My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 842

Chapter 842 Divine Ability with Precise Scale Control

After a while of politeness, Xu Fan chatted with the superior.

As a result, the more they chatted, the more speculative they became, and the more they chatted, the more they felt birds of a feather.

“Shangzun, how did you escape from the Golden Immortal.” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“Being trapped in the golden wings Great Peng Race, I have no choice but to recognize a master.”

“The golden wings Great Peng Race cannot afford to offend, only Let me go.” Shang Zun said helplessly.

He was born to know all kinds of things, and if he was really helpless, he didn’t want to find a master for himself.

“Amazing, the superior can crush the golden wings Great Peng Race by just looking for a master.” Xu Fan praised.

“My master, speaking of which is hard to say, we will discuss in detail after Fellow Daoist Xu comes to the upper realm.” The master said with a smile.

At this moment, the communication fairy array was low on energy, and the two hung up after saying goodbye to each other.

“The Elder Council really has a solid foundation. This communication array alone will cost a lot of immortal jade.” Xu Fan said while looking at the communication immortal array.

“No matter how strong the foundation is, it is not as powerful as the Great Elder.” Mingkong said with a smile.

He took Xu Fan to the Ancient Cang Realm, and the Great Elder earned the sum of the amount he went to the Ancient Cang Realm before.

“The continents with the best resources in Monster Realm have all been occupied by Human Race, and Monster Race lives in those barren continents, unable to turn around in tens of thousands of years.”

” The follow-up plan is to let those sect chambers of commerce move to those places to develop and strengthen the overall strength of our Human Race.”

“The stronger the Human Race is in the future, the more the Monster Race will not be able to turn around. After tens of thousands of years Maybe it will become a vassal of Human Race.” Mingkong said.

“So what do you want to express?” Xu Fan said, looking at Mingkong.

“I know that the Great Elder plans to ascend with all sects, but can I leave inheritance before ascending.”

“There will be a continuous hidden Spirit Sect Disciple that will return to the upper realm in the future. sect.”

“This will also be beneficial to the future development of Flying Feather Realm, just like the ancient Cangjie, which evolved its own little fairyland.” Mingkong looked at Xu Fan and said sincerely.

“It is not impossible to leave inheritance. When I ascend, I will leave the lineage Disciple and let the hidden Spirit Sect continue to develop in the Flying Feather Realm inheritance.” Leave a small backhand.

“According to the suggestion of the superior, I have communicated this world Heavenly Dao, integrated all the merits and luck of the Human Race of the Elder Council, and made a deal with Heavenly Dao.”

“You Is this a way to develop the entire Flying Feather Realm for Heavenly Dao?” Xu Fan looked at Mingkong with some admiration.

In doing so, he is bound to Heavenly Dao as a whole, if one prospers, all prospers, if one suffers, all suffers.

Clear empty nodded.

“Although I am an invincible Venerable, when I ascend to the Immortal Realm in the future, I will only be a small immortal in the Immortal Realm.”

“Although I can rely on the Supreme Being in the future, the final result can only be It’s a little True Immortal.”

“It’s better to stay in Flying Feather Realm to develop, maybe in the future, when the world is upgraded, I can also upgrade to Golden Immortal.” Mingkong said in a tranquil voice.

“Now the situation is very good, the two worlds are unified, and it will not take a few thousand years for the entire Human Race of Flying Feather Realm to develop to Peak.”

“When the time comes out Expansion and integration of other Intermediate Thousand Worlds, the evolution of a small fairy world is just around the corner.” Mingkong said with great ambition.

“Not bad, the idea of development is correct.” Xu Fan praised.

“I hope that the Great Elder can help more Flying Feather Realm in the future for the sake of his fellowship.” Mingkong saluted.

“Don’t say help or not, we are friends, without your help, I wouldn’t be the supreme so quickly.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“I just plan to send a Yuzhou to search the Intermediate Thousand Worlds around Flying Feather Realm. You can also send a few serial number Elders to follow.” Xu Fan invited.

“I thank the Great Elder on behalf of the Elder Council.” Mingkong said happily.

“No thanks, it’s good for me to develop my hometown.”

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly thought that there was one more thing he didn’t ask.

β€œWho won the league at the end.” Xu Fan asked.

Hearing Xu Fan’s question, Mingkong’s face became strange.

“In the end, the Great Elder’s sect took first place, the Elder Council second, and the Heavenly Devil Sect third.”

“There are some deviations from the expected results, but not too bad. Where are you going?” Xu Fan waved his hand and disappeared into aura.

As soon as he returned to the hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan turned into a mortal and slept well in his room.

Three days later, Xu Fan was sitting in the small courtyard watching the final game of the league.

Hidden Spirit Sect to Elder Council.

The two sides have entered the battlefield, and all are on fire.

Feng Hong, who majored in divination from the Elder Council, directly overdrafted lifespan and started to deduce the layout of the 100,000 Disciples of the hidden Spirit Sect. At the beginning of the game, he opened the full-view perspective.

At this moment, Xu Fan had an interested expression on his face. During that time, his own sect disciple was crazy about cultivation, all of which he saw in his eyes.

But even so, the overall battle strength improvement is limited in such a short period of time.

even more how, the Spirit Sect Disciple is progressing, and the Elder Council is not to be trifled with.

By the time of the game, the battle strength between the two sides was not much different.

“Someone must have thought of a way to crack it, let me appreciate it.” Xu Fan touched the chin and laughed.

The reason why he didn’t ask about the grapes was that he wanted to keep a little mysterious feeling, so that he would have a little suspense when watching the whole battle.

How can I know that Xu Fan just watched it for a long time, and that trace of mysterious feeling was disappeared.

Directly under the command of Situ Nan, 100,000 Disciples jointly released a large Divine Ability, which directly covered the hundreds of thousands of li fantasy battlefield.

I saw a strange force that quickly filled the entire battlefield.

It didn’t take long to cover where the Elder Council’s 100,000 Disciples were hidden.

The Elder Council has used various methods, but this strange power cannot be isolated.

At first, the Elder Council hadn’t noticed anything unusual.

But it didn’t take long for all the Elder Council Disciples to look weird, and their faces were full of shit.

A Disciple with the weakest concentration cultivation base finally couldn’t take it anymore and let out a loud fart.

Then the whole space was filled with a strange fragrance.

This fragrance is like an introduction, and suddenly the fart in the Disciple camp of Zhang Laohui is soaring into the sky, and the sound is soaring into the sky.

Various floral and fruity aromas pervade the Elder Council Disciple.

Xu Fan couldn’t help laughed heartily when he saw this scene.

“Yes, yes, Kailing’s scale of creating Divine Ability is getting more and more accurate.”

“You can win the battle without hurting peace, and I want to reward him too.”


Then, the hidden Spirit Sect directly used the supporting Divine Ability to find out the location of the Elder Council.

β€œNext time, I must advise Martial Uncle to use another place to expel the fragrance. This method always makes me smell weird.” Spirit Sect Disciple said.

The hidden Spirit Sect feels weird, and the Elder Council is even weirder.

Every once in a while, there will be a series of farts from the entire camp, and I can’t help it.

Although it is filled with various fragrances, it is easy for people to substitute it according to the actual situation.

The Elder Council Disciples who participated in the battle, deep in one’s heart cracked a small crack.

(End of this chapter)

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