My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 828

Chapter 828 Vulnerability

“Kill him again if he doesn’t die.” Elder Council Chief Eldest Senior Brother had a baleful aura on his face.

It still hurts a little bit from that blast.

“Eldest Senior Brother, there is something I want to tell you.” Disciple said.

“What’s the matter, which Disciple defies your orders?” said Chief Eldest Senior Brother frowned.

“Just now I observed this fantasy world and found that this world has reproduced the Great Dao Law to a perfect level.”

“It’s simply a complete world, compared to The world created by our Elder Council world spirit is hundreds of times stronger.” A Disciple exclaimed.

“And then?”

“Whatever you do in this fantasy world can be recovered after you go out.”

“So then I can exploit the loophole, Directly overdraw your own lifespan and predict the dynamics of the hidden Spirit Sect Disciple on the opposite side.”

“This is a bit of a win, so it needs the consent of the Eldest Senior Brother.” said Disciple in the divination one.

“We are in a fair fight with the hidden Spirit Sect. If you overdraw your lifespan for divination, there are indeed some victories.” Chief Eldest Senior Brother mused.

“If you don’t use it, it’s a pity if you don’t use it.”

“In this way, you will stare at the person who bombarded me.”

” We have this advantage, and it is not too much to kill him a Disciple.” Chief Eldest Senior Brother flashes through a bright light in the eyes.

“Okay, Eldest Senior Brother.” Divination gleamed in Disciple’s eyes.

This Disciple, who has been bombarding people in the First Stage battle, is also very upset.

At this time, thousands of soldiers were hiding outside the range of the second crystal tower.

“The people from the Elder Council must be shady around this second crystal tower. We just have to make all the preparations and change the place with one shot.” look.

Just then, thousands of soldiers eyebrows slightly frowned.

For a moment just now, he felt like he was being watched.

“Let’s go, this place is unknown, so it’s not advisable to stay for a long time!” Thousands of soldiers said quickly.

The feeling just now was like being discovered by Xiong Li in the battle royale.

It felt like he knew that he should switch to hide immediately.

When everyone was quickly packing up, a giant sword with a thousand zhang appeared in the sky above them.

Go directly to where everyone is.


The giant sword slashed towards the position of the five people below.

“It’s over, it’s over!” Ten Thousand Bing said, he felt that his Qi machine had been locked, and the endless sword intent was locked all around, he knew that he could not escape.

A hundred-mile-long sword mark appeared where the four of them were.

The five-man squad with tens of millions of soldiers was directly killed.

Hiding the base of the Spirit Sect Disciple, Situ Nan received the news that thousands of soldiers had been destroyed by the Squad.

“The hidden Divine Ability of thousands of soldiers is one of the very best in the sect. With such a precise strike, there should be a Disciple majoring in divination on the opposite side.” Situ Nan analyzed.

“In the battle royale game, I never found tens of millions of soldiers in advance.” Xiong Li said beside him.

“Then we need to change our combat strategy.” Situ Nan’s eyes lit up.

The two parties who are developing God’s perspective outside the field are more interested.

“It’s interesting below, let’s see how our little military god handles it.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“When I was reincarnated, I served as the Great General for several generations. If I encounter this situation, I must use the power to suppress people and attack them with Yang.” Li Xingci said.

“Theoretically, this is the case. Let’s see how they operate below.” Xu Fan nodded.

When everyone was watching the fantasy world, crabs as huge as grinding discs were pushed up.

Disciple, the chef of the joint cafeteria, cooks a seafood feast for everyone.

“Don’t just be nervous about them, we should eat, we should be happy, the most important thing is to be happy.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

According to his calculation results, it is estimated that it is a tie again, but if the Disciple who occupies the first place does not count the lifespan, then the result is not easy to say.

The crowd nodded.

As expected, after three days and three nights, the final battle is still familiar.

Li Xiong to Elder Council Chief Eldest Senior Brother.

The collision of body refinement and sword dao has made everyone realize the horror of refining body refinement to the extreme.

“To put it in the past, I don’t think I can break Xiong Li’s defense.” Zhan Ling exclaimed in admiration as he watched the battle in the light curtain.

“Can you break Xiong Li’s defense now?” asked Xu Gang next to him.

After he was promoted to the Great Accomplishment Venerable, he would often fight with Zhan Ling, and he was most aware of Zhan Ling’s battle strength.

With his current battle strength, he can never break Xiong Li’s defense.

“I didn’t say that it can be broken now, isn’t it a little bit!”

“If you really risk your life to use the secret technique, it will be a scene of perish together at most.” Slashing Spirit said.

As a result, the tone barely fell. Soon, the chief Eldest Senior Brother of the Elder Council started the secret technique and killed Xiong Li’s True Spirit with one sword.

And he himself died of overdraft.

But what’s interesting is that even at the end, the crystal tower was still numbered 55.

The Implicit Spirit Sect and the Elder Council each have five seats.

Both parties are satisfied with this result, because it further motivates their sect disciple’s fighting spirit.

In the Elder Council headquarters, Ming Kong couldn’t help laughing as he looked at the light curtain that had gone out.

“Tell wyvern next time to use all means.”

He wasn’t angry at seeing his Direct Disciple deflated, but wanted to laugh.

Having a qualified enemy is the best way to promote progress.

“Those magic items that we and Yin Spirit Sect jointly produced, Dao Item, Spirit Treasure, and Spirit Pill seem to be useless.” Ming Kong looked at his serial number Elder said with a smile .

“That’s a little unfair,” said Elder because of the serial number.

You should know that a cultivator majoring in divination will perform secret technique regardless of lifespan.

That’s the same as being naked on the opposite side.

“It’s okay, the more it is like this, the more excited it is over there.” Mingkong laughed.

The contest between the Implicit Spirit Sect and the Elder Council Disciple is unknown by whom.

Attracted the attention of all Top Sect forces in the entire cultivation world.

They were all clamoring to join in.

The news came out on the second day, and Qianling Venerable came to the door.

“Great Elder, you have to call us a thousand Spirit Sects for such a good thing.”

“Isn’t that 100,000 Inner Sect Core Disciples!”


“We can afford a thousand Spirit Sects, and we will also collect a thousand Spirit Sects as rewards.” Qianling Venerable looked at Xu Fan and said, with anticipation in his eyes.

“Isn’t this where the Elder Council invited me, since thousands of Spirit Sects want to join, then join in, there are so many people.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“That’s fine. After I go back, I will organize 100,000 Core Disciples to come here.” Qianling Venerable said happily, this time he came with the boss’s mission. If he can’t finish it, he will be whipped. .

“Don’t be so troublesome, I will let Formation Dao’s Disciple set up a fantasy world portal in your place.” Xu Fan said.

“Then it will trouble the Great Elder.”

ps: 10,000 times the return for stealing the teacher, the world’s big bosses perform martial arts online

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