My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 809

Chapter 809 How brave!

In order to make Taoyao True Immortal feel the value of his 1 million immortal jade flowers.

Forcibly took two months to work hard and looked very troublesome.

It was only then that the fragments of the Great Dao Law of Fertility were incorporated into the body of the invincible Venerable.

It then took another month to set up the rebirth formation.

After the reincarnation was finished, a cute little baby crawled out of the center of the formation.

Taoyao True Immortal saw this white and tender baby and couldn’t help nodding with satisfaction.

I feel that my 1 million immortal jade has no white flowers.

“His memory is now in a sealed state, and when his adult body is fully developed, he will wake up all his memories.” Xu Fan smiled and took out a bottle of Spirit Beast milk, which he put on a pacifier and handed it to him. to the little baby.

The little baby sniffed the pacifier and instinctively bit it.

The four beauties around Taoyao True Immortal looked at the baby with love in their eyes.

“I’m sorry to Fellow Daoist.”

A space ring appeared in front of Xu Fan.

“There are 1 million immortal jades here, as well as some special products of the ancient Cangjie. Fellow Daoist has been bothered for a while.” Taoyao True Immortal said with a smile.

“Wherever you are, these are your duties.”

Since you are so authentic, be an open-minded person.

A jade plate of cultivation technique inheritance appeared in Xu Fan’s hands.

β€œThis is a cultivation technique I deduced based on Fertility and Dual Cultivation Avenue, called Wan Ziqi Immortal Technique.” Xu Fan said.

Taoyao True Immortal laughed while looking at the jade plate in Xu Fan’s hand.

After this incident, Xu Fan came to a cultivation Holy Land arranged for him by Taoyao True Immortal and began to feel at ease on the comprehend avenue.

8 months later, Xu Fan’s eyes slowly opened.

“It’s almost there.”

In the past eight months, Xu Fan has comprehend all the Great Dao Laws that he feels will be useful in the future.

I was about to say goodbye to Taoyao True Immortal and leave Xiaoxianjie.

Xu Fan suddenly received news from Grape that someone wanted body possession of the 3rd generation Disciple Li Leihu.

“How brave, how dare you to have body possession and hide the Spirit Sect Disciple!”

Xu Fan directly sent a message to Taoyao True Immortal and left Xiaoxianjie.

Ancient Cangjie, a Leihai Secret Realm.

Li Leihu held the Lei Ling knife and looked at the alien beast bred by Lei Hai’s Secret Realm in front of him.

A Thunder Beast with a dragon horn and grow pair of wings was staring at Li Leihu with a coveted face.

In Thunder Beast’s perception, as long as you can make the Integration Realm cultivator body possession in front of you your own incarnation.

Then he will have the opportunity to achieve the Supreme Realm, and even replace this realm Thunderbolt Avenue and punish the sky.

At this moment, Li Leihu was facing the endless pressure in Secret Realm, and he also had to be alert to the Thunder Beast who was drooling in front of him.

“Grape…Grape, Great Elder…have you received the news? I’m about to…can’t stand it anymore.” Li Leihu gritted his teeth and said, feeling that he would be pressed by this Secret Realm in the next second. Get down.

“Please hold on, the Great Elder is already on his way.” The grape’s voice sounded.

“The Great Elder has a saying, have you heard it?” Grape asked suddenly.

Li Leihu didn’t speak, just rolled the eyes.

“Risk also comes with opportunity. The Thunder Beast in front of me was bred by Secret Realm, and its intelligence is equivalent to a 10-year-old child.”

“If you dare to fight One, Divine Soul enters the consciousness of this Thunder Beast and fights in the space of consciousness.”

“If you win, you can control the entire Thunder Sea Secret Realm through this Thunder Beast.”

“When the time comes to absorb the Secret Realm’s source power, you can directly upgrade to Transcending Tribulation.” Grape’s voice was a little confusing.

“Then what if I lose~” Li Leihu said quickly, taking a deep breath.

“You don’t have to worry about this. According to the master’s speed, as long as you can hold on for a quarter of an hour, the master can come here and protect the Dharma for you.” Grape said quickly, because he felt that Li Leihu could not stand it anymore. .

“I can help Divine Soul into Thunder Beast consciousness, nodded if you agree,” Grape said.

Li Leihu nodded hard.

In an instant, the grapes connected Thunder Beast and Li Leihu’s consciousness.

A chaotic world of consciousness with a trace of lightning.

Li Leihu and Thunder Beast face each other.

Just as this a man and a beast imposing manner climbed and was about to fight.

An illusory shadow came from behind Li Leihu, and only gave Thunder Beast a faint glance.

Just this look, that kind of suppression from high latitudes, instantly made Thunder Beast fall to the ground, shiver coldly, as if he had encountered something extremely terrifying.

Thunder Beast’s body trembled more and more, and countless thunderbolts surged out of Thunder Beast’s body, acting extremely violent.

Just when Li Leihu was puzzled, Thunder Beast suddenly burst open, and between Heaven and Earth returned to calm.

Divine Soul returned to the body, Li Leihu opened his eyes and looked towards the limp Thunder Beast in front of him with a puzzled face.

“What’s the matter, self-destructed before hitting?”

“It’s strange not to be self-destructed, according to your identity, you may be his Old Ancestor.” Xu Fan’s smiling voice sounded.

A mid-thousand Small World Thunder Beast dares to have body possession of a child reincarnated in the upper bound Thunder Dao big shot, isn’t that courting death?

“Meet the Great Elder and thank the Great Elder for protecting the Disciple!” Li Leihu hurriedly bowed and said gratefully.

“Get up, I just arrived.” Xu Fan looked at Li Leihu and said with relief.

“Great Elder, then what to do?” Li Leihu said as he looked at the calm Lei Hai Secret Realm.

“Just do what Grape said.” Xu Fan said and waved his hand lightly.

A giant hand that covered the sky appeared above Lei Hai’s Secret Realm and directly clasped the Secret Realm.

The Great Hands flashed the scriptures of the Great Way, and began to seal and compress the entire Thunder Sea Secret Realm.

In the end, it turned into a Thunder Origin Orb and appeared in Xu Fan’s hands.

“In less than a month, the agreed time will come, so help you seal it up and go back and absorb it slowly.” Xu Fan handed Lei Yuanzhu to Li Leihu.

β€œmany thanks Great Elder ~”

Xu Fan bowed in front of him, and the Void Transmission Gate appeared in front of the two of them.

On the docking platform of Yuzhou, the last space container was loaded into the Wanxingzhou under the command of the Elder Council Elder, and the matter of the ancient Cangjie was considered to be the end of Perfection.

In the main control room, Mingkong joyfully controlled Wan Xingzhou and began to fly towards Louzhou.

“Mingkong Elder seems to have a good harvest this time!” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“This time the harvest is indeed great, but compared to the Great Elder, it may not even be a fraction.” Mingkong said modestly.

At this point he had looked away, just as he had done before.

“That is, innate talent is better.”

An invisible needle pierced his heart full of holes again, but he was immune to the many holes.

“Great Elder, is it going back the same way or what?” Mingkong asked suddenly.

β€œHow can we go without going back the same way?”

Xu Fan knew that since Mingkong asked, he definitely wanted to go another way.

“The other road is farther and more dangerous, but there are many good things there.” Mingkong said expectantly.

β€œWith the Great Elder there, there is no danger.”

(End of this chapter)

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