My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 812

Chapter 812 Battle

“Don’t think about escaping, this piece of Star Domain has been blocked by me.”

A huge void formation appeared, in the void formation Above the nodes, all are the Yin Power spells of the Holy Sun Moon.

Seeing these spells, black robe True Immortal’s expression became solemn.

“With so many Yin Power spells, you must be the Great Grandmaster.” black robe True Immortal said while looking at Xu Fan.

While speaking, the divine sense is looking for the weak spot of this great formation.

“A spell is worth 30 immortal jades. To prevent you from escaping, I used 10,000 pieces.”

“This immortal jade seal array worth 300,000 is worthy enough. Take your identity as True Immortal.” Xu Fan looked towards the black robe True Immortal, the two swordsman puppets behind him said.

The swordsman puppet of the True Immortal level just used a single sword to defeat the faceless Golden Body Dharma Idol. The power is truly extraordinary.

When Xu Fan saw the swordsman puppet take action, he had already thought about the purpose of the swordsman puppet.

“Not only is Venerable the Supreme Venerable, but also the Great Grandmaster of the spell. With your status, you should obediently wait in the Intermediate Thousand Worlds to be greeted by the Immortal Gate. The Star Domain is too dangerous.” black robe True Immortal looked at Xu Fan in the distance said.

At this time, Xu Fan’s real body, who was far away from cultivation in Yinling Island, was suddenly surrounded by a cursed force.

A shadow with a giant blade appeared behind Xu Fan.

Holding the giant blade high, it will cut off the head of Xu Fan’s real body.

Suddenly, the closed eyes of Xu Fan’s real body moved slightly, and the silhouette and the power of the curse wrapped around him shattered directly.

“Interesting, Avatar seems to have encountered some interesting things.”

Xu Fan held up a hand, and in his palm there was a curse that he was trapped in. Power.

“It’s not good for you to curse someone, but you cursed me.”

A black array rose up, and there were countless black avenues of scriptures circulating on the array.

Xu Fan put the cursed power in the center of the array.

“I’ll give it back to you after adding some ingredients~”

Star Domain, feeling that he has cursed True Immortal’s black robe True Immortal, with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth.

He majored in a rare curse in the fairy world. The general True Immortal was cursed by him with all his strength, and the rot of True Spirit came.

Even if you don’t die, you have to explain half of your origin.

Just when black robed man first planned to use this as a threat, Xu Fan let him go.

Suddenly, a thin, cursed snake that took away the True Spirit’s venom appeared above his Immortal Spirit.

An unknown poisonous celestial inscription shone above the cursed serpent.

Feeling the cursed snake circling towards him Immortal Spirit, black robe True Immortal’s body immediately froze, his expression a little unbelievable.

Three Thousand Great Daos, each of which can prove the Great Firmament, and the power of curse is no exception.

On top of this thin snake, there is the avenue of curse, and it is also highly poisonous, swallowing, death, ghost, and moon yin.

Although the avenues contained are all the limits of the Great Ascension, it is not difficult to break them alone, but these are all perfectly fused together, and even he has no good solution.

Xu Fan, not far from the black robe True Immortal, laughed.

“It turned out to be True Immortal, who majored in curses, so Junior would first thank Senior’s two puppets.” The curse must have gone to the main body, and now the backlash should come.

At this time, the cursed thin snake had already hovered at the base of Immortal Spirit’s legs, biting into an indescribable position.

The black robe True Immortal, which was trying to control the attack of the two True Immortal puppets, was eroded by several avenues and froze in place.

The two True Immortal puppets went into defensive mode when their masters didn’t move.

“Grape, can you control these two True Immortal puppets.” Xu Fan asked.

“It will take time, the Xianwen array on the core of the True Immortal puppet is different, it will take a while to crack.” Grape responded.

“Didn’t I decipher the cores of the two True Immortal puppets for you?”

“I’m sorry master, the main body is not here, the upper limit of operating computing power is not so high.” Grape Guilt said.

“It’s okay, you can decipher it slowly first.” Xu Fan said, and rushed towards the black robe True Immortal.

He decided to seal the black robe True Immortal first.

The Faceless Golden Body Dharma Idol appears and grabs the two True Immortal puppets.

In order to seal the black robe True Immortal, the two True Immortal puppets must be eliminated first.

Xu Fan raised his hand lightly, nine immortal swords, 3600 Dao Item Spirit Sword appeared.

A great circulation Five Elements sword array was formed in the Star Domain.

Trap the black robe True Immortal and the two True Immortal golems inside.

In the great circulation Five Elements sword array, countless sword lights come from all directions.

The two swords and puppets held fairy swords, and they were able to move freely in countless sword lights.

Cut out a few sword lights from time to time to deal with those sword lights that cannot be avoided.

The constant pressure force of the great circulation Five Elements sword array has little effect on the two puppets.

“It’s really difficult~” Xu Fan said when he saw the two swordsman puppets.

At this time, the people watching Wan Xingzhou’s battle, although they did not understand the inherent risks of the battle, did not hinder the praise of Xu Fan.

“You dare to curse the master, you are fearless.” Li Xingci laughed.

“It would be better if the master added a little more material when he countered the curse. Wouldn’t it be easier to kill if Dao Heart collapsed?” Zhou Kailing said regretfully beside him.

Some people pay attention to the battle, while others pay attention to the swordsman puppets dodging back and forth in the from Zhou Tian Five Elements sword array.

Thousands of soldiers looked at the two True Immortal puppets with saliva, thinking of the scene of these two True Immortal puppets, with their puppet army galloping in the enemy camp.

“Senior brother, don’t have sweet dreams. After the Great Elder takes us to the Immortal Realm, you can think about such beautiful things.” said a Disciple next to him who had gone on a mission with him.

“How do you know what I’m thinking~” Ten thousand soldiers were still looking at the two True Immortal puppets obsessively.

The True Immortal puppet holding a fairy sword is one zhang tall, and its appearance is all black and red.

The black robe True Immortal is fighting hard against the cursed serpent in Immortal Spirit.

At this time, half of his Immortal Spirit was dyed black, and black robe True Immortal was calling the other half of Immortal Spirit to suppress it.

He knew that if Xu Fan suppressed those two puppets, he would be finished.

So the Cursed Long Serpent must be suppressed as soon as possible.

At this time, Xu Fan himself went into battle in order to suppress the two True Immortal puppets.

I saw that he had an immortal sword in his hand.

“Since this Dragon Slaying Immortal Artifact was refined, it has not been lit up like it is today. Take a look at its formidable power.” Xu Fan rushed into the witness with a knife.

The sword array disappeared and a faceless Golden Body Dharma Idol appeared.

Xu Fan will fight one against one, and one with no face gold movement method.

Xu Fan holds the Dragon Slayer and fights directly.

The swordsman puppet has no room to resist.

I saw a giant blade appear in the Star Domain and slash the swordsman puppet.

The puppet wanted to escape, but it was locked by Xu Fan, and even if it went to the ends of the earth, this blade would still split.

On the other side, the faceless Golden Body Dharma Idol has taken control of the other.

(End of this chapter)

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