My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 816

Chapter 816 Dream Heart

Xu Fan looked at Jieyun in the sky, and his expression began to change.

“The second child is being targeted, and the Old Fourth is also being targeted.”

“Do you think that my discipline is easy to bully if you don’t kill one?” Xu Fan looked at Jieyun in the sky , with murderous aura in the eyes.

A scripture describing the Great Dao of Reincarnation slowly appeared behind Xu Fan.

Suddenly, the Great Dao of Reincarnation in the robbery cloud flew towards the scripture as if it had been subjected to a summon.

Just as it was about to be incorporated into this verse, the Great Dao of Reincarnation in the cloud of doom stopped.

As a man in a purple robe.

“Are you Golden Immortals wandering in the world of reincarnation so irrespective of the law and of natural morality?”

“When you see a good junior with aptitude, you want to come and do it. A ghost?” Xu Fan said indifferently, looking at the man in the purple robe.

“Don’t be so full of words, you put such an excellent Disciple into the world of reincarnation, you need to experience this.”

“Even if there is nothing before maturity, it will not be the same after maturity. It’s your stand-in!” The purple robe man. The look towards Xu Fan was somewhat sarcastic.

“It’s just for the Golden Immortal of you disappointing.”

Xu Fan said, the scripture behind him slowly turned into a mysterious Gate of Samsara.

“Gate of Samsara!!” the purple robe man shouted in shock.

“I’m not interested in reincarnation, it’s passed down to my disappointing recipe.”

“Also, the cause and effect between us is planted, it’s better not to Let me find out where your real body is.” Xu Fan looked coldly towards the man in purple robe.

“Half of my body has fallen into the inner world of reincarnation. You have the ability to go there and find it.” The purple robe man suddenly laughed.

“If you don’t become the Great Firmament forever, you can’t break free from the inner world.”

“That place is very good, and the creatures speak very well. You are welcome to come.” The face of the purple robe man gradually began to change. get crazy.

“The cause and effect of you and me are planted, stop me from breaking free from the inner world, you are even more damned!”

“I will wait for you to disciple you in that session, even if I completely If you fall, I will drag you along too!!” The purple robe man roared frantically.

Its imposing manner even suppresses that diffuse Heavenly Tribulation cloud.

Xu Fan looked towards the sky and said with a chill face: “The ones who are watching the play, come out too.”

Until the silhouette appeared beside Xu Fan, All looked at Xu Fan with greedy eyes.

“Fellow Daoist, what about Gate of Samsara?” said a man who looked like a butcher, with endless greed and tyranny in his eyes.

“You want to eat your fart, you, a creature that is about to be swallowed by the inner world, can’t get out even if you have the Gate of Samsara.” Another woman wearing a black dress said.

“You don’t need to worry about the dead woman~” the butcher shouted.

“Fellow Daoist, how do you give me this Gate of Samsara, I have a secret treasure in the Daxingluo Realm, and there is an Immortal King in it.” The man dressed as a scholar holding a folding fan said.

Xu Fan looked around for a week, and finally set his eyes on the old man who was watching Li Xing’s Transcending Tribulation.

Feeling Xu Fan’s gaze, the old man turned around and looked at Xu Fan.

“You’re the master of this kid, you sure are better than me. It’s a pity.” The old man’s voice was a little regretful.

“Three who want to stand in, one who wants symbiosis, and one who doesn’t know what to do.”

“I remember all five of you, let’s reincarnate See you in the inner world.” Xu Fan showed a sneer, and then excluded them from this Transcending Tribulation dream.

He has already decided that after reaching the Golden Immortal Realm, he will go to the inner realm of reincarnation to end karma.

If you should die, you will die, if you should sink, you will sink.

Li Xingchi’s performance in Transcending Tribulation is very relaxed, which is also due to the fact that his foundation is deep enough and there are enough magic weapons.

Not long after, the last Thunder Tribulation fell, and Li Xingci successfully survived the second calamity.

“many thanks master is the guardian of the discipline.” Li Xingci said gratefully.

“I won’t come to protect the Dharma anymore, and you will be taken advantage of by those old bastards.” Xu Fan talked about the matter between the Golden Immortals.

At this moment, the Thunder Tribulation in the sky condensed again, and Li Xingci came to the third calamity.

“Master, I’m going to spend the third calamity.”

Xu Fan waved his hand and told him to hurry up and prepare.

At this time, in Xu Fan’s perception, several Golden Immortal-level existences were eyeing Li Xingci.

“It’s a bit tricky outside, but in the world of reincarnation, if you try hard, it’s courting death.” Xu Fan said, looking at Golden Immortal, who felt a strange aura outside the dream of reincarnation.

Xu Fan directly moved the Gate of Samsara out of the dream world, turning it into a nightmare to guard the dream world.

Outside the dream of reincarnation, several illusory shadows looked at the nightmare waiting in front, and they all left after waiting for a while.

Seeing the nightmare manifested by the Gate of Samsara, I knew it was someone I couldn’t offend.

Xu Fan looked towards Li Xingci, who was in Transcending Tribulation at the Jieyun Center, and couldn’t help but start thinking about him in the future.

“Although this Smelly Brat has high talent, but at a modern level, it’s almost a problem to take that step and break out of the inner world of reincarnation.”

“In the future, I will have to spend a lot of time refining a few immortal artifacts that can save my life in the inner world of reincarnation.”

“Maybe I will have to go to the inner world of reincarnation in person.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said .

At this moment, a silhouette appeared from Xu Fan’s side.

The person wearing a white daoist robe, with eyes like stars and picturesque eyebrows and eyes, can recall all the good things in the world at a glance.

“Senior, although the aptitude is good, the little apprentice should not be surprised by a big shot like you.” Xu Fan looked towards that silhouette.

“Just passing by, your discipline is good, you are even better.” The silhouette looked towards Xu Fan and said.

Those bright eyes almost made Xu Fan fall into a dream.

Her beauty is beyond Xu Fan’s understanding.

“Did senior see me?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this point, he was ready to detonate this Avatar consciousness at any time and bring Li Xingchi back to the real world.

“I was just passing by and saw the nightmare outside the dream world, so I came to take a look out of curiosity.” That silhouette smiled slightly.

Just this simple smile, this temporary dream world convinced her.

The sky other than Jieyun has become pink, except for the piece of land in Li Xingci’s Transcending Tribulation, all other places have grown all kinds of spiritual flowers.

Xu Fan looked towards the smiling mysterious woman in the sea of flowers, and instantly wanted to freeze this moment and save it forever.

“The nightmare outside proves that you are qualified to reach that step in the future, so come here to form a good relationship with you.”

The breeze blows, and it has become a sea of flowers The grassland moved with the wind, and a ray of soft sunlight fell, just shrouding the mysterious woman.

“Junior Xu Fan, the Taoist name is Wandao, I don’t know how senior is called.” Xu Fan saluted.

“Just call me Mengxin.” Mengxin said, leaning down and picking off a purple flower.

Then the purple flower turned into a little bit of aura and merged into the body of Li Xingci who was in Transcending Tribulation in the distance.

“In the future, when your discipline is in the world of reincarnation, I will cover you.”

(end of this chapter)

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