My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 850

Chapter 850 Bloodfiend Race Supreme

Xu Fan raised his hand and directly stopped the kowtow body cultivator.

“Please help us to order Star Realm!” The body cultivator said tearfully.

“I went to your world, and now you tell me the specific situation.” Xu Fan said, he was visiting Star Realm to kill bloodfiend.

“Ten years ago, there was a fast-moving Intermediate Thousand Worlds slowly approaching the Point Star Realm.”

“That world was ruled by the bloodfiend clan, and they were very interested in the Humans. The blood of the Race cultivator is so thirsty that the battle begins as soon as the two worlds meet.”

“Five years later, the world of the bloodfiend family is intertwined with the Point Star Realm.”

” A full-scale war broke out between the two worlds, and our Star Realm Supreme was ambushed by three opposite Supreme Bloodfiends in a battle, lured to the Star Domain and then suppressed.”

“Then the Supreme Bloodfiend slaughtered all the Human Race. Invincible Venerable, at this point, Human Race is completely defeated.” The man said this and burst into tears.

A whole sect of them, tens of thousands of senior and junior brothers, were tortured by a perverted bloodfiend, and they all became ghosts.

He is the only one cultivator alive in the whole sect.

At this time, Xu Gang, Xu Yuexian, Wang Xiangchi, and Zhou Kailing were also beside Xu Fan.

They heard the tragic scene after the defeat of Human Race, their eyes gleamed with blood, and their fists clenched.

β€œAre there three Supremes in Bloodfiend Race?” Xu Fan asked.

“Yes, Bloodfiend Race has a total of three tops.”

“I don’t know how many tops Flying Feather Realm has.”

For body cultivator use Looking at Xu Fan with hope, if he falls into a small sect, there is a supreme leader, and this world must be very powerful.

“The one in front of you is the only supreme leader of Flying Feather Realm,” said Zhan Ling next to him.

In an instant, the hope that ignited in the eyes of the body cultivator was extinguished.

“Just ask Human Race to be the highest for the sake of the same Human Race, take in some of the remaining Human Races from Star Realm.”

“Save as much as you can, save as much as you can. I would like to be a bull and a horse in return for the highest kindness,” pleaded the Integration Realm cultivator.

At this moment, an invincible bloodfiend of the Bloodfiend Race was sent over through Transmission Formation.

Just as he was ecstatic to discover the new Intermediate Thousand Worlds.

A huge hand appeared in the air, stretched out two fingers and pinched the invincible bloodfiend directly.

A huge air force locked onto the invincible bloodfiend, making him dare not move rashly.

I was directly pinched in midair by the two fingers of that giant hand.

Then the two fingers pinch lightly.


A group of blood mist exploded.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted by the blood mist.

“Don’t care, it’s just a small insect.” Xu Fan said indifferently.

Then Xu Fan looked towards the Integration Realm cultivator and said: “The three Bloodfiend Races are not a problem. When I met this, they were doomed.”

“You go to the Star Realm with me, I need to know where the bloodfiend gathers.” Xu Fan said.

“My continent is relatively remote, and those bloodfiends should gather on the Tianling continent, because the cultivator there is the strongest and the resources are the most abundant.”

“It’s a pity that it has fallen.” Integration Realm cultivator said.

Finally, take a look at Xu Fan and bow down deeply.

“Bloodfiend Race has three supremes. If the supreme is lost, please come back quickly to destroy the cross-border Transmission Formation, or the Bloodfiend Race will know the coordinates here.”

β€œ This could become the second point of Star Realm,” said Integration Realm cultivator.

β€œThese are not your worries. If you are given a chance, how do you want to die.” Xu Fan asked.

β€œI will torture the three Supremes with the cruelest criminal law of Human Race, make them despair, and let them see their own race destroyed.”

β€œI want Strangle those Bloodfiend Race children one by one in front of them, drink their blood, eat their flesh, and stew their bones.” There was a hint of madness in the Integration Realm cultivator’s eyes.

“Okay, when the time comes I’ll give you one and get what you want,” Xu Fan said.

Afterwards, Xu Fan called all the Disciples in the sect, and drew lots to decide who would follow him to the Star Realm to eliminate the Bloodfiend Race.

When all Disciples learned about the encounter with the Star Realm Human Race, the entire Hidden Spirit Sect was filled with a killing intent.

The lottery quickly decided which half would go to the Disciple of Star Realm, Xu Fan waved his hand directly, and received them into the fairy space.

Xu Fan and several disciplines, plus the Integration Realm cultivator, teleported back to the Star Realm.

As soon as everyone came out, they saw several teams of bloodfiend guarding around.

Xu Fan snapped his fingers and all bloodfiends turned into a blood mist.

“Kailing, haven’t you always wanted to test your Divine Ability, now you can. These bloodfiends have a blood feud with Human Race, so it’s not too much to deal with.” Xu Fan said.

Finally, Xu Fan took the Integration Realm cultivator and flew to the sky.

Xu Fan waved his hand, and the hidden Spirit Sect half of the Disciple and several millions Integration Realm puppets appeared on the ground below.

“Mission, kill all the Bloodfiend Races I see.”

“I will kill all the invincible bloodfiends here, and leave the rest to you.”

After Xu Fan finished speaking, he disappeared with the Integration Realm cultivator.

“Free movement, free to form a team to kill bloodfiend, and ask for help in time when encountering a lost bloodfiend.” After Xu Gang finished speaking, he looked towards the bloodfiend flying towards them in the distance with killing intent.

A thousand-hand avatar appeared behind Xu Fan, and then one by one, the huge might Divine Ability threw the bloodfiend forward.

The earth shook and the mountain quivered for a while, and the bloodfiend screamed into the sky.

“A group of 5 people will sweep out with the cross-border Transmission Formation as the center.” Xiong Li ordered.

“By the order of Eldest Senior Brother!”

The several millions Integration Realm puppet, immediately began to fire the town monsters and railguns into the sky.

Then summon sent out tens of thousands of large spirit boats, which began to spread out after they were full.

And countless logistical puppets began to build giant cities centered on the cross-border Transmission Formation.

The Integration Realm cultivator brought by Xu Fan started to jump around the world to kill the invincible bloodfiend.

“Supreme, should we hide it, it’s easy to provoke the other three supreme bloodfiends.” The Integration Realm cultivator said.

Xu Fan gently waved his hand, and the giant city just built by the Bloodfiend Race below was directly photographed as a powder.

The bloodfiend belonging to millions and an invincible bloodfiend in the giant city were slapped into blood cakes like mosquitoes.

“No, I just want to lead them out once and for all.” Xu Fan said indifferently, and there seemed to be an endless chill in his eyes.

Along the way, Xu Fan can’t count the corpses of Human Race mortals piled up in the wilderness.

Outside each Human Race giant city is a mountain of corpses.

The most peak is the Bloodfiend Race text composed of specimens made by young children.

“Good one once and for all~”

Three bloodfiend silhouettes appeared not far from Xu Fan. They didn’t care at all about the Bloodfiend Race giant city that was photographed as powder below.

“How much you care for us like this,” said a Bloodfiend Race Supreme.

“You are the one, the Human Race that kills me in bloodfiend is supreme, are you interested in chatting with me at Star Domain.”

(End of this chapter)

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