My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 827

Chapter 827 He’s not dead~

“Senior brother, let’s start searching from that direction.” Shadowthorn asked, looking at the puppet that appeared continuously from the barracks.

Thousands of soldiers looked towards the sky, because there is a map of the entire fantasy world in the sky.

“Let’s go in any direction, anyway, the Divine Ability for us to escape is good. If you meet a large army of enemies, just run away!”

“Last time, I took the opposite chief Eldest Senior Brother is annoyed, so after they find out our whereabouts this time, they are very likely to recruit the chief Eldest Senior Brother on the opposite side.”

“On our way to search for the other side’s large army, I arranged formidable power The bigger Thor cannon, as long as we can attract the opposite chief Eldest Senior Brother, we are half successful.” Hehe said, he has several points of experience when it comes to engaging people.

“Unfortunately, none of the Divine Ability of the five Martial Uncles can be used, otherwise the opponent will definitely collapse.” said Disciple next to Shadowthorn.

“We have a good relationship with the Elder Council. It’s better to use this thing sparingly.”

“You don’t know what happened when Senior Brother Xu used it last time.” Shadowthorn said.

At this moment, thousands of soldiers suddenly received a report from the puppet and found the silhouette of the Elder Council chief Eldest Senior Brother.

“There is a direction, brothers are coming with me.” Ten thousand soldiers said excitedly.

“It’s so easy to find out, the chief Eldest Senior Brother on the opposite side must be fake!” a Disciple reminded.

“Of course I know, but there are cheats. As long as you are patient, the opposite side will reveal the truth sooner or later.” Ten thousand soldiers narrowed their eyes.

In the battle royale game, that Xiong Li tried every means to get rid of his bombardment.

As long as he wants to blast people, there is only the difference between blasting to death and blasting to death.

As for not hitting it, it is not in his choice.

A second blip lights up in the map of the sky.

The second crystal tower appeared, just within the range of the Elder Council Disciple ambush.

“Eldest Senior Brother, the crystal tower is brushed to the side, do we have any share?” asked the Elder Council Disciple hiding in the dark.

β€œNo, follow the original plan, just set up an ambush around the crystal tower ahead of time.” Chief Eldest Senior Brother said.

Thousands of soldiers looked at the refreshed position of the second crystal tower in the sky.

“Go, proceed carefully in this direction, you will definitely find the Elder Council troops.” Ten million soldiers said.

At the Elder Council headquarters, Mingkong laughed when he saw the location where the second crystal tower was refreshed.

“The battle is not about to start!”

“This time I met the Eldest Senior Brother on the opposite side, and must try to kill it. With him, the whole battlefield is not good. Deal with it,” said beard tycoon crude in most matters, but subtle in some.

“That’s probably enough. I know Spirit Sect better. They must have made this precaution.” Nether Venerable said with a smile.

She has been to the Spirit Sect once or twice, and she is very impressed with those Disciples. Although her innate talent is not high, she has extraordinary battle strength.

Hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan and a group of Elders are having a feast and drinking.

Various delicacies were served in turn, and everyone watched while eating and drinking.

It’s like watching the S game in a previous life.

At this point, Xu Fan suddenly had an idea.

That is to hold a league covering the entire culture world, and play in this format.

Add a little fun to your boring life and earn a little Spirit Stone along the way.

The more Xu Fan thought about it, the more excited he became. He was ready to discuss with the Elder Council Mingkong after the competition.

“It feels like the opponent’s command and strategy are on the same level as our Spirit Sect, which is interesting now,” said Xu Yuexian.

“At the moment, it seems that, at least from the First Stage to the second game, there is no trick on the opposite side, and it is vaguely pressing us.” Xu Fan said with a smile. .

“Is it so powerful?” Li Xingci couldn’t feel it.

Hearing the words of his own Disciple, Xu Fan began to stretch the light curtain, and finally fixed it on a Disciple of the Elder Council.

“This Disciple has an extremely innate talent in divination, and coupled with his own innate talent for commanding, he can teach our sect disciple a good lesson.” Xu Fan said.

He doesn’t care about this. People, whether they are mortals or immortal cultivators, grow up in shock.

“Master, why don’t we section have a Disciple majoring in divination?” Li Xingci asked curiously.

β€œFortune-telling is also destiny. There are very few people with innate talent, and cultivation with innate talent is useless at all. In the end, cultivation can only be a short-lived ghost.”


“People with high innate talent are hard to find, and sometimes there are no more than 10 people in the entire cultivation world.” Xu Fan explained.

“many thanks master for answering questions.”

“What are you doing, drink and eat food and watch the game~” Xu Fan said casually.

Lifting the glass and drinking with everyone, Xu Fan found the feeling of watching the game in his previous life.

In the fantasy world, after the second crystal tower appeared, the situation began to change.

The Hidden Spirit Sect Elder Council begins to burst into small collisions.

But the main force has been in control, the two sides have a tacit understanding, and the main force has been hidden in the dark.

In a small-scale battle, Xiang Yun brought a dozen sword dao Disciples, including Han Feiyu and Jian Wuji, to fight with twenty people on the opposite side.

Xiang Yun and Han Feiyu’s sword array suppressed the entire battlefield, and the rest of the sword dao Disciple was one-on-one.

At this time, the Disciple, where thousands of soldiers brought four shadow killers together, was not far away.

“Senior Brother Qian, would you like to take a shot!” Shadowthorn asked.

“Then take a shot and find the strongest one on the opposite side~” Ten thousand soldiers were a little moved, but they had to be prepared.

Although this battle seems to have the upper hand on the Spirit Sect side, it is just pressing the opponent to fight, and it has not been able to annihilate the opponent for a while.


There was a loud noise in this battlefield, and a lightning blasted the Elder Council Disciple that led the team directly.

Flesh spreads across the battlefield.

“It’s you!!!”

An angry roar came out from the sky, and then a sword light that seemed to cut Exterminating Heaven and Earth came in the direction of thousands of soldiers.

“According to the plan~” said tens of thousands of soldiers quickly.

That sword light quickly hit the location of the thousands of soldiers.


Another Thor cannon made a thunderous roar.

A thunder boomed in the sky, blossoming directly in the sky.

a sword light breakthrough thunder

From another part of the battlefield, thousands of soldiers walked calmly.

When he decided to fight that fight, he was fully prepared.

“Sister Sinan, the chief opposite is injured.” Wan Bing sent a message.

“Now the chief opposite, must think that I am dead, I will hide again later, and find a chance to kill him completely.”

At this time, the chief Eldest Senior Brother of the Elder Council Has become the prey in the eyes of thousands of soldiers.

Chief Eldest Senior Brother returned to Elder Council base camp, a little weak.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you’re injured!” Disciple asked hurriedly.

“It’s fine, it doesn’t affect the performance of the battle. Destroying the Disciple of the hidden Spirit Sect can be considered a disaster.” Chief Eldest Senior Brother said.

The divination one Disciple directly took in a breath of the chief Eldest Senior Brother and began to cast Divine Ability.

“Eldest Senior Brother, he’s not dead…”

(end of chapter)

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