My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 814

Chapter 814: Bright Sky Elder

Once you enter Small World, your vision is wide open.

“This world is only tens of thousands of miles in size, and it is relatively small in the chaos sector.” Mingkong Probing said.

At this moment, an alien quasi-immortal led several alien Venerables to appear not far from Wanxingzhou.

I saw the alien quasi-immortal with a sharp horn facial expression grave.

“I feel that there is a supreme Venerable in the spaceship, and this is left to me to solve.”

“As for the rest of the Human Race, you have to deal with it as soon as possible and come and help me.” The alien quasi-immortal said.

There is a consensus in the Great Thousand Worlds that the general supreme Venerable can compete with the quasi-immortal, and the stronger ones are comparable to the True Immortal level.

The alien quasi-immortals are now only looking forward to the Human Race in the cosmos, and the Venerable is a little weaker.

The group of aliens watched Wan Xingzhou on alert, but Wan Xingzhou’s inner Qi atmosphere was very relaxed.

Xu Fan was about to attack, but was stopped by Ming Kong who was eager to have a try.

“Mingkong Elder, do you want to give it a try?” Xu Fan looked at Mingkong and said.

Mingkong nodded, recently watching Xu Fan suppress the True Immortal casually, made him have a little illusion.

“Great Elder, I want to fight against this alien quasi-immortal!”

Mingkong ignited a fighting intent, True Immortal is no match, and quasi-immortal should be fine.

“Go, I’ll stand up for you.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“many thanks Great Elder.” After Mingkong finished speaking, he teleported to the outside of Wanxingzhou.

“I didn’t know there was a supreme Venerable on the spaceship. I would like to take out 100,000 immortal jade to clear up the misunderstanding just now.” See if you can pay for it.

Ming Kong looked at the alien quasi-immortal with mocking eyes.

“If you bully us outsiders and don’t understand the rules, 100,000 immortal jade wants to send us off.”

“If my Wan Xingzhou’s defense is weaker, You guys should be happily packing up the spoΓ­ls of war now?”

“Don’t talk about this nonsense, let’s fight!”

A round mirror rose from behind Mingkong, Shoots a beam of light.

The Demon Slayer Sword appeared in Ming Kong’s hand.

The beam of light emitted by the mirror was easily blocked by the alien quasi-immortal.

“You want to fight with me alone? Why not call out the Supreme Being in Yuzhou.” There was anger in the eyes of the alien quasi-immortal, an invincible Venerable, since he dared to challenge him in vain.

“Qianhu, Qianhun, you go up and play with him.” The alien quasi-immortal was obviously not interested in Mingkong, and has been on guard for Xu Fan in the Wanxingzhou.

At this moment, Xu Fan’s voice sounded throughout Small World.

“You play with Mingkong Elder first, and in the end, no matter what the result is, I will keep you alive.”

Xu Fan took advantage of the time just now to learn about this. Alien with a horn on the head.

The Spirithorns are a very scattered and weak race, usually vassals of powerful races.

Its characteristic is to easily acknowledge allegiance to the powerhouse and serve them.

All Venerables around the alien quasi-immortal were suppressed by Xu Fan and fell into a deep sleep.

The quasi-immortal from the Lingjiao clan knew it was over when he saw this scene.

“I beg the Supreme Court to spare the life of my Lingjiao clan.” The alien quasi-immortal said in a salute.

“You first defeat the invincible Venerable in front of you. If you can win, I will let you go to Small World.” Xu Fan indifferently said.

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, the alien quasi-immortal looked towards Mingkong.

“Please advise~”

The horn on the quasi-immortal’s head began to flash with aura, and a strange fairy weapon appeared in her hand.

“Please advise~” Ming Kong charged over with the Demon Slayer Sword in hand after he finished speaking.

At the beginning of the battle, Xu Fan was able to see the battle strength of the Elder Council’s No. 1 Elder.

“It’s interesting to see that both sides are tied.” Looking at Mingkong and the alien quasi-immortal in battle, Xu Fan laughed.

“Who do you think will win.” Xu Fan asked the serial number Elder who followed Wan Xingzhou.

“I feel that Mingkong Elder is a little reluctant. If you want to defeat this quasi-immortal, you may have to wait until after the eighth explosion.” The serial number Elder said.

“The eighth explosion, what do you mean?” Xu Fan was a little puzzled.

At this moment, the battle outside Wanxingzhou changed.

Ming Kong was transformed into a bloody mist by the rainbow light emitted by the unicorn on the head of the alien quasi-immortal.

Just when the alien quasi-immortal thought he was victorious, a life force enveloped the blood mist.

Then condensed, and the bright sky appeared again.

“This is the first burst,” said Serial Elder.

“This cultivation technique, Interesting ~” said Xu Fan touched the chin.

Ming Kong, who has reunited again, has a calm expression. Since his battle with the Golden-Winged Great Peng Avatar, he has consumed a lot of resources and finally returned to the Peak period.

He is very confident in this battle, and feels that as long as he suppresses this alien quasi-immortal, he may touch the supreme realm.

As the battle continued, there was much less contempt in the eyes of the alien quasi-immortal, and the battle became more serious.

The result of this is that Mingkong is exploded faster and faster.

Each time Mingkong is blown up, it will be stronger when it condenses again.

This continued until Mingkong was destroyed for the 6th time.

Mingkong’s complexion began to become a little abnormal, and the alien quasi-immortal in front of him was stronger than he imagined.

Six explosions and maybe even seventh explosions can’t suppress the quasi-immortals in front of them.

This is completely different from what he expected, but the atmosphere is here, and he will try his best to suppress the alien quasi-immortal in front of him, otherwise he will have no face to appear in front of Xu Fan in the future.

“Mingkong Elder, otherwise forget it. I heard that your cultivation technique is expensive.”

Xu Fan’s voice made the firmness in Mingkong’s eyes even more intense.

“Don’t bother the Great Elder, I can handle it!”

A giant mountain appeared in the sky and smashed down on the alien quasi-immortal.

In the end, a long river of heavy water ran across the sky and washed away towards the alien quasi-immortal.

Ming Kong wanted to continue to use Divine Ability to suppress quasi-immortals, but was ignited by a stream of rainbow light shot by alien quasi-immortals.

“The 7th time, according to this power increase ratio, the 9th time should be able to barely defeat this alien quasi-immortal.”

“Actually, it is completely unnecessary.” Xu Fan said to hook the head.

Mingkong’s strength can reach this level, it is already the limit.

Being the supreme is not without a chance, this chance is too slim in Xu Fan’s eyes, it is not as good as the chance of reincarnate and recultivate.

“Ever since the superior left, Mingkong Elder has always been very strong, and wants to support the Elder Council for the superior, so that he can fly to the fairy world to see him in the future.” said the elder next to the serial number.

Ming Kong came to the eighth explosion with their while speaking skills.

“Elder Mingkong is going to die hard, so please ask the Great Elder to stand up for him.” The serial number Elder saluted.

“That’s easy to say.” Xu Fan looked towards Ming Kong, who was in an extremely unstable state.

In Xu Fan’s eyes, Mingkong has become a ticking time bomb.

As long as the alien quasi-immortal is not suppressed within one hour, even if True Spirit does not collapse, it will suffer internal injuries and affect the future immortal path.

“Great Elder, don’t shoot, I have touched the highest realm!”

Hearing Mingkong’s words, Xu Fan crushed the aura with a curse in his hand.

(End of this chapter)

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