My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 820

Chapter 820 Returns

Three days later, Xu Fan has a glazed glass ball around his waist.

Xu Fan and Gangshan returned to that Small World.

“big brother, this Small World tour has been completed, I’m going back to headquarters now, welcome big brother to my world to play.” Gangshan said with a smile.

“You belong to the Human Race faction?” Xu Fan was a little puzzled.

Gangshan nodded said: “The Intermediate Thousand Worlds where I was originally had no ascension channel, so I took my brothers across the Star Domain and wanted to find the fairyland to smuggle across.”

“Go to The Sector is messed up, and the star boat just broke down, so I turned to the Human Race forces and brothers here to save money to buy a space boat, and when the time comes, I will take my brothers to fly to the immortal world.” Gang Shan explained.

“Do you know the coordinates of this piece of Star Domain?” Xu Fan asked with concern

I feel that Gangshan is a forthright guy next door, strong and honest, and has no scheming towards anyone. , but Xu Fan knows it’s just a superficial phenomenon, but it doesn’t matter.

“I know, I have already bought it from Chunhua Chamber of Commerce, which cost me a lot of immortal jade.” Gangshan said with a smile.

“That’s good, Gangshan Fellow Daoist, if fated will meet again in the future.” Xu Fan smiled and waved goodbye.

Steel Mountain took the clansman away.

“Master, why does that alien supreme leader look like Eldest Senior Brother.” Zhou Kailing leaned over to Xu Fan and said.

“It’s still a little bit different.” Xu Fan laughed.

Then returned to Wanxingzhou.

“Elder Mingkong, sorry to keep you waiting.”

In the main control room, Xu Fan said to Mingkong.

“This time is not a big deal.” Mingkong said with a smile.

Wan Xingzhou started and began to search for the unowned Small World in the chaos Sector.

A year later, Wan Xingzhou crossed the Chaotic Sector and began to return to Flying Feather Realm.

At this time, Mingkong, who was controlling Wanxingzhou, was very excited.

Because in this year, he found three unowned Small Worlds, and the harvest was several times the trade with the ancient Cangjie.

Mingkong’s restless heart beat even more when he thought of these immortal jades in his hands.

“Are you so excited?” Xu Fan said, looking at Ming Kong who was excited.

“Great Elder, this time to mess with the Sector with you is the coolest and most unscrupulous.”

“I was accompanied by a superior before, and I dare not be so arrogant in the messed up Sector. .” Mingkong said.

When Wan Xingzhou was looking for Wuzhu’s Small World, Xu Fan told Mingkong that the whole messed up Sector would break free and leave the rest to him.

Wan Xingzhou, who just at first swaggered, has indeed attracted the attention of many forces.

It wasn’t long before he was hijacked by a True Immortal with three Yuzhou.

Xu Fan just glanced at the True Immortal lightly and shot more than ten Yin Power spells of the Holy Sun Moon.

Destroyed the entire True Immortal team and quelled all spectating forces.

From then on, Mingkong began to really arrogant.

Wan Xingzhou rampaged through the entire Star Domain, and really found several unowned Small Worlds.

It was a rewarding experience.

“After you go back, you can prepare some things before you can go to the ancient Cangjie again, and replace these immortal jades with urgently needed Immortal Qi and spirit ore, and you can buy another Yuzhou after a little bit together. .”

“When the time comes back to Flying Feather Realm, it’s safe, unless the Great Elder wants to destroy the Elder Council.” Mingkong said with a smile.

“There are several protagonists in Human Race. Some of the protagonists’ ideas conflict with your Elder Council. How to solve it later?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“There’s nothing to do about it, just let it be.”

“I really want to meet the protagonist who can’t hold back the Elder Council, and at worst Elder Council hide for a while. , when the time comes and come out again.”

β€œFlying Feather Realm, Human Race Over the past 100,000 years, it’s not that they haven’t met the Man of Destiny who is hostile to the Elder Council. The Elder Council usually staggers this period of time. , hide in the Small World at the headquarters.” Mingkong said.

“The Jiufeng Dynasty is really going to rise, then it won’t work for you Elder Council to hide.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, Great Elder, I have already thought about the future of the Jiufeng Dynasty. Before I ascend, I will force them into chaos.”

“But only if they The potential is really stronger than that of the Elder Council.”

“At the moment, it’s almost a problem.” Mingkong said, “shook the head.”

Although the Nine Phoenix Dynasty can refine the Great Ascension Venerable Level puppets in batches, in his eyes they are the same as those Top Sects.

Xu Fan nominates, it is a good choice to send the Nine Phoenix Dynasty to the Chaos Sector.

The more chaotic the environment, the more the Nine Phoenix Dynasty can develop.

Maybe Feng Changning will be full of joy when he sees this scene: “I am familiar with the situation of survival and rise in this chaos, so I can just repeat it according to the process.”

” According to my information, that Feng Changning came out of the Smaller Thousand Worlds within the hidden Spirit Sect.”

“If there is a cause and effect with the Great Elder, I can help pay it back.” Ming Air asked thoughtfully.

“No, they owe me now, and they are having a headache how to settle the cause and effect with me.” Xu Fan shook his head and said.

“Then I’m relieved.” Mingkong nodded.

According to the old style of the Elder Council, forces like the Jiufeng Dynasty began to suppress after they unified the Land of a Province.

It happened to coincide with the Two Sectors’ Great War at that time, and Xu Fan was there, so the Nine Phoenix Dynasty was kept until now.

“How is the strength of the Elder Council in Immortal Realm?” Xu Fan asked suddenly.

“It’s okay, there is a Golden Immortal Old Ancestor sitting in town, and another immortal gate divides a region of land.”

“Wait until the superior joins the Elder Council in the upper realm. Behind the door, it is estimated that it can really develop.” Mingkong said with a look of longing.

“How strong is the golden wings Great Peng Race in Fairyland.”

“Very strong, it belongs to Fairyland’s 1st Rate Influence, with Great Firmament in charge, and possibly even higher Existence.”

“Shangzun is very afraid, the influence of Golden-Winged Great Peng in Immortal Realm has never been to offend Golden-Winged Great Peng.”

“Otherwise go Zun will not leave behind so many Great Pengs after soaring.”

β€œIt’s a pity that Shang Zun was trapped by the golden wings Great Peng Race in the fairyland, otherwise the Golden-Winged Great Peng Avatar will never be destroyed. It’s impossible to come.” Mingkong recalled.

He remembered the night when the superior had a secret conversation with him before he ascended, and it was from that time that he took over the authority of the Elder Council from the superior.

“There is a chance to meet the superior from the fairy world.” Xu Fan said with emotion.

“There will definitely be a chance, the superior likes to make friends with people like the Great Elder.” Mingkong said with a smile.

Time passed quickly, when Wan Xingzhou met Jin Shiling again, Xu Fan knew that he was coming home soon.

Mingkong routinely placed a bunch of immortal spirit ore related to copper, and Jinshiling was satisfied with it and then released it.

“After the fairyland becomes the Golden Immortal, I will capture this golden stone spirit back.” Xu Fan said, looking at the planet-sized golden stone spirit.

“Then wish the Great Elder all wishes come true.” Mingkong said with a smile.

The Jinshiling who was digesting the pile of copper spirit ore just glanced in the direction of Xu Fan faintly.

(End of this chapter)

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