My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 839

Chapter 839 Blackfish, Divine Tablet

The four aliens are supreme and feel insulted.

Seeing Xu Fan’s eyes, they are all full of killing intent.

Originally, their plan was to force Xu Fan to withdraw from this battle as their four supreme identities.

How can it be counterproductive, and even tease the supreme fighting intent of the Human Race on the opposite side.

Now I think 1 to 4.

At this moment, Xu Fan felt the time around him slow down hundreds of times.

I saw a strange beak-like fairy pecking at Xu Fan.

“This is another support from the Supreme Being, majoring in the Avenue of Time, which is extremely difficult to deal with.”

The time was slowed down, and the voice of Guren Venerable was also slowed down. .

“The Dao of Time, this is the Dao that I care about the most. You dare to use it in front of me, saying that you display one’s slight skill before an expert is still light.”

Qian A clock illusory shadow suddenly appeared behind the hand avatar, which directly slowed down the time a thousand times.

The beak-like fairy also fell into Xu Fan’s hands.

The imprint of the alien supreme being left in the immortal artifact will be broken directly, and a self-destruct array will be placed inside it, and then it will be reflected back.

There was a fire in the distance, and the battle officially started.

“Since you guys won’t come, then I’ll go over!”

The virtual image of a thousand hands controlled by Xu Fan rushed towards the four supreme figures.

“This time I’ll give you a full blast!”

A long river of immortal weapons appeared around the virtual image of a thousand hands.

There are 160 immortal artifacts in the long river of immortal artifacts, and 2840 Dao Items.

Knives, spears, swords, sticks, giant hammers, magic fans, divine mirrors, treasure bottles, giant shields…

Thousands of virtual images have a magic weapon in each hand, Together, they exude infinite power.

Another image of the sun and moon surrounds the virtual image of a thousand hands.

For a time, light is the precious light of the virtual image of a thousand hands, which illuminates this piece of Star Domain.

Xu Fan’s full firepower made the opposite four supreme leaders see some scalp tingling.

Even the weakest one began to detect the strength of the space seal, calculating whether he could break it with all his strength.

Red Lotus Venerable took a look at the back of Xu Fan divine might, and was a little crazy for a while.

“This is the strength that the Great Ascension Realm should have!!”

The four Alien Supremes stood in a row in the Star Domain, with a facial expression grave looking like he rushed over Xu Fan.

“Don’t keep your hands, we will all be planted here if we neglect a little.” Fengshen with wings on his back said with a high facial expression grave.

At this moment, the virtual image of Qianshou waved the magic weapon in his hand, and cut out a torrent of thousands of treasures.

“Don’t leave anyone today, have a good fight with me~” Xu Fan’s excited voice resounded throughout Star Domain.

“I and Divine Tablet go to entangle him, Fengshen is the main attack, and Shiyuan is the highest auxiliary.” Said the alien with fins on his back.

A sea of spirit instantly covered the entire Star Domain, and the Supreme with fins on its back turned into a giant black fish, and the whole body was full of knife-like fish bones.

“Divine Tablet Supreme, rush with me, I can’t stop it, our two worlds will be finished!!” Heiyu Supreme said with a grim expression, things have reached this step, and if you don’t want to work hard, you have to fight.

Hei Yu carried the entire Spirit Sea and rushed towards the thousand treasure torrent.

“Old Partner wait for me.” Divine Tablet jumped directly into the sea of spirit.

Another layer of protection has been added to the entire Linghai.

In order to fight against the arrogant three Human Race Supremes, they have often joined forces to fight against the three Human Race Supremes.

The cooperating proficiency has been full, and the proficiency is distressing.

But the reality did not protect these two alien supreme, the thousand treasures torrent directly broke through the sea of spirits, and blasted the black fish supreme.

The spirit sea condensed, and Hei Yu Zhigao showed his figure again, looking towards the virtual image of a thousand hands with a terrified face.

If it wasn’t for the Spirit Sea just now, he might have been blasted into scum with his source.

At this moment, there is a Divine Tablet in the sky above the holding hands, and the top is full of ancient fairy writing.

Countless void chains poured out from the Divine Tablet and swept away towards the Thousand-hand avatar.

Thousand-hands virtual image just glanced at the Divine Tablet lightly, and shot a torrent to smash the Divine Tablet.

looked towards the Linghai in front of him, the virtual image of a thousand hands, and directly threw the holy sun around him.

That holy sun with endless rays of light turned into a Three-legged Golden Crow in the void.

With a tweet, the whole piece of Linghai was instantly evaporated.

Just when the virtual image of the Thousand Hands was going to take advantage of the victory to pursue and suppress the two aliens.

A giant arrow flashing with azure aura suddenly emerged from the space behind the avatar of Qianshou.

Shooting towards the virtual image of a thousand hands.

A giant shield was behind the avatar of the Thousand Hands, but it was directly penetrated by the giant azure arrow.

Injected into the virtual image of Qianshou, and then it turned into a sharpening knife, and began to wreak havoc in the virtual image of Qianshou.

“Next time, I must make a strong fairy shield.”

After Xu Fan finished speaking, the virtual image of a thousand hands exploded, and then another giant azure arrow headed towards Xu Fan. The body shoots away.

“As expected of the highest level of the same level as me, the means are really extraordinary.”

The words of Xu Fan’s praise sounded in the Star Domain.

A big void hand appeared, directly catching the azure giant arrow and pinching it in its hand.

A thousand-handed avatar appeared behind Xu Fan again, only this time with a thick layer of protective Divine Ability.

A giant hand appeared in the Star Domain, pressing towards the Blackfish Divine Tablet.

Xu Fan intends to suppress these two goods in one fell swoop.

At this moment, the smashed Divine Tablet reappeared and forcibly broke the space seal.

Pick up the Blackfish Divine Tablet Supreme.

Xu Fan failed with all his strength.

“It’s not over yet!”

A Gate of Samsara appeared in the Star Domain, and a giant hand engraved with the immortal pattern of reincarnation stretched out from it and grabbed the Divine Tablet directly. in the Gate of Samsara.

“The little fish and shrimps have been resolved, and the rest is you two.” Xu Fan said, staring at the two aliens in the distance.

With a flick of his hand, the holy soul of the mountains and seas that was originally suppressed in the Divine Tablet was released.

“Gulian Fellow Daoist, the price of asking him to do it this time is not low!” Shanhai Venerable said both fortunately and distressed.

After he came out, he just glanced at the current situation and knew about the whole sequence of events.

“Not much, just add all the spirit ores in the Northern Sea world.” Red Lotus Venerable said.

“There is no way, who made us inferior to others and was suppressed by ambush.” Holy Soul Supreme said helplessly.

The two were unsuspecting and were easily led to the Star Domain.

“You are all injured, stay here to see how Wandao Fellow Daoist makes a move.”

“It is also supreme, we are too far from Wandao Fellow Daoist. “Guren Venerable said with emotion.

In the distance, the two alien supreme leaders saw that the master who hired them was suppressed, and the expressions on their faces began to change.

It used to be four to two, but now it’s just the other way around.

The pressure is on their side.

The two aliens are supreme, looking at each other and nodding each other tacitly.

At this time, Xu Fan’s thousand-handed avatar had already been killed, and a torrent of thousands of treasures slashed towards them.

“If you want to leave, first ask me if the Holy Sun Moon Yin Locking Heaven Array will agree to it!!”

How could the duck that reached its mouth make it fly.

(End of this chapter)

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