My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 846

Chapter 846 I really want to repay him~

The giant chaotic bird has been traveling around the world, and from time to time, I can see the cultivator flying there.

“Cultivation Samsara Dao is a bit more alien.” Li Xingci said looking at the dream dragon in the distance.

At this time, Xu Fan suddenly asked: “Does Menglong count as Dragon Clan?”

“It should be, after all, he was born in the Dragon Realm.” Li Xingci After thinking about it, he said.

He tone barely fell, and saw the chaotic giant bird turn around and gallop toward the dream dragon.

Menglong, who was on his way at this time, also sensed the chaotic giant bird approaching in his direction.

I saw two Human Races on the chaotic giant bird, Menglong specially slowed down the chaotic giant bird such as silhouette.

“What are the two Fellow Daoists looking for from me?” A crisp voice sounded.

It turned out to be a female dragon.

“True Dragon hasn’t appeared in the world I’m in for a long time. I finally met the Menglong family here. I’m here to communicate.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Then let’s go side by side together, let’s be a companion.” Menglong said in a friendly voice.

This is the first time she has reincarnated to the outside world on her own.

When he came, the father warned him which races could speak and which races could not.

Human Race is within the reach of communication.

Xu Fan looked at this dream and felt like a little girl who didn’t know much about the world.

Although I am not deeply involved in the world, it is definitely not to be trifled with. Just the trace of the Divine Dragon’s power revealed on the body can scare away all the alien races who have evil intentions

“My name is my name. Wan Dao, this is my recipe, Li Xingci.” Xu Fan introduced.

“My name is Menghua, the daughter of Menglong’s lineage patriarch.” Menglong raised her head and said proudly, and by the way, she turned her gorgeous dragon body in the air.

The patriarch of Menglong is extremely beautiful, and the dragon scales on his body exude colorful rays of light.

When reincarnation flies outside, it will also pull out a long colorful streamer.

This is a polite dragon, Xu Fan’s evaluation method in his heart.

β€œI once saw a Five Clawed Golden Dragon, which helped me a lot, but the Golden Senior Long left without any name and left.”

“I want to ask you, do you know this Kim Senior Long?” Xu Fan said and took out a small notebook.

“I really want to repay him~”

Li Xingci next to him heard the master’s words, and a smile appeared in his eyes.

Meng Hua also revealed a hint of doubt in her eyes when she heard that Xu Fan was actually being helped by a Five Clawed Golden Dragon.

How could Five Clawed Golden Dragon help a Human Race?

When Menghua saw the Five Clawed Golden Dragon on the cover of Xu Fan’s small book, his eyes widened, and a cute dragon face also showed an incredible expression.

“Menghua Fellow Daoist, you know this Kim Senior Long!” Xu Fan pretended to be excited.

“Knowing is knowing. According to your description, it should not be the Dragon Clan senior in the portrait.” Menglong said suspiciously.

“Fellow Daoist has no doubts, the one who helped me is the Five Clawed Golden Dragon in the portrait, and I have life-saving grace, and I must repay him.” Xu Fan said sincerely.

“The Five Clawed Golden Dragon on the portrait is an empty Senior Wu, a Golden Immortal cultivation base, and likes to collect all kinds of priceless and unique rare treasures, top fairy artifacts.”

“The most What I hate is Human Race, how can he help you?”

At this moment, the five Clawed Golden Dragon in the sleeping cultivation of Heavenly Dragon Great World suddenly shivered, as if they had met What a terrifying thing in general.

“It turned out to be an empty Senior Wu. Maybe senior was in a good mood when he helped me.”

“I wrote down the name, many thanks to Menghua Fellow Daoist.”


Xu Fan said that he has a Dao Item Purifying Water Spirit Bead in his hand.

β€œThis Water Spirit Bead is given to Fellow Daoist to wear it to purify the filth near Fellow Daoist.” Xu Fan said.

Meng Hua looked at the Dodge in Xu Fan’s hands with some regrets, and wanted to make some regrets.

“Fellow Daoist, keep it, I am a Great Grandmaster of refining, this thing can be refined at any time for me.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Senior keep it, my master has spent a lot of effort to get the news of that senior.”

“If I can get accurate information, I must be grateful to Senior.” Li Xingci said in cooperation with Xu Fan.

Menghua reluctantly accepted this essence Water Spirit Bead.

This is the first time she has received a gift from an alien other than Dragon Clan, and she received it in the space magic treasure very cherishly.

Because of Xu Fan’s performance just now, she is full of goodwill towards Human Race.

The two Human Races in front of them know kindness and retribution, and can deal with them.

Xu Fan is so real, Menghua is not false, and directly reluctantly tore off a colorful dragon scale from his body and gave it to Xu Fan.

“This symbolizes my Dragon Clan’s friendship. Clansman who meet me in the future will be kinder to Fellow Daoist.” Menghua said with a smile.

Watching Menghua tear off the scales on her body, Xu Fan quickly took out Healing Saint Pill and handed it to Menghua.

This time the relationship between the two went further.

The two of them rushed towards the direction of the golden immortal dao field, talking and laughing along the way.

Xu Fan was talking about the Human Race world, while Meng Hua was talking about the Heavenly Dragon Great World that was not known to outsiders.

At this time, a huge dream dragon wandering in the inner world of reincarnation could not help laughing when he saw his daughter’s new friend.

“This silly girl is also pure, and the Human Race is not small.”

“But that’s it, then this silly girl will know what will of the people is vicious. .”

The huge dream dragon shook his body and broke free from the inner world of reincarnation and returned to Heavenly Dragon Great World.

“In recent years, why did Dragon Clan, who was away, return to Heavenly Dragon Great World?” Xu Fan asked curiously, he was really curious.

The earliest True Dragon Race spread throughout the three thousand Great Worlds, countless Intermediate Thousand Worlds.

“This matter has to be kept a secret, the clan will not let it go.” Menglong said with a frown.

“It was me who was abrupt.” Xu Fan laughed.

“It’s okay~” Meng Hua swam forward happily.

A little while later, a world appeared in front of them.

Xu Fan knows that the front then is the dojo of the Golden Immortal.

“My father said that this Golden Immortal has deep knowledge in Samsara, and he has taken the most difficult path.”

“If not, he could have entered the world long ago. The inner world of reincarnation becomes the realm of Great Firmament.” Menghua said.

“What is the name of this Golden Immortal senior?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“The name of the Tao: Rebirth.”

“It’s a life stone that has been nurtured for several epochs,” Menghua said.

“Three days later, the altar will be opened to preach, and the souls who arrive first can sit cross-legged with me in this rebirth world for cultivation.”

A warm and soft voice sounded, as if withered A handful of clear springs fell in his heart.

Xu Fan looked at one seat after another in the dojo, and was about to take this dragon and sit forward alone.

The story of Daoist Hongyun told him that in this situation he should sit in the first row.

Of course, Xu Fan was just here to relax and was not interested in the preaching of this Golden Immortal.

He had stepped into that realm and seen the scenery, so the Golden Immortal sermon was not very appealing to him.

But he didn’t get in the way of trying to get a good spot for the discipline.

(End of this chapter)

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