My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 837

Chapter 837 Teaming Up

“So the main headache for the master is that there are no more intermediate thousand worlds coordinates?”

Li Xingci said The key to solving this problem.

“Probably this is what we mean, we need at least a dozen Intermediate Thousand Worlds spirit ore resources for normal trading spirit ore.” Xu Fan said.

“Master, if you need the coordinates of the Intermediate Thousand Worlds, the Disciple can find a way.”

Xu Fan was taken aback when he heard the good Disciple’s words.

“Has the master seriously looked at the outside world of Reincarnation? There are many Fellow Daoists who major in Reincarnation.”

“Maybe you can get it from them. Intermediate Thousand Worlds coordinates.” Li Xingci said with a smile in his eyes.

“You smelly brat is dishonest. Ordinary people can tell the coordinate point where they are, and then they have to bear the big cause and effect.” Xu Fan scolded with a smile.

Li Xingci reminded Xu Fan that the two quasi-immortals under his control might have coordinate points.

Thinking of this, Xu Fan gently closed his eyes.

In the distant Star Domain, a Yuzhou is jumping fast.

Song Ming, who was cultivating in the rest area, suddenly received a message from Xu Fan.

“The way the Great Elder can send the news from such a far distance is really amazing.” Song Ming exclaimed in amazement.

“Buy information on the coordinates of the Intermediate Thousand Worlds from the Chunhua Chamber of Commerce, and the ruler of the alien race will be given priority.”

Song Ming looked at the news and pondered.

After sending a message with Avatar, Xu Fan slowly opened his eyes.

There is a hint of tiredness in his expression, and it is indeed a bit of a big consumption for Xu Fan to send consciousness and issue orders across such a long distance.

“When there is nothing else to do, let’s go shopping in the outside world together.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

Li Xing resigned, saying that he would accompany the master at any time.

After fishing for a while in the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li, Xu Fan came to the Transboundary Transmission Formation and began to study the stone teleportation compass.

Half a year has passed in the blink of an eye, and today is the first day of the entire culture world league.

Under the expectation of all sects and the witness of the entire culture world, the competition began.

Since half a year ago, the entire cultivation world has known about it. There is one such match in the top sect.

All cultivators are looking forward to this game and want to see the style of the cultivation world Top Sect Holy Land.

Under the control of the grapes, the signal can be received in all places except the Great Province, which is extremely remote and has no Transmission Formation.

Every immortal city has the most open place, and a huge light curtain will be projected, from which you can watch the game.

Including the sect Holy Land that joined later, a total of 108 teams participated in the competition, which just corresponds to the number of Heavenly Star and Earthly Fiend.

The competition will be drawn by lottery by the Chief Eldest Senior Brother of each sect.

108 Eldest Senior Brothers from different sect Holy Land drew lots together before the Mirage world Transmission Formation.

At this time, there is a button in front of Xiong Li, which needs to be pressed by all sect Eldest Senior Brothers before starting the draw to determine the order of the competition.

“You must be drawn to the Elder Council, and you will be ashamed of yourself.” Xiong Li clenched his fist with one hand, and hung the other hand above the button.

Just wait for the countdown to zero and press the button.

“Grape, help me calculate how fast their hands are.” Xu Fan suddenly became interested and ordered.

“As you order, master.”

Linsen immortal city, a square with a length and width of hundreds of zhang, was already full of cultivators watching the battle.

At this time, the light curtain is divided into 108 small screens, and each small screen corresponds to the drawing of a sect Holy Land Eldest Senior Brother.

“As expected of the Top Sect Holy Land, here’s a random one who is a world leader, a person who cultivates Taoism and becomes immortal, and is famous in the history of the world.”

“Hidden Spirit Sect that The chief I know is named Xiong Li, a powerhouse with body refinement. I have seen him make a move. At that time, it was Integration Realm, fighting Monster Venerable against a group of monsters.”

“I still use you. Say, those excellent Disciples from Spirit Sect, who do not know about us in immortal city.”

“Yes, Spirit Sect is our great benefactor in immortal city.”

At the end of the countdown, in the light curtain, the 108 chiefs pressed the button at the same time.

The names of all sects participating in the competition appear above the light curtain and then begin to scroll.

At the end of the stop, the game times and games for each sect appear in a list.

Game 1, Acacia Holy Land vs Heavenly Devil Sect.

Heavenly Devil Sect, 100,000 Disciples had already been prepared, and they were all excited when they saw that the first game was played by them.

Heavenly Devil Sect suzerain looked towards 100,000 Disciples in the dojo.

β€œOur Heavenly Devil Sect has no sense of existence in the entire cultivation world. Today, we take this opportunity to let the entire cultivation world experience the magic power of our Heavenly Devil Sect.”

β€œ I will definitely live up to the Sect Master’s expectations!!” One hundred thousand Heavenly Devil Sect Disciple roared in unison, and the sound waves generated broke through the sky.

“Into the fantasy world Transmission Formation, the First Stage must play beautifully.” The Heavenly Devil Sect suzerain looked at the Direct Disciple and said.

At this time, he no longer had the ambitions he used to have.

I originally thought about ascending, but he has the opportunity to replace him.

According to his idea, it is still possible to fight hard with Na Mingkong.

However, halfway through, he killed a supreme being like the Supreme Being.

His fiery heart was pressed directly on the iceberg.

Nowadays, I have no intention of running the sect. I just want to find a Disciple with innate talent and evildoer, pass the sect to him, and go to the fairyland to see if there is a chance.

Having been suppressed for a lifetime, he wants to be suppressed in another place, at least the immortal world is bigger.

“Acacia Holy Land, it’s a trifle.” The Heavenly Devil Sect suzerain said as he watched the Disciple pouring into the fantasy world Transmission Formation.

At this moment, in the hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan is looking at the 100,000 Disciples in the Holy Land of Acacia from a unique perspective.

Go to Nascent Soul Realm for a chance to adjust your appearance.

It is set with the breaking of Dan into a baby, so in the cultivation world, the Nascent Soul Realm and above are all the kind of beautiful beauties.

Imagine what it would be like to have 90,000 beautiful women appear in front of you?

Lengyan, noble, charming, pure, innocent, holy…

The most perfect partner ever imagined in my mind can all be found in this 90,000 Hehuan Holy Land female found in disciple.

“I don’t usually think that getting together gives people a different feeling.” Xu Fan said while looking at the Disciple in the light curtain.

A fantasy world with a diameter of 100,000 miles, gathering two sects of 200,000 people.

Just when Xu Fan was going to appreciate the battle of the beauties, he suddenly received a report from the grapes, and the red lotus Venerable came to do the cross-border Transmission Formation.

“Fellow Daoist, things have changed, please follow me to the Nanshan world!” said Honglian Venerable facial expression grave, speaking very fast.

Xu Fan looked at the light curtain, and then looked at the direction of the cross-border Transmission Formation.

In the end, sighed, followed the red lotus Venerable to the cross-border Transmission Formation and went to the Nanshan Realm.

“What’s the situation?” Xu Fan asked.

“Shan Hai, Holy Soul Supreme was suppressed by the opposing four Supremes!”

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