My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 838

Chapter 838 Fengshen Clan

“Fighting in the back, it may require Fellow Daoist to face three supreme.”

“As for the reward, just leave one Heavenly Dao The source of Will is given to us, and the rest of the Fellow Daoist can be taken at will.” After teleporting to the Southern Mountain Realm, Red Lotus Venerable said.

“Then I want all the spirit ore in the Northern Sea world.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

For now, that is, the fairy spirit spirit ore is somewhat useful to him.

“Okay, then I’ll bother Fellow Daoist.” Red Lotus Venerable put a hand on Xu Fan’s shoulder and jumped directly into the Star Domain.

As soon as he entered the Star Domain, Xu Fan saw the other two realms that formed a triangle with the Nanshan realm, and also felt the four supreme breaths.

“Where have the Holy Spirit of Mountains and Seas been sealed to?” Xu Fan asked.

“It should be the inner space of the fairy.” The red lotus Venerable looked vigilantly towards the direction emitting the highest breath.

At this moment, a giant arrow crossed the space and shot towards Xu Fan with the breath of Annihilating Everything.

“I’m really willing to die.” Xu Fan said indifferently while looking at the giant arrow.

A thousand-hand avatar appeared behind the phantom, and a giant shield blocked Xu Fan and the red lotus Venerable in front of him.

The giant arrow crossed the space and hit the giant shield directly.

In an instant, a Destruction Aura enveloped the virtual image of a thousand hands and began to erode.

Not far away, a sword light slashed across thousands of miles.

Like light, like darkness, like destruction and new life, the sword light slashed towards Xu Fan with this strange power.

A deep mouth suddenly appeared below the two of them, trying to devour the two of them.

“It’s a bit of a hassle,” said Xu Fan frowned.

He admitted that the three supreme attacks caused him a little trouble.

But only a little bit.

The virtual image of a thousand hands behind him quickly seals.

Suddenly, the Star Domain, like the deep space universe, suddenly lit up.

A round of holy sun rises behind Qianshoufu, directly illuminating the entire Star Domain.

A stream of Saint Yang Power spreads throughout the Star Domain.

The sword light and the abyss that attacked the two were directly smashed by Saint Yang Power.

“Don’t you like archery, this time I’ll let you like it enough.”

Another round of bright moon appeared, turned into a giant bow and fell into the hands of Qianshou phantom.

The round of holy sun behind him turned into a giant arrow.

The bow draws the full moon, and the arrow of the Holy Sun shoots toward the highest point of the archer with a brilliance.

The arrow of the Holy Sun travels across space.

Then, in the distance, a huge halo exploded.

The St. Yang Power of endless rage rages in the center.

The red lotus Venerable next to Xu Fan opened her small mouth in shock.

She became the supreme and thought it was this world Peak, even if it was slightly inferior, she would not be killed on the same realm.

But I found out today that her pattern is too small. If the arrow hits her, it is estimated that not even a trace of her origin will be left.

“Fellow Daoist, your Divine Ability formidable power is too great, can you rescue the Holy Spirit of the Mountains and Seas, and then show your divine might.” Gulian Venerable’s tone was pleading, she was afraid of being suppressed The two friends were killed together.

“It’s okay, they won’t die.” Xu Fan said indifferently, looking into the distance.

Three more arrows of the Holy Sun behind the Avatar of the Thousand Hands.

The full moon draws the bow directly, a three-shot shot, which is extremely smooth and silky.

“The last one is a bit difficult to deal with, but you are lucky to meet me.” Xu Fan looked at Gulian Venerable and said with a smile.

At this moment, angry roar came from a distance.

An alien phantom appears in the Star Domain.

A humanoid figure with Aeolus wings on its back and a dive bow in hand appears in the Star Domain.

Fa Xianggao didn’t know how many ten thousand zhang, and a pair of angry eyes stared at Xu Fan and Red Lotus Venerable.

“Human Race is supreme, I have nothing to do with you here, hurry back to your world, or I will destroy your world.”

A rough and savage The voice resounded in the Star Domain.

“This is the Supreme Being who was invited last.” Guren Venerable gritted his teeth.

“This one can’t be trifled with.” Xu Fan said indifferently, already condemning him to death in his heart.

According to Xu Fan’s grading, the one who emerged from the top has just stepped into his level.

“Do you have any information about their alien race?” Xu Fan asked.

“No, I only know that he came from the Star Domain outside the Intermediate Thousand Worlds known by the Nanshan Realm.” Red Lotus Venerable shook his head and said.

The alien dharma that was standing far away in the Star Domain immediately became furious when Xu Fan didn’t respond.

Holding Divine Art directly shoots an arrow of the wind god.

Following his back, he also used a bow to shoot an arrow of the Holy Sun.

a pin against an awl , the two arrows collide and explode directly.

“It seems that I can finally exercise my muscles today.”

“You don’t have to take action, just watch from the side, and watch me suppress the four to the highest today.”

There was a fighting intent in Xu Fan’s eyes, and this time he was finally able to fight with all his strength.

“That winged little man, tell me which clan you belong to, how come you haven’t seen it before.” Xu Fan looked towards the alien dharma in the distance and said.

“I am a family of Fengshen, Human Race is supreme, and you are very powerful.”

“If you insist on this, you will die under my arrow.” The alien law look towards Xu Fan said.

At this time, there are three different forms of alien dharmas appearing in the Star Domain, opposite to Xu Fan and Venerable.

“Guess what they paid for the other two Supremes?” Xu Fan joked.

“I guess it should be to divide up the origin of Heavenly Dao Will in the Nanshan Realm, as well as everything in the Nanshan Realm.” Red Lotus Venerable said through gritted teeth.

They have a lot of Yuzhou in Nanshan, so they have seen many Intermediate Thousand Worlds.

There are prosperous, decayed, and extinct, and there is a very special one, that is, the world that was divided up by the mighty Intermediate Thousand Worlds powerhouse, whose tragic situation impressed her deeply.

“So, the price I sold should be the highest among them.” Xu Fan laughed.

Then take a look at the four alien dharmas in the Star Domain.

“Be careful when you watch the battle for a while, don’t get hurt by accident.” After Xu Fan finished speaking, he blocked the entire Star Domain.

The four alien supreme beings on the opposite side didn’t care when they sensed that the Star Domain was blocked.

Because the victory is in hand, the two Human Race Supremes have become turtles in a urn.

“The red lotus is supreme, the blood feud with your Human Race for hundreds of thousands of years, I want to return the little by little to your Human Race.” An alien with a dark blue body and fins on his back said with teeth.

“Weak are prey to the strong no need to say anymore, if you want revenge, you win first.”

A red lotus shines on the entire Star Domain, and the Grade 6 red lotus appears in the Red Lotus Venerable feet.

Xu Fan waved his hand, and a gentle force pushed Gulian Venerable to the side.

“You don’t need to shoot.”

Xu Fan said that the virtual image of a thousand hands behind him suddenly expanded several times.

The size is equivalent to those of the aliens.

The virtual image of a thousand hands stretched out a finger and pointed at the four supreme clansmen.

Then turn over and hook.

“Come on together, don’t say when the time comes that I bully more with less.” Xu Fan’s voice became arrogant.

This piece of Star Domain has been sealed. In Xu Fan’s eyes, the four supreme leaders are already meat on his chopping board, and they can chop them as they want.

(End of this chapter)

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