My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 808

Chapter 808 This fun, Fellow Daoist doesn’t want to experience it?

Little Immortal Realm, a peach blossom Immortal Realm.

Xu Fan and Taoyao True Immortal sit opposite each other in a pavilion.

“Senior, can we talk now?” Xu Fan asked, but there was a strange feeling in his heart, and he always felt that Taoyao True Immortal didn’t say anything serious.

β€œThe Daos in the world are as vast as the sea. Although it is called the Three Thousand Great Daos, it is far more than three thousand.”

Taoyao’s True Immortal voice is gentle with a touch of sweetness , it makes people feel a little overwhelmed when they hear it.

“That’s right, even in his lifetime he may not be able to see all the Great Dao Laws.” Xu Fan sighed along Taoyao’s True Immortal.

“I heard that when Fellow Daoist went to Wandao Valley, all the avenues in the valley were vying to merge with Fellow Daoist.”

“I don’t know if Fellow Daoist can feel a kind of avenue in it. “Taoyao True Immortal said softly.

“That kind of avenue?”

At this time, Xu Fan was a little bit rebellious. Could it be the most bizarre kind of avenue?

“The Fertility Avenue, the Law Fragment of the Fertility Avenue was obtained by me in an unknown Star Domain Secret Realm. It was interesting and put it in the Valley of the Thousand Dao.”

Taoyao True Immortal waved, and there was a glass of peach blossom spirit water in front of Xu Fan.

“I didn’t realize that there is still a way of fertility in this world, it’s really amazing.” Xu Fan pretended to be surprised.

He is a principled man, let him be a planter, he will not do it.

“Fellow Daoist knows that True Spirit in Wandao Valley is connected to me. He told me that after Fellow Daoist went in, the number of fragments of Great Dao Law was reduced by nearly half.” Taoyao True Immortal’s wink Squinted, with a hint of a smile.

Taoyao True Immortal then waved her hand gently.

Four exquisite beauty, all kinds of beautiful women appear behind Taoyao True Immortal, all of them are in the realm of Great Ascension Venerable.

β€œDual Cultivation is supplemented by Fertility Avenue, this fun, it would be a lifelong regret if Fellow Daoist does not experience it.”

β€œThese four beauties have been brought to Peach Blossom Immortal Realm by me since childhood. In the middle, clear as ice and clean as jade, all of them are not out of the cabinet.”

“As long as Fellow Daoist is willing, you can…”

The four stunning beauties with shy faces Sitting next to Xu Fan.

Xu Fan smelled a faint scent of peach blossoms, and there was a hint of virgin fragrance under the fine lines.

Kneading shoulders and legs, another beautiful woman picked up the glass of peach spirit water to feed Xu Fan.

Xu Fan took the cup of peach spirit water and took a sip.

“Senior, let’s forget this kind of thing. These four Heavenly Immortals are beautiful, but they are a little worse than my lady.” Xu Fan laughed.

“Does Fellow Daoist really have no heart?” Taoyao True Immortal looked at Xu Fan meaningfully.

“After the descendants of Fellow Daoist are born, we in the ancient Cangjie will do our best to cultivate them. Even if we go back with Fellow Daoist, we will not impose any restrictions.”

“Only in the future. At the time of ascension, return to the Ancient Cang Realm and directly ascend to the Little Immortal Realm. In addition, it is a matter of advancing to the first place, as long as you are in the Little Immortal Realm.”

“Fellow Daoist’s descendants, every one who will Pay 10 immortal jade, except for the above conditions, there are no restrictions.”

Xu Fan nods, the conditions are good conditions, and sincerity also feels it, but he doesn’t want to do this deal.

If it’s just… you can also think about it.

“Senior’s offer is very generous, but Junior cannot accept it.” Xu Fan gently shook the head.

Taoyao’s True Immortal expression was a little surprised, and the stunning beauties around Xu Fan also looked at Xu Fan pitifully.

β€œAren’t the conditions good enough?”

β€œIn our hometown, being borrowed is a very shameful thing, no matter how nicely senior says it, after all That’s what it means.” Xu Fan said.

“It’s better than this. The four beauties I raised from childhood to adulthood should be presented to Fellow Daoist.”

“If you have descendants in the future, the ancient Cangjie will sincerely invite you You come here to soar.”

“When the time comes, there will be rich immortal jade rewards~” Taoyao True Immortal, thought about said with a smile.

This Taoyao True Immortal has an open mind, and what he said, completely ruled out the intention of borrowing seeds.

Xu Fan still hooks the head.

“Okay.” Taoyao True Immortal nodded in disappointment.

“Senior, why not change your mind and find a person who is suitable for the fertility path to cultivate this path.” Xu Fan suggested.

“I have tried many people, and the avenue of fertility is much more mysterious than those ordinary avenues. I have tried all the cultivators above the Integration Realm in the Ancient Cangjie, and none of them can feel the avenue of fertility.” Tao. Yao True Immortal said.

Hearing this, Xu Fan laughed.

β€œI have a secret technique that can force the fragments of the Great Dao Law of Fertility into the body of the cultivator.”

β€œWith the secret technique of reincarnation, there should be no problem in understanding the Great Dao Law of Fertility.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

It suddenly occurred to me that money is a very reasonable word.

You want to chat with more people, isn’t this business opportunity there?

“Can Fellow Daoist work?” Taoyao True Immortal rekindled hope.

“Yes, reincarnation secret technique Divine Ability I have a set here, but it is more troublesome to integrate the Great Dao Law fragments of fertility into other cultivators.” Xu Fan said thoughtfully.

“Our cultivators in Ancient Cangjie have always been straight, please ask Fellow Daoist to make a direct offer.” Taoyao True Immortal made a gesture of invitation.

Xu Yifan likes this straight-forward style very much.

Immortal jade immediately said: “2 million immortal jade.”

“1 million immortal jade, if Fellow Daoist agrees to this matter.” Taoyao True Immortal said directly halfway .

“Okay, senior goes straight and straight, Junior is also a cheerful person, a million immortal jade is a million immortal jade.” Xu Fan decided to say immediately.

“…” For some reason, Taoyao True Immortal suddenly felt that she was at a loss, but she didn’t know what it was.

“The senior should be selected, because the aptitude is excellent and the energetic cultivator is best recommended to choose in the invincible Venerable realm.” Xu Fan said.

“Isn’t the supreme?” Taoyao True Immortal asked.

“In the supreme realm, in addition to aptitude, it is also necessary to cooperate with the right time and place.”

“If the supreme state is rebuilt, there is a high probability that it will stop at the invincible Venerable realm.”


“Then please Fellow Daoist. After visiting this little fairyland for a while, I will choose the right person.” After Taoyao True Immortal finished speaking, she sent Xu Fan out of Taohua Immortal Realm.

In a cultivation Holy Land in Xiaoxianjie, Xu Fan sat cross-legged in the center of the dojo and began to comprehend the Great Dao Law of Xiaoxianjie.

After feeling the existence of the Great Dao Law in Xiaoxianjie, Xu Fan decided to cultivate here for a period of time, and select some Dao cultivation to the Great Ascension Peak to enrich his heritage.

Three days later, Xu Fan came to Peach Blossom Immortal Realm again.

There is a handsome man beside Taoyao True Immortal, the invincible Peak spirit, which is the same level as Mingkong.

“Fellow Daoist, this is the one I chose.”

Taoyao True Immortal said, a small fragment of the Great Dao Law of Birth appeared in his hand.

“This is the remaining fragment of the Great Dao Law of Fertility.”

Xu Fan reached out and took the fragment of the Great Dao Law of Fertility.

“Senior don’t worry, leave the rest to me.” Xu Fan said to the man nodded.

(End of this chapter)

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