fairy? After becoming True Immortal, are you afraid that you can’t refine it?

(End of this chapter)

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