My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 854

Chapter 854 Play a game

Xu Fan looked at the Bloodfiend Race boy and couldn’t help confirming it again.

This Bloodfiend Race teenager who has concealed his perception is actually the Integration Realm.

Looking at the sad and angry Bloodfiend Race teenager, Xu Fan laughed and learned the tone of the villain.

“The power of ants dares to challenge the existence of the Luminous Sun in the sky.” Xu Fan’s tone was very disdainful.

“Human Race, you slaughtered my sect, you will die today!” Bloodfiend Race teenager loudly said, and there was actually a sense of justice in his tone.

Xu Fan gently caught the bloodfiend that was shot at him.

“You just want to kill me with this thing?” Xu Fan felt very funny.

Although this bloodfiend fork is a fairy weapon, it was barely controlled by this Bloodfiend Race teenager to attack him.

I can’t say that I don’t feel it at all.

Seeing Xu Fan catch the bloodfiend fork, the Demon Race teenager showed a hint of conspiracy success on his face.

“The power of bloodfiend explode for me!!!” the Demon Race teenager shouted, his eyes changed from grief and anger to a trace of excitement.

A violent force erupted from the bloody fork in Xu Fan’s hands.

But there will be a time when this power will be fully exerted.

Xu Fan was directly pinched in his hands.

“You don’t know anything about power~”

A faint smile appeared on Xu Fan’s mouth.

A giant hand grabbed the Bloodfiend Race boy directly.

Approaching the Bloodfiend Race teenagers, Xu Fan looked at it carefully.

“You should be the man of destiny in the bloodfiend world.” Xu Fan said, and directly took out two fairy weapons from the Bloodfiend Race boy, one of which was a fairy tool that concealed his perception.

A wisp of Remnant Soul was then pulled from the pendant hanging from the bloodfiend teenager’s chest.

“What a classic routine.” Xu Fan looked at that bloodfiend Remnant Soul said with a smile.

β€œHuman Race you can kill me, but can you spare bloodfiend senior, I know a few treasures, there are all kinds of Spirit Treasures Human Race needs.” Bloodfiend Race teenager pleaded.

Xu Fan didn’t even listen, and a trace of magic flame popped out.

That wisp of Remnant Soul dissipated directly between Heaven and Earth.

The Bloodfiend Race teenager burst into tears.

“So that trace of Remnant Soul is your Old Ancestor, interesting.” Xu Fan said with a chuckle.

“Human Race, you have to die!!”

“When my clan comes to the top, you will be crushed!” Bloodfiend Race teenager angrily roared who was caught.

Xu Fan looked at the Bloodfiend Race teenager in deep thought.

Then directly took out a sealed group of Bloodfiend Race Supreme and stuffed it into the teenager’s mouth.

Then Xu Fan seals, with Supreme demonic path Divine Ability, the Bloodfiend Race teenager and the sealed bloodfiend are supremely fused.

The last is the Demon Race teenager, feeling his strength slowly increase.

Breakthrough directly from Integration Realm to Great Ascension Realm, then breakthrough to Invincible Realm, and finally to the Supreme Realm.

Bloodfiend Race teenager, feeling intoxicated by the power under his control.

But then immediately looked towards Xu Fan vigilantly, I don’t know why he did it.

“The bloodfiend Intermediate Thousand Worlds are too big, you help me kill all the bloodfiends in this world.” Xu Fan said lightly.

The teenage bloodfiend wanted to talk, but found that his body was out of his control.

“As you order, Master.” He saluted in the eyes of the young bloodfiend in disbelief.

Then looked towards and flew towards the nearest bloodfiend city.

“I don’t know how long this state can last. If it can last for a year, it is estimated that the bloodfiend in this world can be wiped out into bits and pieces.” Xu Fan estimated.

Bloodfiend Race teenager, watching his body move over a bloodfiend city.

In just an instant, all the bloodfiends in the entire bloodfiend city were under his control.

Then, in the eyes of the boy’s despair during the curtain call, the entire city’s bloodfiend was crushed into flesh and turned into the purest power of blood.

The power of blood began to slowly condense to the Bloodfiend Race teenagers.

The Bloodfiend Race teenager wanted to stop all this, but found that he could only convey information through his eyes.

Can’t speak or manipulate the body.

After sucking the blood of a city, the Bloodfiend Race teenager’s body starts to head to the next giant city.

At this time, Xu Fan was sitting on a mountain top, overlooking the bloodfiend world continent below.

“The Spirit ore of Bloodfiend Realm should be enough to refine in Yinling Island,” Xu Fan estimated.

He learned from the Bloodfiend Race Supreme that the Bloodfiend Race Intermediate Thousand Worlds they brought had already swallowed three Middle Thousand Worlds in a row.

So the whole Bloodfiend Race Intermediate Thousand Worlds is extremely rich.

At this point, Xu Fan felt a muffled sound in the sky.

The clouds that were originally in the sky with a hint of blood red suddenly became white and flawless, and the sky became clear.

“Master, I and point Star Realm Heavenly Dao Will have taken control of Bloodfiend Realm Heavenly Dao.” The voice of grape joy sounded.

“Tell me about that bit of Star Realm Heavenly Dao, Bloodfiend Realm for him.”

“But Immortal Qi spirit ore in Bloodfiend Realm and those looted things It’s all ours.” Xu Fan ordered.

“As you order, master.”

After a while, the sound of grapes sounded again.

“Heavenly Dao Will of Star Realm wants 1/3 of the Bloodfiend Realm Heavenly Dao Will origin.”

“Or he can’t control the Bloodfiend Realm,” Grape said.

“Then give it to him, it’s no wonder it’s not easy. After that, I have to help the Human Race to thrive, 1/3 is 1/3.” Xu Fan said with a disapproval.

“As you order, Master.”

“Grapes, let Heavenly Dao Will of Star Realm mark out all Great Ascension Realm bloodfiends, and guide the Bloodfiend Race boy I just enlightened to put Kill them all.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

Although the Great Ascension Realm bloodfiend is just like an insect in his eyes, it is still a bit difficult to deal with those Disciples under the door.

As long as all Great Ascension Realm bloodfiends are killed, the entire Star Realm and Bloodfiend Realm are considered safe.

While Xu Fan was thinking about what to do next, a snow-white deer appeared in front of Xu Fan.

“Why do you Heavenly Dao Will always like to manifest as small animals, isn’t it bad to be a person?” Xu Fan looked at the snow-white deer said with a smile.

Linglu looked towards Xu Fan with very grateful eyes, like a living parent.

Linglu knelt down and kowtowed to Xu Fan’s front feet, then got up and jumped up to the sky disappeared.

“Master, according to the forming time of Heavenly Dao Will, Star Realm Heavenly Dao Will has not been formed for a long time, and it is not very ripe.” The voice of grapes sounded.

“I see, or else I wouldn’t join Bloodfiend Realm Heavenly Dao Will to fuck you.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Grape, calculate, when will the Bloodfiend Race boy I enlightened kill all the Great Ascension Realm bloodfiends.” Xu Fan asked suddenly.

Grapes are now a temporary replacement for Bloodfiend Realm Heavenly Dao Will.

“According to the current progress, the Bloodfiend Race will take three months.” Grape said.

“Three months, that’s enough.”

“After three months, let the Disciples of the sect Holy Land forces from Flying Feather Realm come over and play a game.” Xu Fan said with a smile .

(End of this chapter)

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