My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 845

Chapter 845 Trading and Compulsory Trading

hundred thousand li On the giant lake, there is a giant bird-like boat.

On Yuzhou, there are Xu Gang, Zhan Ling and some Disciples who travel with Zhan Ling.

Apart from this, there are also three Elder Council serial numbers Elder.

The three elders waited after meeting Xu Fan.

They knew that the protagonists of this trip were not them.

“If you encounter other Intermediate Thousand Worlds outside, first send Avatar to go in carefully to investigate, and after clarifying the situation, you can decide whether to trade or forcibly ***.” Xu Fan instructed.

“Rest assured, Great Elder, this matter will be done for you,” Zhan Ling assured.

“And you Xu Gang, it’s not for you to go there to fight. If you encounter an opponent with itchy hands, don’t rush to fight, and wait until the next time.” Xu Fan said while looking at the elder apprentice.

Since Xu Gang was promoted to the Invincible Venerable, he seems to have lost his purpose in life.

So he was sent by Xu Fan to follow Yuzhou to explore the surrounding Great Thousand Worlds.

“Follow your orders, master.” Xu Gang grimaced, he was used to being in the sect, and suddenly sent himself out alone, he was really unwilling.

“Go, find an Intermediate Thousand Worlds, sect will give you rich rewards.” Xu Fan looked towards Disciples who traveled together this time.

All Disciples salute together.

Then Yuzhou slowly rose and flew towards the Star Domain.

“According to the calculation of the grapes, the density of the Intermediate Thousand Worlds in the Star Domain.”

“There will be at least six or seven Intermediate Thousand Worlds around the hidden Spirit Sect.”


“Subtracting Monster Realm and Ancient Cangjie, there should be four or five more.” Xu Fan looked towards the sky and said.

As long as one of the four or five Intermediate Thousand Worlds is ruled by a foreign race, the rest will be easy.

Xu Fan went straight to the world and came to that world to have friendly exchanges with the aliens. I believe that the spirit ore needed for the hidden Spirit Sect to advance to the Immortal Artifact will be gathered soon.

β€œI hope to find it soon,” Xu Fan said.

At this point, a shadow condensed into Li Xingci.

“Master, in the outside world of reincarnation, there is a Golden Immortal who wants to give a sermon, should we join in the fun?” Li Xingci said.

“Is this reliable?” Xu Fan must first determine safety.

“Reliable, I heard the news from him in the outside world of Samsara. This is the second time.”

“In addition to the presence of the master, there is a Any accident, we can escape.” Li Xingci said with a smile.

“Then go and have a look. From the outside world of reincarnation, see if you can get a few intermediate world coordinates.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

“Wait for a day, and I’m going to set up a big formation to enter the world of reincarnation.” Xu Fan said.

“Isn’t that you can go in anytime, anywhere?” Li Xingci asked after a while.

“You don’t understand. Generally, when you enter the outside world of reincarnation, it is best to go through Transmission Formation, otherwise what you have learned in it is easy to lose.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Why didn’t the master tell me before?”

“It was just a dream Divine Ability before, and the probability of losing Dao insight is very small.”

“Now I’m going to listen to the Golden Immortal sermon, the concept is different,” Xu Fan said.

Li Xingci seems to understand but nodded.

The underground space has opened up a Small World, which is specially used to arrange the conveyor belt of the inner world of reincarnation.

Grape Island has prepared the materials that Xu Fan needs.

Xu Fan came to Small World and waved his hand directly.

All the array materials began to be refined and purified, and then flew away according to their respective positions.

I saw Xu Fan using a stylus to draw an array in the air.

After a while, a large formation was formed, and then Xu Fan activated the formation with the Great Dao of Reincarnation, making it run slowly to collect energy.

“The owner is indeed the Formation Great Grandmaster. This Formation is arranged by the grapes, and the efficiency is not 1/3 that of the owner.” The grapes praised.

“Come on, after you absorb the origin of Heavenly Dao in the Southern Sea world, the formation is estimated to be able to reach my speed.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

The origin of Heavenly Dao Will in the Southern Sea world, Xu Fan is divided into four parts.

One of them is used to make Xu Yuexian’s Ten Thousand Beasts Cage to match the practice.

The other three are handed over to the grapes to be absorbed slowly.

“Unfortunately, it would be great if you could make fairy weapons yourself.” Xu Fan said with emotion.

“Master, although grapes cannot use the existing spirit ore to refine fairy tools, after grapes absorb the will of the Southern Sea world, they can breed fairy tools, as long as there are suitable embryos.” Grape According to the report, this is a newly developed function that he absorbed the origin of Heavenly Dao Will.

“How many years will it take?”

“At least 30,000 years, if you use Time Acceleration, you can reduce the time to 4,000 years.” Grape responded.

“For 4000 years, it’s not bad. Another day, I will let No. 1 and No. 2 refine a few embryos to try.” Xu Fan said with some surprise, feeling that he had fed so many grapes to Heavenly Dao Will’s origin, It finally started to work.

“Don’t bother No. 1 and No. 2, they have their own business.”

Xu Fan immediately took out a piece of Divine Divine Iron, and directly released Phoenix Divine Fire to burn it.

Under the blessing of Xu Fan’s maximum firepower, Tiangang divide iron slowly turned into a fairy sword for a while.

Then stopped work and looked at the broken and burned fairy sword embryo, Xu Fan was satisfied.

“Is such an embryo possible?” Xu Fan asked.

“After 4,000 years of birth, it can become a quasi-immortal weapon.” Grape reported.

“How long does it take to breed a low-grade fairy.” Xu Fan asked.

“It will take 30,000 years under the maximum Time Acceleration.”

“It’s okay too, when the time comes, get more embryos, and in the future we will not be short of fairy tools for sect disciple. .” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Master, if there are more Heavenly Dao Will origins, the speed of gestation can be accelerated, even without embryos.” Grape said again.

Xu Fan narrowed his eyes when he heard Grape’s words.

β€œWhen the time comes, how can Heavenly Dao Will origin be so easy to get.” Xu Fan said.

On the second day, Xu Fan brought Li Xingqi to Small World.

The two of them sat cross-legged, and the Transmission Formation outside the reincarnation started.

The consciousness of the two people appeared in chaos, and this is the outside world of reincarnation.

“Where is the dojo you’re talking about?” Xu Fan asked.

“According to the coordinates mentioned by the Golden Immortal senior, the dojo should be in that position.”

Li Xingci pointed to a piece of Primal Chaos Space.

“Let’s go then.”

With a wave of Xu Fan’s hand, Primal Chaos Qi began to condense, and then turned into a giant chaotic bird, crawling under the two of them.

“There is no mount, so there is no platoon in the road.” Xu Fan walked onto the back of the Chaos Giant Bird with a smile.

Li Xingci followed closely from behind.

The chaotic j giant bird flapped its huge wings and flew in the direction pointed by Li Xingci.

The giant bird flies faster and faster, and occasionally jumps through space.

“Master, you condense the Divine Ability of Power of Primordial Chaos, can you teach the discipline.” Li Xingci said eagerly.

“Don’t let me teach you about Divine Ability, go and see if there is any in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.” Xu Fan rolled the eyes.

Mature disciplines can learn Divine Ability by themselves.

(End of this chapter)

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