My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 818

Chapter 818 On Taoism

Xu Fan squinted at the alien Venerables that suddenly appeared above.

“It seems that there is a supreme Venerable here?” said the group of alien Venerables that Xu Fan felt.

“Master, are you going to fight!” Zhou Kailing said excitedly.

“I guess not. Judging from their imposing manner, they should have come to visit.” Xu Fan withdrew his gaze and prepared to continue wandering towards the immortal city.

At this moment, an alien Venerable in the sky seemed to sense Xu Fan’s gaze, and he stepped out and appeared not far from Xu Fan.

“The Supreme of Human Race? From the Star Domain?” said the alien Supreme Venerable.

The alien Venerable has a hairy face, an ape-like body and four arms.

“Yes, I don’t know what to do?” Xu Fan said with a nod.

“It’s okay, I haven’t seen the new Supreme Venerable for a long time, so come and meet.” The alien Supreme Venerable said with a smile.

“Fellow Daoist would be interested in following me to the Star Domain to talk about it.” Venerable, the supreme alien of the race, invited him again.

In the eyes of Venerable, the supreme being of the alien race, discussing the Dao is to learn from each other, and to experience the depths of the opposite control Dao in the most simple way.

“Not interested, Fellow Daoist should do whatever he needs to do.” Xu Fan shook his head and said.

The highest is also divided into levels, and the one in front of Xu Fan is the highest of the lowest.

Xu Fan is not interested in making a move.

At this time, an invincible Venerable appeared beside the two of them. It was the invincible Venerable who guarded this Small World.

“Two adults, there is something we can’t do well, you can say it, but don’t talk about it in this small spring world.” The invincible Venerable said nervously.

These two made a light hand, and his Small World would not collapse.

“It’s not impossible to talk about Taoism, how about we add a little luck?” Xu Fan looked at the four-armed alien supreme said with a smile.

“Caitou, how about 10,000 immortal jade for each person.” Xie Zhai Zhigao said in a daze.

“Don’t you think this 10,000 immortal jade is a bit unworthy of your supreme status?” Xu Fan asked.

“Then 100,000 immortal jade, I won’t be able to get any more.” Xie Zhi Gao thought about it and said, it is rare to encounter other cultivators of the same Level 1, so must ask for advice.

Xu Fan nods and makes a gesture of invitation with a virtual hand.

“I’m waiting for Fellow Daoist in Star Domain.” Xu Fan was disappeared after saying that.

The Xenophobic Supreme followed the space fluctuation left by Xu Fan.

Leaving only Zhou Kailing and the invincible Venerable guarding Small World.

“Master, you have to let me watch the fun!” Zhou Kailing said unwillingly.

As soon as Zhou Kailing finished speaking, a hand stretched out from the void, grabbed Zhou Kailing’s shoulder, and pulled him into its space.

In the Star Domain not far from Small World, Xu Fan and the alien supremely face each other.

“Multi-armed Demon Ape Clan, Gangshan, majoring in Chaos Golden Body.” The Alien Supreme said from the registration number.

β€œHuman Race, Xu Fan, majoring in Great Dao of Five Elements.” Xu Fan replied.

The imposing manner of the two began to climb, causing Zhou Kailing, who was watching the battle from a distance, to step back a lot.

“Fellow Daoist, then let’s start talking about Taoism.”

A huge chaotic golden body appeared behind Gangshan, and four hands clenched fists at the same time, banging at Xu Fan come over.

“A strong breaking myriad laws, this move is not bad.” Xu Fan said with admiration.

At the same time, Five Elements spiritual power gathers between Star Domain, Five Elements Great Dao Law gathers behind Xu Fan.

A Five Elements Golden Body Dharma Idol the size of Steel Mountain Supreme appears.

A giant shield condensed by the Five Elements Law appears in the hands of the Five Elements golden body.


Zhou Kailing only felt that the entire Star Domain was shaking. If it weren’t for the shield that Xu Fan had set for him, he would have been crushed into powder by this battle fluctuation. .

Xu Fan held the shield to block the spare no effort of the Chaos Golden Body of Steel Mountain.

As the Chaos Golden Body dissipates, the shield condensed by the Five Elements Golden Body also shatters.

“Hahahaha, finally someone at the same level can catch my full punch!!” Gangshan shouted excitedly.

An even more violent attack followed.

One punch after another, every punch contains the purest power.

In front of the steel mountain, all the great roads will be destroyed under his fist.

Xu Fan’s Five Elements golden body was directly pressed and beaten by Gangshan’s chaotic golden body.

“It’s just your hands!!” Xu Fan controlled the Five Elements golden body to block the Chaos golden body of Gangshan with all his might.

“It is in the Star Domain anyway, there is no restriction of Intermediate Thousand Worlds, and what was not available before can be used now.”

Three Heads Six Arms Divine Ability by Xu Fan When it is displayed, it also fights back with the purest power.

“That’s the only way to be happy, Fellow Daoist, just a little more powerful!!” Gang Shan shouted excitedly, the chaotic golden body was also bigger, even bigger than before.

Zhou Kailing was watching the two supreme beings from a distance, fighting the most brutal battle on the most mysterious avenue.

Every move and every style has huge might. Any hit of the two golden bodies on the Small World not far away will leave permanent scars even if they don’t collapse.

Outside the Small World, the invincible Venerable guarding here is watching the battle between the two huge monsters in the distance with a cold sweat.

Just like in a city, an ordinary person watching Vajra fight Godzilla, while feeling exciting, at the same time worrying that the house he bought in 360 installments behind him will be destroyed.

The battle outside Small World also surprised other Venerables in the world.

Not Venerable of Invincibility, they went back after one glance, because they couldn’t stand it because of the fluctuations of the battle.

Ming Kong took a look and went back, because he remembered the battle with that quasi-immortal.

Compared with Xu Fan’s fight in Gangshan, his fight was like a child’s fight, humiliating and heart-wrenching.

The two thousand zhang golden statues are getting stronger and more exciting.

being evenly matched , a long drought meets nectar, dry wood and fire.

Anyway, it got more and more exciting, and Xu Fan’s fighting intent was also drawn out.

His expression also became serious, and the thought of using supernatural power was extinguished in his heart.

It’s like hitting him with Yin Power.

While the two were fighting happily, the invincible Venerable who guarded the Small World prayed.

“Can the two supreme lords be a little further away from Small World? If we fight like this, Small World will collapse.”

The two people who were fighting lightly paused, directly facing each other. Farther away in the Star Domain.

Seeing that the two supreme leaders left, the invincible Venerables were relaxed, and the Small World they depended on for their survival was saved.

Farther in the Star Domain, the battle continues.

Every time the two met, they went beyond what the Intermediate Thousand Worlds could handle.

Steel Mountain’s Chaos Jin body punches Xu Fan’s Three Heads Six Arms Five Elements Jin.

The two real bodies are separated and face each other in space.

“It’s been so many years, this is the first time I’ve had such a good time since I became Supreme!”

“Fellow Daoist, don’t mind me using fairy weapons!” Gangshan Chaos Golden Body asked.

“Whatever you want, I also have a fairy weapon if you have it.”

“This is also a part of strength.”

A slash appeared in the golden body of Five Elements Long Judao, Gangshan’s 4 hands are wearing red gold fists respectively.

Xu Fan and Gangshan looked at each other again and were satisfied when they saw the immortal weapons in each other’s hands.

(End of this chapter)

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