My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 833

Chapter 833 Heavenly Dao: I am so afraid of the supreme.

Hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan met Guren Venerable again.

“Injured?” Xu Fan said in surprise.

The highest is also graded, Guren Venerable is considered an intermediate level in his eyes, and of course he is the highest kind.

“I had some discussions with the new Supreme over there. I was injured a little bit, and he was even more uncomfortable.” Guren Venerable said.

“So did you plan ahead this time?”

“No, the opponent’s highest battle strength is higher than I thought, and he is fully qualified to drag me Stay.”

“But the remaining two on the opposite side are very difficult to deal with, especially the one from the Northern Sea world.” Guren Venerable said.

“So I want to know the specific battle strength of Fellow Daoist. When the time comes, we will join forces to suppress the weakest one first.”

“In this way, I took action to suppress the weakest opponent on the opposite side, you can give me more Heavenly Dao Will origin.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Hearing this request, Guren Venerable’s beautiful little face immediately turned bitter.

“Fellow Daoist, can I exchange for something else? If I give you a little more, even if we take back the two worlds, we will still lose blood.”

“Otherwise, I will give it to you. How about being a concubine?” Gulian Venerable said, and gave Xu Fan a wink.

“Gulian Fellow Daoist is not kidding, this kind of love between flesh and Divine Soul is not worth so much.” Xu Fan said with a wave of his hand.

“Haha, I’m just joking~” Guren Venerable said regretfully.

You don’t look like you’re joking.

Xu Fan has a jade slip in his hand, which contains the list of purchases by Chunhua Chamber of Commerce.

“Do you have any spirit ore here? If so, get them for me.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

It’s just a matter of suppressing one more supreme, not a big deal.

Red Lotus Venerable took the jade slip and looked at it, and then said a few spirit ore, a special product of Nanshan.

“That’s fine, that’s all.” Xu Fan nodded.

“Fellow Daoist is satisfied, then when are we going to suppress that supreme.” Guren Venerable said.

“Don’t worry, just follow the original time, when the time comes, I will solve it together.”

“I am supreme to the two of you, and you will solve the rest.” Xu Fan said.

“Can you stand it?” Guren Venerable brows slightly wrinkle.

“No matter how high you bid, I will handle the matter for you alone.” Xu Fan said indifferently.

“Fellow Daoist, do you have any misunderstanding about the same high battle strength, or I’ll ask the other two Fellow Daoists to try it out for you.” Guren Venerable said.

“Otherwise, you can let those two come over, and I’ll have a one-on-two match.” Xu Fan said after moving his body.

Gulian Venerable thought for a while, and agreed for the sake of insurance.

“Then I’ll go and call the other two Fellow Daoists over to try your battle strength.” Guren Venerable said.

“Well, after you come, I will take you to the Star Domain.” Xu Fan said.

Red Lotus Venerable nominated and returned to the Nanshan Realm through the Cross-Border Transmission Formation.

After a while, Heavenly Dao Will of Flying Feather Realm suddenly became restless.

Because he suddenly discovered that there were three more Supremes in the world under his control.

In the past, Xu Fan shielded the entire huge lake of huge thousand li, so Heavenly Dao could not perceive what was going on in the huge huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.

Xu Fan took three supreme Venerables and teleported directly into the depths of the extreme sky.

Without covering up any aura, he just appeared in the realm of extreme sky carelessly.

At this moment, all the extremely empty giant beasts in the entire extremely empty domain were honest, and quickly returned to their secret lair, shrunken into a ball, shiver coldly.

Looking forward to the four Supreme Existence, not paying attention to myself.

“How come you have so many giant beasts in the void, you can become a mount in the Star Domain with a little tame.” Shanhai Venerable said for a while.

Under the control of the three supreme leaders of Nanshan Realm, there are very few giant beasts like this one.

“It’s very troublesome to tame, and it’s a great sight to put in the extreme sky.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Then took three people, jumped again, and appeared in the Star Domain.

Hundreds of millions of miles away from Flying Feather Realm, Xu Fan was looking at the two supreme leaders with a relaxed expression on his face.

“The two Fellow Daoists, let’s do it.”

In order to test Xu Fan’s true battle strength, the two came up and burst out with all their strength.

A sword light that seems to kill everything.

Another giant fist capable of breaking a world hit Xu Fan.

“You’re really welcome, just use all your strength when you come up.” Xu Fan said with a punch looking at the sword.

To the high realm, it can be said to be Grand Dao Reaches The Simple.

A thousand-handed avatar that was invincible in the world appeared from behind Xu Fan.

The sword and punch were easily blocked by the two arms, and the two arms grabbed the two supremely.

A huge qi machine locked onto the two Supreme Beings.

Just as the two supreme wanted to crush this air machine and grab it from the giant hand.

A pair of eyes appeared behind them.

The two are supreme, and instantly felt a big fear deepening.

In the end, he turned into a chicken and was caught in the palm of his hand.

“Red Lotus Venerable, you can also join us.”

Xu Fan’s voice echoed in the Star Domain.

“Forget it, even if I go, Fellow Daoist is just consuming an arm to suppress.” Gulian Venerable looked at the virtual image of a thousand hands behind Xu Fan, her eyes sparkling, as if a mortal had seen one. Big golden Buddha in general.

“The two Fellow Daoists can be convinced.” Xu Fan said as he looked at the two Supreme Beings caught by the virtual image of a thousand hands.

“Fellow Daoist is joking, can we disapprove of this?” Shanhai Venerable said.

The giant virtual image of a thousand hands disappeared, and the two of them looked at Xu Fan with lingering fears.

“Fellow Daoist, above the highest, is there any other realm?” Shanhai Venerable asked.

“No, if I find out, I’ll let you know.” Xu Fan said.

“Then Fellow Daoist is still the Great Ascension Realm, why is it so strong.” Another Supreme Venerable asked.

“We can consider this issue from a different angle, such as why you are so weak.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Compared with Fellow Daoist, we are indeed weak.” Shanhai Venerable said with conviction.

“How about it, consider my original suggestion, I will help you suppress all the four supreme beings, I only need one and a half of Heavenly Dao Will origin.” Xu Fan looked at the red lotus Venerable and said with a smile .

“Fellow Daoist can deal with the two supreme beings alone, and we can deal with the rest.” Guren Venerable said.

“Okay.” Xu Fan nodded.

Then they were brought back to Flying Feather Realm and sent to the Cross-border Transmission Formation.

After the three supreme leaders, Xu Fan suddenly received a message from Flying Feather Realm Heavenly Dao Will.

It probably means that negative opinions will have a big cause and effect, which is not good for the future promotion to Golden Immortal and Great Firmament.

There are things that can be discussed, don’t teach so many Supremes to Flying Feather Realm, he is afraid of too much.

Xu Fan laughed, looked towards somewhere in the sky indifferently said: “Don’t worry, you just don’t block me.”

(End of this chapter)

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