My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 840

Chapter 840 Innate Supreme Treasure Five Colors Mountain

“Go all out, if you can’t beat this Human Race Supreme, you can only withdraw first.” Fengshen Supreme Treasure said calmly, and was hired by the two alien Supreme Supreme , no desperate need.

The source of time uses the Divine Ability of Time to distort the surrounding space, leading the torrent of the one after another thousand treasures to other places.

He nodded said: “The situation is obviously not favorable for us now, and we will find an opportunity to break through.”

“Our Fengshen family has the strongest arrow technique Divine Ability, as long as we can lock the Human Race supreme real body, sure to kill!” Fengshen supreme hesitantly said.

“Quickly tell me what the price will be, the two of us are really going to be approached by Human Race Supreme, and neither of us will be able to walk.” Shi Yuan Zhigao said quickly.

“I need four fairy artifacts for the sacrificial offering, plus a quarter of an hour.” Fengshen Zhigao said.

“Four pieces of immortal artifact are easy to say, I can produce two pieces, but I can’t stand it for a quarter of an hour.” Shi Yuan Zhigao shook his head as he looked at the aggressive thousand-hand avatar.

The current situation is like a bot lane three-piece combination facing a six-soul top laner.

Adc said to the support, you help me for a quarter of an hour, I will be able to solo kill this top laner.

“Then you will also produce two fairy weapons and let me break the seal of this space so that we can escape.” Fengshen Zhigao said.

“This is possible.” Shi Yuan Zhigao took out two useless fairy artifacts.

“If I let you run away, I’ll be your last name!” Xu Fan’s voice sounded in the Star Domain.

“Give me Time Acceleration, I will break it with the strongest blow.” Fengshen Zhigao said quickly.

Under the strikes of Qianbao Torrent, he couldn’t last long.

At the critical moment, the two had a surprisingly tacit understanding, and the strongest blow was sent by the sacrificial offering of four fairy weapons.

It really broke the space seal under Xu Fan.

The two Supremes teleported away directly along the gap.

For a time, in the entire Star Domain, only Xu Fan and the three Human Race Supreme Venerables from Nanshan Realm were left.

“You can’t escape, you all have to die!”

Xu Fan also pursued the space fluctuations they left, and teleported to chase after them.

“Is this the end of the matter~”

The three of them were stunned for a long time, and Shanhai Venerable said first.

“It should be over. You can arrange the Three Realms together according to the follow-up plan.” Guren Venerable said.

“By the way, prepare the source of Heavenly Dao Will and the spirit ore from the Northern Sea world.” Holy Soul said with joy.

If their three people were suppressed together, the entire Nanshan realm would be over.

The two aliens who escaped in the Star Domain at this time are supreme.

I felt that Xu Fan was catching up, looked at each other and ran away.

“Human Race is supreme, go back, you have already won, and I will not set foot in this Star Domain again.” The supreme voice of Fengshen sounded.

“It has nothing to do with this, the flag you set must be completed.”

Xu Fan’s tone was very firm, and the most unbearable thing he could bear was slapping his face.

“We have the same speed. It will take hundreds of years to catch up with me. You first think about whether it is worth it.” Fengshen supreme persuaded.

Actually, he was a little flustered. In case the Human Race Supreme kept chasing, at this speed, he wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

After half a year, Xu Fan returned to Nanshan.

At this time, the Nanshan Realm had merged with the other two realms, and the body size was three times the original size.

As soon as Xu Fan was about to enter the Nanshan Realm, he saw three supreme leaders who greeted him.

The three stood in a row, bowing to Xu Fan.

“Wandao Fellow Daoist, thank you for your rescue.” The three said gratefully.

“Then will you give back what you promised.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

A space fairy appears in the hands of Guren Venerable.

β€œThe origin of Heavenly Dao Will in the Southern Sea world and the spirit ore are both inside.”

β€œThe spirit ore takes time to mine, so Fellow Daoist needs to wait a few hours. It will take a hundred years to mine the spirit ore of this realm fairy tool.” Guren Venerable said.

“A world can be mined in a few hundred years. What means do you use?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“It’s mainly because of Fellow Daoist’s methods. Knowing that it’s the spirit ore you need, Heavenly Dao Will in Nanshanjie took over the job.” Shanhai Venerable said with a smile.

“Wandao Fellow Daoist, have you caught those two alien supreme beings?” asked Venerable, the holy soul next to him.

“I suppressed them all.”

Xu Fan opened his hand, and there were four more small light groups, each of which was sealed with an alien supreme.

“I think Fellow Daoist needs a spirit ore, can I exchange the spirit ore for the two Divine Tablets, the black fish in Fellow Daoist’s hands.” Venerable said.

Xu Fan thought about it and threw away a jade slip.

“The list of fairy spirits in the jade slip, if you can come up with 20%, these two alien races will belong to you.” Xu Fan said.

The three of them looked at the list in jade slip with shocked expressions.

“What does Fellow Daoist want to refine, it needs such a large amount of spirit ore!” Venerable said in surprise.

“Refine a big ship.” Xu Fan joked.

“Yes, it will take a hundred years to gather these spirit ores.” Guren Venerable estimated.

Xu Fan flicked past two light clusters.

“I won’t chat with you guys anymore, I’ll go back to Flying Feather Realm to see.”

Then the three sent Xu Fan to the cross-border Transmission Formation.

As soon as Xu Fan returned to Yinling Island, the communication magic weapon received countless messages.

β€œMaster, you are finally back.”

The first person to appear in front of Xu Fan was Xu Gang.

“What’s the matter, I don’t see any major event in the sect.” Xu Fan said, just came back to see that everything is normal, and did not ask about the major event that happened in the grapes.

“The only thing that surprises me is that you advance to the Invincible Realm, but it will only happen sooner or later.” Xu Fan looked at Xu Gang said with a smile, who had no chance.

“Master, the Five-Colored Mountain has recognized me as your Lord.” Xu Gang said.

It should be known that in the hidden Spirit Sect, the five-color mountain peak cultivation Holy Land is the place with the highest intermediate level.

“That’s your chance, if it’s gone, it’s gone.” Xu Fan said indifferently.

In terms of your current Disciple cultivation in Linmen, these five-colored peaks are the icing on the cake.

It just costs a little more, and it’s gone without it.

β€œThere is a set of inheritance among the five-colored peaks, and the cultivation reaches the proven place, and it is easy to achieve the Great Firmament.”

β€œIt’s just that there are five five-colored peaks in total. Inheritance.” Xu Gang’s face showed a trace of unhappiness.

He doesn’t want this inheritance, following the master, he has everything.

“Do you know the origin of this five-colored mountain?”

Xu Fan asked when the two returned to the small courtyard.

“The Innate Supreme Treasure, the Five Colors Mountain, was divided into five parts by an Immortal Emperor, engraved with its own inheritance and then perished.”

“After putting it all together, you can get the Immortal Emperor. Hidden.” Xu Gang scratched his head.

He’s not interested in this thing.

“Let’s keep it for now, it’s still beneficial for now.” Xu Fan thought about it and said.

I have been by my side for so many years. Although Good Fortune is profound, it has always been by my side, and there is no chance to trigger it.

This time should be considered a completion.

(End of this chapter)

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