My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 815

Chapter 815 Transcending Tribulation

The power of the open air has been strengthened by another point, and the formidable power of the Divine Ability catalyzed is getting bigger and bigger.

The situation began to slowly turn over, Ming Kong became stronger and stronger with the battle, and the alien quasi-immortals retreated.

At this time, due to the increasing fluctuation of the battle, the whole Small World could not bear it.

Several hundred li wide Space Cracks appeared, and the aura in the Star Domain began to permeate toward Small World.

Xu Fan raised his hand and pressed down, and a big bell appeared in Small World.

It is the magic weapon that black robe True Immortal sealed Xu Fan.

The fairy bell stabilized the collapsing Small World.

“Don’t worry, you can play as much as you like.”

Xu Fan laughed, Elder Mingkong had touched it, becoming a supreme opportunity, and he had to help him stabilize the field.

At this moment, a dharma image of the Lingjiao clan standing horizontally between Heaven and Earth suddenly appeared, and photographed it directly at Mingkong.


Mingkong once again turned into a blood mist in the sky, but this time did not condense as quickly as before.

Xu Fan frowned in Wanxingzhou, in his perception, the True Spirit of Mingkong is dissipating little by little.

Just when Xu Fan was about to make a move.

In the sky All the blood mist condensed into a blood egg.

The blood eggs are engraved with unknown Dao scriptures, revealing holy aura.

β€œIt’s a bit rushed, it’s hard to achieve greatness,” Xu Fan said.

Although the clear sky has reached a critical point, it is not the best time to break through.

“It’s a pity~” Xu Fan exclaimed.

The alien quasi-immortal who was about to make another shot stopped because he felt Xu Fan’s warning gaze.

Not long after, the blood egg broke open, and Ming Kong appeared in front of the alien quasi-immortal again, with an extremely ugly face.

The battle begins again, and the result is that both sides are evenly matched, and neither can do anything about the other.

“Mingkong Elder, how about a tie.” Xu Fan persuaded.

He felt that Mingkong was about to lose his hold, so he took a step down.

The alien quasi-immortal also stopped looking towards Mingkong.

Mingkong nodded, and returned to Wanxingzhou with a helpless expression.

“You win, and you and your Small World are also saved.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

β€œmany thanks is the supreme kindness.”

The alien quasi-immortal had a happy expression on his face. If you want to ask who he is most grateful for now, of course, he will challenge his Mingkong, or he will not get it. Supreme promise.

“Okay, forget about your bombarding us.”

“Now let’s settle the mental loss of us Yuzhou people.” Xu Fan looked at The alien quasi-immortal said.

The alien quasi-immortal who had a happy look in her eyes instantly condensed.

Looking at the dazed alien quasi-immortal, Xu Fan said, “Don’t you think that if I let you go, everything will be fine?”

“I just forgive you little ones. It’s just my life, and the rest have to be compensated.”

“How about half a million immortal jade~” The alien quasi-immortal struggled for a long time and said the number.

Just after saying this number, the alien quasi-immortal felt that a giant mountain was pressing down on him.

Complimented and knelt on the ground.

Xu Fan didn’t speak, and everyone around looked towards the alien quasi-immortal kneeling on the ground.

“Eighty thousand immortal jade, I only have so many!” said the alien quasi-immortal who was kneeling on the ground and was under enormous pressure.

The heart is very shocking, so it is said that the strongest is the highest, and it can rival True Immortal.

It’s an exaggeration to be able to suppress yourself with just the words.

Xu Fan looked at Mingkong, whose expression was still bad, but did not speak, and put some pressure on the alien quasi-immortal.

“1 million, at most 1 million, this is all my belongings!” Just when the alien quasi-immortal felt that he was about to be permanently suppressed, he said a number that made his whole body hurt.

“That’s right, my life is not guaranteed, what’s the use of keeping immortal jade.”

The pressure was disappeared, but the alien quasi-immortal kneeling on the ground did not dare to stand up.

A storage bag with immortal jade and a space Dao Item are presented in both hands.

“There are 800,000 immortal jade in the storage bag, and there are various spirit ore in the space ring, which are worth at least 200,000 immortal jade.”

“This is almost the same, before the robbery in the future. , it’s better to count a hexagram first.”

“Now the Yintang is black and the eyes are red, obviously it is a sign of bankruptcy.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

The alien quasi-immortal felt a little humiliated, so she could only kneel on the ground honestly.

In the current situation, the other side did not take away this Small World, and it is good luck to keep their family alive.

Wan Xingzhou left the Small World and continued to fly towards the depths of the chaos sector.

In the main control room, Xu Fan threw a storage bag to Mingkong.

“There are 500,000 immortal jade in it, which is a share of our labor income.”

“Don’t be depressed, the moment you choose to force a breakthrough, you are doomed to miss the supreme .” Xu Fan said comfortingly.

“I don’t have many major events, but there are not many opportunities like this, so I can only take the risk of forcibly breaking through, and being able to touch the supreme realm, I have no regrets in the cultivation world.” Mingkong said with a sigh.

“Great Elder, just give 100,000 immortal jade. You give me half of your labor income at once. It’s too much.” Mingkong said that he wanted to return 400,000 immortal jade to Xu Fan.

“Take what you want.” Xu Fan left the main control room after saying that.

Back in the Tianzi area, Xu Fan saw that most of the Disciples had entered the cultivation state.

I can’t help but be satisfied with the nodded, these are the Disciples that he has worked hard to cultivate.

Although it is not used now, it will be their turn to perform after flying to the Immortal Realm later.

“Master, I feel my second and third calamities are coming!” Li Xingci came to Xu Fan’s side and said with a strange expression.

Xu Fan put a hand on Li Xingci’s shoulder and released it after a long time.

“The skill I taught you recently, you practiced too diligently, and the realm improved in reincarnation. The repercussions you forcibly quit in the first few years have been disappeared.” Xu Fan said.

“Let’s go, find a dojo, and accompany you to the Transcending Tribulation for the master.” Xu Fan patted Li Xingci’s shoulder and said.

The two came to the nearest dojo.

β€œDid you tell Elder Su?” Xu Fan asked.

“No, there is a master who is sure of everything, so you don’t have to worry about it.” Li Xingci’s face flashed a gentle color.

“It’s just as long as you have it in your heart.”

Xu Fan waved to Li Xingci’s top of the head, and the two entered the world of reincarnation together.

In the chaos of reincarnation, two illusory shadows appeared.

Li Xingci was a little stunned, he had not yet entered the reincarnation dream in this way.

“Master, where is this?”

“The surface of the reincarnation world is a little deeper than your reincarnation dream.” Xu Fan said.

“What should I do now, I feel that Heavenly Tribulation is coming soon.”

“Then let this reincarnation world randomly generate a world Transcending Tribulation.”


As soon as Xu Fan finished speaking, a thin film centered on the two people began to spread out.

A reincarnation dream world is slowly taking shape.

With the two at the center, there are endless grasslands all around.

At this time, the robbery clouds in the sky mixed with the Great Dao Law of Samsara began to condense.

“It always feels wrong~” Xu Fan said, looking at Jieyun who contained the Great Dao Law of Reincarnation in the sky.

(End of this chapter)

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