My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 810

Chapter 810 Little Tail

Wanxingzhou, Tianzi District.

Xu Fan just finished answering questions for a Disciple.

Zhou Kai leaned in mysteriously.

“Master, Disciple has earned some immortal jade in the Ancient Cang Realm, and came here to honor the master.” Zhou Kailing handed the storage bag to Xu Fan.

“Have you sold Divine Ability in Ancient Cangjie?” Xu Fan looked at the storage bag in his hand, which was just 900 immortal jade.

“The master predicts things like God, the recipe just sold the Divine Ability.” Zhou Kailing said with a smile.

“Disciple is playing in a Great Immortal cluster, and the Two Great Sects in the immortal city are just holding the two sects Disciple competition every ten years. The stakes on both sides are huge, involving tens of thousands of immortals. jade.”

“Originally, the discipline only intended to watch the fun in the audience and see how the Divine Ability of the Ancient Cang Realm is different from our cultivation world.”

“While watching the battle, disciple overheard that one of the small sects has already lost eight times in a row, and is trying to find a way to defeat the opposing sect at all costs.”

“Suddenly thinking, the opportunity to make money is not coming.”

“So Disciple sold the simplest Divine Ability for 900immortal jade.”

“He helped that sect win the competition.” Zhou Kailing looked like I was very witty.

“The 900 immortal jade disciple that the master lost has earned for you, please don’t worry about this in the future.” Zhou Kailing said.

Xu Fan couldn’t help but sigh when he heard the whole process of development that he said so well.

“No business, no harm~”

Xu Fan said the storage bag with immortal jade in his hand and gave it back to Zhou Kailing.

“You’re throwing a copper plate into the golden pot, and I’m still a little immortal jade for my teacher.”

“Besides, your recent behavior has been a little bit fierce, let me It’s difficult for you, senior brother.” Xu Fan said looking towards Li Xingci with a tangled face in the distance.

“Disciple is sincere!” Zhou Kailing said.

“I know that you are sincere, and I have accepted it. Immortal jade can be kept by myself.” Xu Fan drove Zhou Kailing away after saying that.

Li Xingci in the distance is slightly relaxed.

“Why do I appear to be such a waste after this trip and Kailing came out.” Li Xingci said to himself.

“Husband, don’t act like this, are you complaining that I spend too much immortal jade?” Su Rantian said resentfully from the side.

Li Xingci looked at his daughter-in-law, who was dressed up with fairy gadgets, and couldn’t help but say, “I hate to earn enough immortal jade for my husband, so I can’t make my daughter-in-law more beautiful.”

Xu Fan, who was telling Li Leihu about Thunder and Lightning, waved his hand and set up a sound-muting formation around him.

The good thing about the soft fragrance and jade breasts didn’t come true, so I can’t eat a lot of dog food again.

At this time, Lou Zhou is in the Immortal Ship.

The shopkeeper who sold the half-crippled puppet to Xu Fan is begging Song Ming.

“Shopkeeper Song, I was wrong, I shouldn’t be greedy for that little spirit spirit.”

“Now I’m selling it all to you, I just ask you to put those spirit fires The original price of the compass will be returned to us, and I would like to supply the shopkeeper with 3,000 immortal jade.” The shopkeeper begged Song Ming with a sad face.

Song Ming helped the shopkeeper up like a modest gentleman.

“Luo shopkeeper, we are in business, I will sell your spiritual fire compass at least 5,000 immortal jade.”

“You make me 3,000 immortal jade. jade, plus that little bit of immortal gold spirit ore, don’t I have to lose more than 1,000 immortal jade.” Song Ming said with a smile.

“Besides, shopkeeper Luo is a good fisherman. Immortal jade will catch a big fish when she seizes the opportunity!”

Song Ming’s tone was somewhat envious.

“Shopkeeper Song, the fish that I caught are the owner’s. It has nothing to do with me, but this batch of goods. If I lose, I have to catch it myself.”

Complimenting, Luo shopkeeper knelt on the ground and gave a big gift to Song Ming.

“Luo shopkeeper, if you want to grow in business, you have to spend money to buy lessons.”

“You can’t help yourself, let others suffer.” Song Ming smiled after saying that left.

The one-year period is approaching, and it is time for Wan Xingzhou to come back to pick them up.

Song Ming returned to his shop and saw several senior and junior brothers packing their things.

“Wan Xingzhou has docked outside the barrier, Senior Brother Song, we can go back.” A hidden Spirit Sect Disciple said with a smile.

Compared to the intrigues and plot against the business, he also likes to retreat in the sect and fight with the senior and junior brothers.

“It’s a pity that it’s only a year.” Song Ming looked at the street that gathered the essence of the major Intermediate Thousand Worlds, with a trace of reluctance.

But sect is more important than that.

A star boat carried Song Ming and several hidden Spirit Sect Disciples to the docking place of Wan Xingzhou.

In Wanxingzhou Tianzi District, Song Ming met Xu Fan.

“Meet the Great Elder.” Song Ming had an extra space fairy in his hand.

“One hundred thousand immortal jade makes a profit of thirty thousand in a year, yes, are you interested in running this route when you go back?” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

“Great Elder, can I still come here in the future!” Song Ming’s tone was a little surprised.

“We sect have our own Yuzhou, but I don’t know if you are willing to run this route.”

“Yes! Of course yes!!”

“Working for sect, Disciple will do anything!” Song Ming said excitedly.

Ming Kong next to him looked at this scene with envy.

Although their Elder Council has business geniuses, their capital is weak and cannot give so many opportunities for business geniuses to try and make mistakes.

Not to mention taking out 100,000 immortal jade for them to practice.

“Great Elder, now we set off to mess with the Sector, where there are one Small World after another, and each Small World has a different Spirit Treasure.” Mingkong said.

β€œHow did these Small Worlds come from?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“The superior said before that it should be a very large Intermediate Thousand Worlds. Failing to advance to the Immortal Realm, Heavenly Dao Will exploded directly.”

“The Intermediate Thousand Worlds can’t bear it. Resist the pressure and separate into one Small World after another.”

“Where does the danger come from?”

“Due to the collapse of Heavenly Dao Will, one disordered Small World after another is formed. .”

“There has become a paradise for star thieves, and the most powerful is the True Immortal Peak cultivation base.” Mingkong said.

This piqued Xu Fan’s interest.

“How about listening to a lot of True Immortal in Star Domain, why haven’t I heard of Golden Immortal?” This is Xu Fan’s biggest doubt at the moment.

“I don’t know either, maybe the Golden Immortal in this area doesn’t like it.” Mingkong guessed.

“Probably possible.”

As the two chatted, Wan Xingzhou accelerated and flew in an unknown direction.

At this time, outside the barrier of Louzhou Immortal Ship, a Yuzhou also started to fly towards the direction of Wanxingzhou.

Xu Fan, who was chatting with Mingkong, was suddenly frowned.

Seal with one hand, countless avenues of scripture flashed in his eyes.

“Great Elder, what’s wrong?” Mingkong felt the strangeness of Xu Fan.

“There is a little tail at the back, I don’t know what good things can be sent.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Oh~” Mingkong showed a very normal look.

Every time I leave the Ancient Cang Realm, it is strange that there is no small tail behind me.

(End of this chapter)

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