My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 813

Chapter 813 Small World

After suppressing the two puppets, Xu Fan successfully sealed the black robe True Immortal.

And took back the Holy Sun Moon Yin Charm in the surrounding great formation.

“I thought I could play with passion, but I didn’t expect you to be so incompetent.” Xu Fan said with disappointment after looking at black robe True Immortal.

black robe True Immortal also sensed the danger from the outside world, barely detaching a trace of consciousness and controlling his body.

“Good trick.” black robe True Immortal looked coldly towards Xu Fan.

“It’s okay, not many brushes dare to dangle in this Star Domain.” Xu Fan said while placing a seal array around the black robe True Immortal.

“What are you going to do with me~”

“Kill it, it’s useless to keep it after all.” Xu Fan smiled at the black robe True Immortal.

With his means, he can barely control the quasi-immortal level at present, and True Immortal is not very sure, so Xu Fan did not think about leaving the black robe True Immortal alive.

“Leave my life, I know a treasure, at least worth millions of immortal jade.” black robe True Immortal said hurriedly.

Xu Fan was stunned for a moment, then said with a smile: “If you don’t tell me, I forgot, I will search for my soul in a while.”


“Leave me alive, I have for you…”

Before black robe True Immortal finished speaking, Xu Fan gave him a finger between the eyebrows.

The power of the curse that had filled half of Immortal Spirit exploded instantly, Immortal Spirit was dissolved, and black robe True Immortal also lost consciousness.

“Do one line, love one line, since you have come out to rob, you should be brave when you die.”

black robe True Immortal’s space Dao Item and those few immortals The weapon fell into the hands of Xu Fan, and the consciousness of black robe True Immortal was also sealed by Xu Fan.

At this point, in the Yuzhou with little tail, everyone has been controlled by Xu Fan in advance.

The two Ascension Immortals and the twelve Great Ascension Venerables all looked at Xu Fan respectfully.

“Find the Flying Feather Realm according to this coordinate, and stand by outside the Flying Feather Realm.” Xu Fan instructed the two quasi-immortals.

“As you order, Master.” The two quasi-immortals saluted.

In the Wan Xingzhou, Ming Kong somewhat regressfully looked away from the light curtain.

Although Xu Fan suppressed three True Immortal battle strengths in one fell swoop, Ming Kong didn’t see what he wanted to see.

The last time Shang Zun fought True Immortal, Ming Kong felt that the Lord had exhausted all his strength and exploded with all his power.

While Xu Fan played against True Immortal, it was like painting with splashes of ink. The whole process was calm and everything was under control.

“Where is the limit of the Great Elder?”

Ming Kong became curious.

A trace of holy Yang True Fire ignited from the body of the black robe True Immortal, and the black robe True Immortal turned to ashes in an instant and dissipated in the Star Domain.

Xu Fan returns, and Wan Xingzhou continues to sail towards its destination.

“Great Elder, can you show me those two True Immortal puppets?”

As soon as Xu Fan returned, thousands of soldiers gathered around Xu Fan.

“What’s the matter, do you feel like the puppet in sect is having a hard time playing?” Xu Fan looked at the thousands of soldiers who rubbed their hands said with a smile.

“I just want to take a look and feel what the material of the True Immortal puppet is made of.” Hehe said.

At the same time, many Disciples also joined Xu Fan.

“Well, since you want to see it, let’s see more.”

Xu Fan waved his hand, and two black and red swordsman puppets appeared in front of everyone.

“These two puppets are of True Immortal primary level, barely possessing True Immortal battle strength. In terms of their precision, they are not even a tiny bit worse.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

In Xu Fan’s eyes, the two True Immortal level puppets were made very crudely, as if they were hand-trained.

The puppet means are also unusually simple, and even the mysterious sword dao Divine Ability is not loaded.

That’s it, all the Disciples stepped forward to touch the True Immortal puppet one by one with a strange look on their faces.

“Master, can this kind of puppet be refined?” Zhou Kailing asked.

“You can make it if you have the raw materials, but you have to wait until you are promoted to the quasi-immortal teacher.” Xu Fan said.

Zhou Kailing seems to understand and nodded.

Wan Xingzhou began to accelerate, Xu Fan began to look at the space Dao Item of black robe True Immortal.

A bunch of useless Dao Items and fairy artifacts were poured out by Xu Fan.

“This black robe True Immortal has only more than 30,000 immortal jades all over his body, so he is really poor.”

“And these Dao Items are all lowest, and they are not It’s worth a few dollars.” Xu Fan couldn’t help complaining.

Logically, Xu Fan felt that a True Immortal must have at least 100,000 immortal jades.

Listening to Xu Fan’s rants, Zhou Kailing couldn’t help but look at his storage space, just a little immortal jade, not even poor.

Li Xingci, who was accompanying his daughter-in-law, silently walked to the dojo when he heard Xu Fan’s words.

If he doesn’t master the skills taught to him by the master to the most proven, he will not go out.

In this way, Wan Xingzhou finally came to Chaotic Sector after 8 months of sailing.

“Great Elder, there is a messy sector ahead. There are various Small Worlds hidden here. As long as there is no guard, you can take whatever is inside.” Mingkong said.

“Then what if there are people?” Xu Fan asked.

“The Great Elder can do whatever he wants~”


“But these Small Worlds are hidden and need special Use the method to find.”

Ming Kong said, Wan Xingzhou sent out a wave similar to a sound wave, and began to search for this piece of Star Domain.

At this moment, a scarlet-red light beam with a diameter of ten feet shot out from the Star Domain.

As if across space, it shoots towards Wan Xingzhou.

This time Xu Fan didn’t care, Mingkong was already prepared, and directly activated the highest level defense array to resist the scarlet-red light beam attack.

“Isn’t this the only one I found?” Mingkong laughed.

Wan Xingzhou shot a beam of light directly and flew in the direction of the attack.

The beam of light shot somewhere and suddenly exploded, and a Small World with a diameter of 10,000 miles appeared in front of Wan Xingzhou.

“Master, can you bring these small worlds back to the body to absorb, these Small Worlds can be used as nutrients for grapes to form their own world.” The voice of the grapes sounded.

“Okay, I’ll seal up a few Small Worlds for you when you leave and bring them back for you to taste.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Master, if there are enough Small Worlds here, grapes can completely form their own realm here, evolve into a small fairyland, and become the Heavenly Dao Will of the small fairyland.”

“In this way, all the problems that the owner was worried about before will not appear.” Grape’s tone was a little excited.

“Can you run away after you evolve into the fairy world?” Xu Fan suddenly asked a strange question.

“Once there is a world of its own, it is possible to move, but the speed is not as fast as a turtle.”

“After encountering a strong enemy, the owner can bring the hidden spirit with him. The island retreats tactically, and waits for the strong enemy to leave before returning.” Grape’s tone weakened, he knew that this would have absolutely no cultivation value in the owner’s mind.

“Let’s forget it, it’s too risky to stand on its own in Star Domain, it’s no different from a living target.” Xu Fan shook the head.

This is not as good as the Small World where grapes are cultivated in the fairyland.

At this time, several scarlet-red light beams shot out from the Small World with a diameter of 10,000 miles, but there was no way to get the Wanxing Boat.

In this way, Wan Xingzhou broke in with the scarlet-red light beam.

(End of this chapter)

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