My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 807

Chapter 807 Xiaoxianjie

“This sentence is by no means a threat, but a sincere invitation to Fellow Daoist to visit my ancient Cangjie Xiaoxianjie.” Queyun Zhigao quickly explained.

As the Supreme Being, I haven’t treated a person with such care for a long time, and suddenly I really can’t.

“The Ancient Cang Realm really has a Little Immortal Realm. If you go to the Little Immortal Realm, it will be a worthwhile trip.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, Queyun is supremely relaxed.

Then he looked at the space ring in Xu Fan’s hand, hoping to return it.

Although the 200,000 immortal jade is not his, there are corresponding benefits to being able to save it.

Xu Fan put away the space ring under Queyun’s most eager eyes.

“Then let’s go out, when will Fellow Daoist take me to the Little Immortal Realm.” Xu Fan said impatiently.

You can go now if Fellow Daoist wants to.

Queyun Zhigao looked at Xu Fan with an unknown look in his eyes.

Although they are both supreme, there is a distinction between supreme and supreme.

Like Xu Fan’s comprehend avenue, the stance of all things returning in one body, the level is obviously higher than his.

As soon as the two came out of Wandao Valley, a fairy gate appeared in the sky, the fairy jade platform step fell from the fairy gate, and one extended to Xu Fan’s feet.

Xu Fan felt the immortal gate, and also felt the existence of that small immortal world.

“Fellow Daoist, please enter Xianmen.” Queyun Zhigao said politely.

Xu Fan nods, and finally asks Grape to send a message to Mingkong.

The two entered the fairy gate along the fairy jade platform steps.

Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, the two appeared in Xiaoxianjie.

Xu Fan took a deep breath and suddenly felt that some kind of burden was lifted off his body.

The river flows into the sea and enters another piece of Heaven and Earth in an instant.

“This is the little fairyland, I feel very good.” Xu Fan said with emotion.

A 100-point test paper, Xu Fan will get 100 points at most no matter what he does.

And now, stepping into a higher level, he can learn the avenue of comprehend at a higher level, and of course the score on the test paper is far higher than his upper limit.

A number of Dao scriptures loomed around Xu Fan and began to revolve around him.

An inexplicable imposing manner unfolded from Xu Fan.

The Queyun Zhigao next to him felt the pressure from his body, and couldn’t help but change his color.

All are supreme, why are you so good?

“Fellow Daoist, stop the imposing manner. If you are more domineering, I won’t be able to lead the way for you.” Queyun Zhigao joked.

Hearing Queyun’s supreme words, Xu Fan controlled his imposing manner of overflowing.

“Little Immortal Realm has not been condensed for a long time. At present, it can only accommodate a few hundred True Immortals, which is a little worse than the real Immortal Realm, but the avenues contained in it are far greater than that of Wandao Valley. More.”

“It’s just that it’s more troublesome to comprehend, it’s not as easy as Wandaogu.” Queyun Zhigao said with a smile.

Compared to automatic feeding, Xu Fan still likes this super large full-scale luxury buffet restaurant, and he can take whatever he wants to eat.

“The Little Immortal Realm is only 10% the size of the Ancient Blue Realm, but this is only temporary. As long as resources are put into the Little Immortal Realm, sooner or later, the Little Immortal Realm will cover the entire Ancient Blue Realm. Cangjie will become a real fairyland.” Queyun Zhigao began to be proud as he spoke.

“Amazing.” Xu Fan couldn’t help but nodding, feeling that the ancient Cangjie had embarked on a path of his own.

“Fellow Daoist, are you interested in building your own fairyland with us?” Queyun Zhigao sincerely invited.

Although he has said this to many Supremes, and the success rate is also very small, he is so passionate every time he says it.

“Fellow Daoist, don’t be kidding, it will take thousands of years to cultivate the Little Immortal Realm to the point where it can accommodate the Golden Immortal. Someone can still calculate this account clearly.” Xu Fan smiled and shook his head said.

Queyun Zhigao lowered his head in disappointment, but the result was as he expected, but it still failed.

“I’ll take Fellow Daoist for a walk in the Little Immortal Realm first.”

A small spirit boat appeared in front of the two of them.

With the small spirit boat flying, Xu Fan began to tour the whole Xiaoxianjie.

“Fellow Daoist, do you guys really want to recruit Zhigao to join Xiaoxianjie now?” Xu Fan asked.

The bird cloud is supremely nodded.

“If you want to nurture the Little Immortal Realm, one is resources, and the other is to have cultivators who can cultivate into Golden Immortal. This is still the initial stage.”

“So in recent years, We started to recruit the Supremes of the major Intermediate Thousand Worlds, but we only recruited one.” Queyun Supreme said with some frustration.

“Forgive me to speak bluntly, the set of words that Fellow Daoist just said is too straightforward, and it is difficult to attract the attention of those supreme Venerable.”

It’s just that dry In Xu Fan’s eyes, there is no appeal.

“How should I say that?” Queyun Zhigao subconsciously asked.

“Of course you can say something that will make those supreme.” Xu Fan laughed.

“For example?” Queyun Zhigao asked curiously.

“Growing up with the fairy world, there is a chance to achieve the Great Firmament.” Xu Fan showed a meaningful smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Isn’t this a lie? Cultivating a small fairy world can at most make Heavenly Dao closer to you, and want to achieve Great Firmament…” Queyun Supreme Shook the head.

“I said Fellow Daoist will have a chance to achieve Golden Immortal in the future, and Fellow Daoist admits it.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Although my perception on the avenue is not as good as that of Fellow Daoist, as long as you give me time in the future, I can be sure to achieve Golden Immortal.” Queyun Zhigao’s tone was very confident.

“Then Fellow Daoist can be sure to achieve Great Firmament.” Xu Fan asked again.

“This…” Queyun Zhigao paused, to be honest he wasn’t sure.

β€œFellow Daoist should have some confidence~”

β€œThere should be some confidence.”

Suddenly a lightning flashed from Queyun to Gao’s brain However, a brand new world opens.

The extremely mysterious and abstruse thing that is promoted to the Great Firmament is very attractive for those supreme Venerables standing in a Peak.

“many thanks Fellow Daoist enlightenment!” Queyun Zhigao said excitedly.

“You can’t visit your little fairyland for nothing.”

At this moment, Immortal Spirit Energy gathered in the sky, and a woman in a peach-colored long dress appeared between the two of them. before.

“Meet Taoyao True Immortal.” Queyun said in a salute.

“Meet senior.”

“It seems that this little fairyland is not attractive to Fellow Daoist.” Taoyao True Immortal said softly.

Red lips, white teeth, face like peach blossoms, makes people feel fascinated at first sight.

But none of this appealed to Xu Fan.

“This Great Dao Path is too bumpy, Junior wants to choose a lighter one.” Xu Fan said with a smile, neither humble nor arrogant.

He really wanted to go this route, he might as well let the grapes become their own realm, and there was no joy in cultivating their own fairyland by joining others.

“Then I won’t force the Fellow Daoist.” Taoyao True Immortal smiled, she had expected this result.

“I came to see Fellow Daoist and I have something to ask for.”

“Senior may as well speak directly~” Xu Fan said.

“This is inconvenient, please follow me back to Immortal Mansion.”

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