My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 856

Chapter 856 Heavenly Dao Will of the undigested novel gift pack

After Xiong Li took out the communication Magical Artifact, he saw the message above.

The expression starts to look weird.

“What’s wrong with Eldest Senior Brother?” asked Ten Thousand Soldiers.

“I came here as a Fellow Daoist to participate in the game, and my strength is second only to me. Now we can make up for our shortcomings.” Xiong Li hesitated for a while, and said after replying to the message with the communication Magical Artifact.

At this time, on a giant spirit boat, the gentle and virtuous woman returned the communication Magical Artifact to Zhuang Ling.

“Locate on the communication Magical Artifact, you can go by yourself.”

“It doesn’t matter whether the marriage is successful or not, it is also possible to have another close friend.” The woman patted strong Ling’s stout giant hand, earned and well-meant advised said.

“Sister, I’m leaving, you must protect your own safety.” Zhuang Ling said worriedly.

“Don’t worry, this hand has the function of calling for support, so if you encounter an invincible bloodfiend, you can call for the support of the hidden Spirit Sect. You don’t need to worry about safety.” The woman said with a smile.

Zhuang Ling nodded, then looked at a sword cultivator man beside the woman.

“Brother-in-law, protect my sister well, if something happens, you don’t have to live.” Zhuangling Weng Sheng said.

“If you want to hurt your sister, you have to look at my body.” The sword cultivator man responded with a black line on his face.

He has been a sword dao Heaven’s Chosen since childhood, followed by an invincible Venerable sword cultivator cultivation for thousands of years.

I met the true love of my life in the Harmonious Bond Sect.

I don’t want to be beaten by my sister-in-law’s three punches.

“Elder sister, brother-in-law, I’m leaving.”

Zhuang Ling flew into the distance in a small spirit boat.

“You younger sister~”

“Sooner or later I will be hammered to death by her.”

The sword cultivator man lost, sighed.

“Then treat me well, and your life will be saved.” The woman took the sword cultivator man’s arm and said with a smile.

A giant stone tablet stands outside the ruins of bloodfiend.

“Your revenge has been avenged. I don’t know what your world is about, but in our place, it is important to be safe in the ground. I hope you will turn around and give birth to a good baby in your next life.” Xiong Li pointed at the giant stone tablet said.

Beneath the giant stone tablet lies millions of captive Human Races.

“Inform the grapes to come over to clean up the mess and spoΓ­ls of war. After my Fellow Daoist comes over, we will go to the next one.” Xiong Li said.

Thousands of soldiers were nodded, and they immediately started to contact the logistics puppet support team.

“Eldest Senior Brother, who is your Fellow Daoist?” Ten thousand soldiers asked curiously.

“A Fellow Daoist of body refinement, you will know it when you see it.” Xiong Li said.

At this moment, there was a sound of breaking air in the distance, and a spirit boat flew towards the bear.

The spirit boat landed not far from the two of them, and Zhuang Ling, who was two meters tall, got off the spirit boat.

“Xiong Li, how about we kill more bloodfiends than anyone else.” Zhuang Ling moved her joints, her whole body crackling.

“Okay, but here we will happily say that you will advance to the Great Ascension Venerable.” Xiong Li said congratulations with a smile.

“If you don’t advance to the Great Ascension Realm, and then learn from each other in the future, won’t you be suppressed by you,” said Zhuang Ling.

A giant spirit boat flew over the crowd and landed slowly. Tens of thousands of puppets emerged from the spirit boat and began to sweep the entire ruins.

The space magic weapon was removed from the bloodfiends one by one, and the corpses were also put away for centralized destruction.

Thousands of soldiers looked at Zhuang Ling’s huge body, and then at Xiong Li, a sentence popped out of his mouth unconsciously.

“It’s really a good match~”

Two sharp eyes shot at the thousands of soldiers instantly.

A big hand slapped the thousands of soldiers heavily.

Thousands of soldiers were half-legged into the ground.

“Don’t speak if you can’t speak, no one will think you are dumb.” Xiong Li said indifferently.

Another big hand slapped the other shoulder of Ten Thousand Soldiers heavily.

“I killed all those who tarnished my innocence. For the sake of you being Xiong Li’s same sect senior and junior brothers, I will spare your life today,” said Zhuang Ling Weng Sheng.

At this time, only the head of the thousands of soldiers was exposed, looking towards Xiong Li with a miserable face.

Xiong Li stomped his feet gently, shaking out thousands of soldiers.

“Come on, let’s go to the next bloodfiend city.” Xiong Li said.

In the void of Star Realm, Xu Fan sat cross-legged on the head of a giant giant beast.

“Grape, let Heavenly Dao Will of Star Realm seal all the Small Worlds first. It’s better to fix the time of all Small Worlds.” Xu Fan said.

“Master, there is no problem with sealing Small World, but the time is fixed, it can only last for one year at most, and beyond this time, the source of Star Realm Heavenly Dao Will will be lost.” Grape replied.

“This is too weak, right?” Xu Fan brows slightly wrinkle.

“He is still an immature Heavenly Dao Will. He has weak control over the entire point of Star Realm. The most important thing is that he has just built the take-off channel and has not been trained for a long time.” Grape explained.

“System training?” Xu Fan was a little puzzled. Is it a new knowledge point?

“When Heavenly Dao Will of Intermediate Thousand Worlds builds the Ascension Channel, he will get a novel gift pack from Heavenly Dao Will of the Upper Realm.”

“And click Star Realm Heavenly Dao Will of Heavenly Dao Will just got the novel gift pack, and he was invaded by Bloodfiend Race Heavenly Dao Will before he could digest it.”

Hearing Grape’s words, Xu Fan laughed.

“It’s a fool’s blessing, if you meet us, you can continue to be happy.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, a silhouette slowly condensed from behind Xu Fan.

It is the bloodfiend teenager who is supremely fused with the Bloodfiend Race.

“Master, the mission has been completed, and all bloodfiends above the Integration Realm have been tortured to death.” said the Bloodfiend Race teenager.

Although his tone was very respectful, there was a look of despair and hatred in his eyes.

Xu Fan gave the Bloodfiend Race boy back control of his body with a slight wave.

β€œWhat do you think of this journey?” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

“I wish I could tear you into thousands of pieces and eat your bones!!” The tone was extremely vicious.

“Don’t be so emotional, the so-called tit for tat, I will treat you the same way you Bloodfiend Race did to Human Race.”

“I’m just an Avenger. “Xu Fan said in a tranquil voice.

“I don’t care so much, in my eyes, you are the enemy who slaughtered my family.” The Bloodfiend Race boy gritted his teeth.

“What about that, weak are prey to the strong, we bully the weak for this reason, and think of this day.”

“You are the new Bloodfiend Race now. Supreme, the revenge of the Star Realm Human Race will be put on you.”

“I will seal all your strengths and hand you over to the Human Race that was rescued by the Star Realm, I hope you Have a good time with them.” Xu Fan said and snapped his fingers lightly.

The Bloodfiend Race teenager feels like a normal bloodfiend without any cultivation base.

The only difference is that he has the same resilience as Bloodfiend Race paramount.

A Dao Item spirit boat appeared, walked down two Great Ascension Realm puppets, pressed the Bloodfiend Race boy, returned to the spirit boat and flew towards the hidden Spirit Sect base in the distance.

(End of this chapter)

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